Celeste Azarcon
i hope star trek have cartoon animated series, cartoon network, dc.
james rowley
what is the music on this trailer.
N'nja Toolz
Star wars is better than star trek that is for geeks
THIS is one of the GREATEST trailers of ALL TIME. The music is perfectly fitting. The movie was very good as well!
I literally had no idea that Nero was Eric Bana until I watched this for like the 15th time 4 days ago.
Dinah Lance
"James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life."

2017 and this trailer still gives me chills.
Watching this to recover from the Star Trek Discovery trailer.
Brandon Madden
One of the best trailers ever
Application Developer
My Goodness I still Get Chills Watching this
Feliz Bosque
Best trailer I've ever seen
irena dubrovna
Must, warn. Numb tongue. So funny.
batcoon gaems
i remember seeing this when i was five years old...FIVE. YEARS. OLD. AND I SHAT A LITTLE
Jesse Fye
one of my favorite trailers of all time. recently ive been watching this trailer, man of steel trailer, and the best of them all force awakens trailer two(goosebumps every time) also ill let you know I think star trek and star trek into darkness I find more enjoyable than force awakens. but the trailer for FA is the best
divij dhingra
Best trailer ever
minecraft builder92
I loved this trailer and the actual film
What is the name of the music for this trailer.
Rebecca H
Like every other person on this comment feed, this trailer was STUPENDOUS!!! 🖖 LLAP trailer making people ;) Also the only trailer I've ever hit replay on.
Elizabeth Hirsch
Freedomfighters by Two Steps From Hell is the Music <3
Jay Parikh
the trailer music is so fucking awful compared to the films soundtrack
This movie is better than The Force Awakens by leaps and bounds. Yeah I said it. Come fight me.
Lock JR
minecraft builder92
this is my favourite of the 2009 reboot
Ferris Vueller
Abrams raped star trek and made it into a mindless repeat with lots of flares and Romulans with shitty tattoos. The new captain kirk looks a stupid male version Lindsay Lohan.
Sara Delgado
JJ Abrams Is Both Star Wars And Star Trek
Chris Pine as James Kirk? Jar Jar Abrams as director? Are you f#king kidding?
Great movie ... Great trailer ... Star Trekkie 😊
Jamie G
I've not watched this movie yet, but I'm a little worried about the trailer. What got me into Star Trek (the TV shows) was it's focus on philosophy, ethics, politics, and adventure. Please someone tell me the movie has all of these things, as isn't some generic sci-fi action movie like the trailer shows.
Where is Darth Vader ?
The trailer was better than the movie.
Sentinel HDD
It's 2017 and this trailer still gives me goosebumps.....RIP repeat button.
Albert Mag
Its old Kirk the Jerk back in the saddle again ....
Hinhanska Haney
Fire Everything!
omar nasir
Trekkies should be proud. They had this instead of force awaken
Carlos Ontiveros
I am a big star wars fan but i can accept star trek is better than the force awakens
Daniel Dominguez
for he record: This is how remakes are done.
Do I need to know much about Star Trek before I watch the first movie for the first time
Prithvi Boinpally
I'm watching this trailer just for the TSFH Music
cutie patootie
movie didnt live up to the trailers hype

This is epic
Christopher Hodges
One of the best trailers I've seen ever!
Not seen anything of star trek yet, came for the music, but stayed because of nice trailer!
2016 and this trailer still gives me the chills XD
Ron White
Anyone know the name of the music to this trailer?
Anthony Cantrell
what's the name of this song
I think Star Trek '09 is the best movie series reboot we've ever had.
Rashad Moore
One of the few cases where the trailer and the film are equally awesome. :)
Julian Prado
This is an amazing movie.............. I still come back to these...........
Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman
I like only the fast forward part to 1 hour & 24 minutes - to the end of the movie , being the rest of the movie . I'm glad Zachary Quinto was Spock , because he was very good in the series " Heroes " , as a bad guy " .
Why do so many Trekkies hate this movie?
Nick Crespo
Not even a Star Trek fan but this is one of the best trailers I have ever seen. It shows good action scenes without giving away the plot
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