GROSS Gelli Baff Slime Toy Challenge - Warheads Extreme Sour Candy - Shopkins Splashlings Prizes

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Hi friends:)
Me and Isla did the super gross Gelli Baff Slime challenge in my bath and it was crazy fun,i was so lucky to win both prizes lol surprise doll and shopkins,splashlings,mashems,Isla had loads of Warheads candy  and her tongue went black LOL.

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Cindy Blanc
Joni Eddy
T got the Shopkin
Havoc Harry
Lorenzo Colunga
Rebecca Regnard
Tial Sung
i 💘 you ALL i what to come in your home. i am gudu tell ower phone number ok is 6149722487
Tuli Nurunnahar
Eliaser Alvarez
Abbigaleclarke Clarke
isla won but I love tiana
Chloe Perkins
Kelly Rickman
Tiana Williams
the brown girl
Rehan Qayyum
I. Love. You. To. Much. And l. Love. Your. Mom. And. Dad. Hahaha. I. Love.
Janaayman musicaward2009
Kimberly Hyatt
I think haha
Aayanna Coleman
they can have a jelly bath while I cant even spill water on the floor but that looks fun
Michael Campbell
Isla got first
Christian Chitanie
jelo bath tiana
Jamya Harvey
isla did
Fatima FJ
The beast one is shopkine
Nildines Delgado
the firts is isla
Thero Pup
Ebrima Manneh
it was tiana
Sameera Syeda
Udi Shakarho
Jeyla Mateo
Isla got it on the draw
isla won sorry tiana
alfie jones jones
Kris anne Jacinto
coll tiana
jianxiong wu
I say isla
Mikaylalittlepage7 Monsterhigh7
Epic Emzy
Isamari Vivier
Kamry's baby Videos
Kyliesmileyk Channel
toys and me im going to meat you soon you the best
Daniel Wall
Isla was the first too say shopkin but I feel so bad for you lsla
jade harrison
Tiana was first
lily and friends
yea it was isla
Dimple Melwani
Shreyas. S . S
ila did it first
weronika bialas
i subscribe 7 years ago
weronika bialas
your very cool i love ur channel
Aneeka Dingcong
Tiana is so unfair in this game I don't like it
Stephanie Weston
Antionette Jobe
I. think.toy's. and. me. is. great☺☺☺😂😂😂
christopher ruelas
That's lia from shimmer and shine
christopher ruelas
Isla TOTALLY got the shop kin first
Avery Noller
can you do a cuting video
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