If Famous People Played Minecraft

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If Famous People Played Minecraft
Minecraft is obviously a very popular game. Chances are that many celebrities have even played Minecraft. Let's see what Minecraft would be like if people like Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, and much more would start playing Minecraft

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What would it be like if famous people started playing Minecraft?
Would you guys want to see another part with more people?
CAN WE GET 20,000 LIKES?!?!
Johnny Boy
Give A like if u hate justin bieber
Sam Gaming
Justin Bieber doesn't even sing that bad
Sam Gaming
famous people do play Minecraft
Vampirepony574 and friends
Famous people do play Minecraft. Hello? Dantdm he has his own live show and everything!
The Vip
Where to get Justin bieber skin
Ľíļ_Şávý12 XL
Uh-oh Trump is going to bring the orange people back to kill all of us.
GJ Zery
If Famous People REALLY Play Minecraft That will crash my game Cuz there too many people
czarofcode Snak
Hi I'm czarofcode snak I subed to you can you subscribe to me
Guna Stumbre
Pls make a putin plays minecraft
Too Good
This was uploaded on my birthday
Drew K.
Can I Have 9 Likes For My Nine Year Old Cat
Elizabeth Moore
Yes tnt
1:54 LOL
Dizzy Gamesss
I love the Dude who killed justin he Doesnt deserve this!!!!
Minecraft Player :D
Blood added
The beast gamer
The beast gamer
Famous people do play minecraft such as TheDiamondMinecart Stamplongnose Pewdipie(I think) PopularMMO'S ibalisticsquid CaptainSparkles And theres probaly many more sorry i just had to say that lol!
Stargamer152 Lankford
If anime was in Minecraft
Night Kill
Baby babeh OHHHHHHHHHHHHH x420

I died.
Tom Huynh

( my sister likes him O_O )
Joseph Bosscott
if people on minecraft had fingers
1:36, I busted my gust laughing.
FidgetKing Fidgeter
lol the part where purple shep pretends as ADELE
pug life7
omg the Nicki minaj part 😂😂😂😂
Zahra Yaman
2:21 dat ass
UnderTale Artists
Adele part is FUNNY
UnderTale Artists
lol dat part when Justin Bieber plays
leo senepar
If apple three were added on minecraft it will be cool
if kpop play minecraft
If your Grandparents played Minecraft
Zay Graals
If chickens ruled mimecraft
Jaica Alcabedos
If noobs rule minecraft
Amgalan-Erdene Altankhuyag
Man u r funny i subbed man
CoLoUrFul dOT :D
Isn't it spelled Mickey Mouse? Not Micky Mouse
IDEA: Lost Island Season 2
ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More
1.9 confirmed
Sofi the amazing
i love the rock o name my dad's car áfter him
claudia f
if lava spawned randomly everywhere like mobs
Moko Jijo
if all minecraft players are noobs
Thefuties wrestlers
do if famous people took over minecraft
Alexander Parianos
U disrespect cobblestone
Fire gamer girl
2:43 presenting twerk craft lol
unicorn gamer
make a kid
Kent Coronia
plsss exploding tnt make this idea randy orton play minecraft
Nightfall Gaming
That wasn't Mickey Mouse. It was ColePvPs. And I guarantee you that nobody knows who he is lol.
Lissa G
Poor dude got scarred by Nicky ménage 😂 sees him tweaking aswell 😂😂😂🤣
Kyle's epic Fun Journey
Justin beaver
Kyle's epic Fun Journey
Famus tnt👍🏻
Kyle's epic Fun Journey
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