MAX REACTS: Ninja Turtles Revealed - INJUSTICE 2 DLC


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California Kid
how are they gonna do it? pick 2 turtles I say
Mighty Monk
Enchantress: Magic
Atom: Science
TMNT: ????????
now I need injustice 2 😒
Hunting Hawk
Is this gonna be included in the ultimate edition of the game? Or do I have to buy this separately?
Russell Grier
no fucking way!! no way!! LOL omg i hope this is a thing!
Jonathan Foster
Super man: you dont belong here

Miky: we live in the sewer

Superman: get off my earth
Jonathan Foster
I honestly hope each character is assigned to the loadouts .... Like: loadout 1 = leo; loadout 2 = raph, loadout 3 = donny, and loadout 4 = miky, each with their own intro dialouge and moveset which probably wont happen but itd be cool
Chunky Tubs
It would be funny if they release a dlc troll pack consisting of
Ryan Reynolds (cgi lantern)
George Clooney (bat nipples)
Nicolas Cage (almost mullet Superman)
People would lose their shit and probably cause Armageddon 😂
Alexandra Pagan
Imagine they put Goku in the Injustice 2

I be Laughing so hard.
Jeremy Stone
Cowabunga, Max. The turtles are a great choice, though I expect that their trait may be switching between the four of them.
Zandy Zain
At this moment, i am not gonna suprise if Saitama or Naruto pop up in injustice
Mark Gross
Maximilian Dood That's how the Ninja Turtles should look from now on in any other game they do.
I took Sceenshot, I would send it, but I don't have Twitter.
Ed Boon posed on this reaction video and Shared on Twitter!
Jeremiah Rogers
Pennywise on the game would be too cool lol 😂😂😂. But this game has went straight mugen lol we need Fat Albert on there and Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee would be awesome. But I'm still wondering how the TMNT going to be used in the game
Ray Savage
TMNT is he shit and WB own them ,to I see them on injustice can't wait to use them
Pressu4 Freelion28
I'm just glad they didn't use those ugly turtles from the recent Michael Bay movies. Suuuper dope to see the turtles in any fighting game. I'm stoked!!
If there's a 4th one, for the love of Satan add Spawn.
meh...I'm still waiting for Spawn...
Kid chaor
power rangers next
Captain Ginyu
OK ninja turtles awesome atom OK enchantress eh
i think they'll do it like triborg from mkx where you can pick which turtle you want from the character select screen or the turtles trait will allow the user to switch between the turtle of your choosing as your playing and each will have their own move set and specials
Maybe like triborg in MKX with the turtles
You look like my Grandma.
So with the release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Injustice 2. Given as to how good their character models look, would anyone be interested in seeing a Ninja Turtles game made by for example, WB and Rocksteady games the same companies that worked on the Batman Arkham series?
Just A Random Creep Creepin'
Every Ninja turtle talked instead of Donatello, poor guy.
medens memor
an entire fight game with the tmnt would be amazing
Aurélio Magno Cunha
Spawn ain't happening :(
We expected Mileena, but we got four Reptiles.
DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master
Genji Shimada

Turtles count it off:
1! 2! 3! 4! (Turtles!)
Mutant chain reaction (Turtles!)
Livin' underground (Turtles!)
Ninjitsu action (Turtles!)
It's a shell of a town!

Turtles count it off:
(1!) Leonardo's always in control
(2!)The wise guy is Michelangelo
(3!) Donatello he's the brains of the bunch
(4!) Count on Raphael to throw the first punch

I love bein ...
I love bein ...
I love bein' a Turtle!


Turtles count it off:
1! 2! 3! 4! (Turtles!)
There's no one better (Turtles!)
Michelangelo: We shredded Shredder! (Turtles!)
They're like no others (Turtles!)
Those teenage brothers!

1! 2! 3! 4!
1! 2! 3! 4!

(Turtles!) (Turtles!)
Rebecca Perry Doo San
Are there gonna be some unique quotes between firestorm and atom
Trystan Remchuk
Batman should keep calling his crossover buddies for this game.
That was kinda fake
Sakura Blossom
terron coleman
It should just be mikey from that mugen vid you did
I wonder if the turtles are one character or if Leonardo will be the base and the other three will be premier skins for him.
Blake The Gambling Hero
you know what i hope is a premier skin? if they get a Casey Jones Premier skin for Robin, he fits the role just perfect. or better yet, if they give gorilla grodd a krang skin. that would be amazing
Someone should mod the Turtles into X-Men characters somehow. Not even sure how really. It would just be nice to have X-Men characters in at least one modern fighting game. And the possible "team" aspect seems really cool.
Stuff JustHappens
There was a sickle automatic you think Molina no Raphael and all his Renaissance named Brothers
Jonathan Lewis
Pack 4: The A-Team,
Big Bad Beetleborgs,
and Betty Boop. Sounds killer.
Travis Bickle
chinger changer ninjer turtles
The Rook
There are a few ways they can do this.
1. One Turtle you can customize with gear to look like any of the four
2. One Turtle that summons the others like Captain Ginyu
3. A stance character that changes between turtles
4. Four different characters
Probably 1st or 3rd way
The ninja turtles are either going to be hard as balls to play as, or broken as crap.
It's probably both...
Holy hell I just figured it out
Mortal Kombat has Horror Movie Characters
Killer Instinct has classic video game characters
Injustice has Comic Characters. It all makes sense now
My guess would be Noob-Smoke, maybe.
Shawnee Longbow
They'll probably do the Turtles like they did Triborg.
Shut up mikey
Dalila Lopez
I think you choose a turtle or you could switch
OneButton Dash
i think it's gonna work like triborg in MKX. Pick a differnet skin for a different robot so here for a different turtle
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