The HUGE DO5 Neglect Scandal Is FINALLY OVER, But You May Not Be Happy...

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Philip DeFranco
Sooooo... you think that 'STAFFER' had a happy ending or nah? ahahahaha... Oh, Ted Cruz.
Being in the position that he is in (the largest following on this social media platform), he is, without a doubt, the most judged, or exaggerated.

But, unfortunately, Kjellberg is taken very seriously. •/Very/ seriously. For example, someone with 1,000,000 followers is going to get more hate, or negative reactions, than someone with 100; it's simple.

Now, does this make his action alright? No. Do I believe his word choice was correct? No. I completely do not.

But, we all make mistakes. All of us; even you, reader.

The real quest is not •/avoiding/ the action, but owning, or facing up, to the wrong doing.

Also, for the people who think the haters, or people remarking antipathetic cynical statements against someone, against Kjellberg's mistake are "overreacting" is complete B.S.

The people making these statements are disclosing the people who have experienced the mistake; (in this case, it is the racial slur towards black humans).

Open your minds.

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We're not bastard's
That Defranco Guy is a hero
Ravi Tolani
what the fuck.. why are they back together .. they made new account called.. familyoffive and they already have 200k subscribers.. that's horrible .. i don't how people can watch and support them.. i am so disappoainted .. they should have been in jail ..
Kelly M
This is what happens when you can afford you're own lawer, so thanks to all that for years supported these 2. Makes me sick.
Dewight Lawrence
when he said "so we get a lil pick me up" i instantly subcribed! lol
G&K Sports
This might be harsh but I hope philly d gets jumped
Pretty stupid the contraversy over Pewdiepie saying one word when many albums, TV shows, regular people say they same word all the time.
Davide Magalhaes
He needs his kids taken from him and thats that
Philip defuckass
Rebekah Mcfatridge
oh never apologise
Hubby Bubby
These parents should be in prison. Probation is to good for them
Yurrie Bunny
his head a thickie !! thick ie !! gaay !!
Geek The Girl
Like their videos are only disgusting because Philip DeFranco said so. Horrible people. They should not be permitted to parent a hermit crab, much less a human being. Sickening.
Mr Spams
Manners is still a thing. Lol ive alot of manners
I really feel that they shouldn't have kids at all. I mean, what kind of punishment is that? Not to mention that's what they showed on camera, what do they do off camera? These people are sick individuals who are now raising their remaining children to become sick individuals. They shouldn't be parents.
Guess what? Daddyoffive is Back as familyoffive. YouTube apparently favors child abusers over let’s players and actual creators.
Peter Miller
Cody and Emma are not with Rose. The mother does not have the kids they are still in CPS care
James Auty
you have made such a (good) big change to those children's lives
Bea Xxx
well.... im subing
Kiki Baguette
not enough, those other 3 kids deserve a chance at life too. Plus I'd love to see those two in jail.
Heath Malone
A large nir the background there's a large knife in the background
I think it's a good enough ending, these people are on probation and these kids aren't gonna get abused with the state looming of their parents. I'm very glad Cody and Emma have been given back to Rose. GG D05
Veronica Quinn
I'm happy because this is a major step towards these children being saved from those "parents". It's not enough, but it's a good start. Now we just need for them to lose custody of those other three kids.
What do you mean you are happy that a man got "his" children away? You do understand these videos are made by the kids "Cody, Emma, Jake, Ryan, and Alex" having the father "Mike" record and post their videos? Even if you were to go to where Cody and Emma are living and ask Cody he would say that he wanted to make this video with his acting in them just like for instance (McJuggerNuggets, Wafflepwn, AngryGrandpa etc.). And yes it was dumb for them to take their video to a whole another level but still this is what these kids wanted to make and post to YouTube. Nobody cares if the other people do it (ones in parentheses) because they are older/adults. In my honest opinion i think that Mike should get Cody and Emma back.
Teddi Darling
Did he just say "a QUICKIE update"
No one Important
God bless u sir
Diana Fronsdahl
THANK you for doing whatever you did to help bring light to that disgusting, sad, situation. I feel so bad for those kids... Especially the ones left in the home... and because of the selfish greed, and clear parental abuse, those poor kids have to be separated from their other siblings, etc... So sad...
Bdawg32 1
All of those people were white that’s why
Sunny Dodge
I don't think that the punishment was severe enough. I do think both parents need to service time for their actions. I am super glad the 2 kids were taken away but the other 3 in the home with unstable parents that are only sorry, sad because they were called out is a bit troubling.
Kandy Brittain
He should be a rapper
Adds G
Thank God those kids are safe
Christina Littleton
I'm actually concerned, not just for the kids, but also for Cody's mom. We've all seen how angry (and I mean "scary angry") at Cody for... I don't know, existing? What if, after 5 or more years, both the dad and the step-mom (mostly the dad) would snap and go "Manson Family" on the mom and the kids.
Wavex Games
This guy sounds like Trend Crave
The life and the means
This guy is better than The Young Turds.
Danetta D
I’m glad DO5 doesn’t have Cody and Emma anymore.
Rafi Mikey
Such a smart young man
Looking at Emma's eyes while the father said " She don't count " breaks my heart. I hope she is happy now and living a healthy life while hopefully recovering from what they have gone through.
Dear Melinda
Recon Civilia
defranco, i'd love to meet you IRL man, you seem super chill.
Jarrett Allan
Daddyofive and his wife asked for suggestions for their new channel name...
This was my reply for Daddyofivesnews new channel name:
So you need a new channel name? Well that's easy! Please, allow me.Suggestions:#1) SlapFaceSisterNottaGirl#2) PreTeen Faceplant into DresserKing 👑#3) Calling4aTruce but still Pro-Child Abuse #4) PushedFaceFirst wont make ya FaceBurst#5) Actors-NotChildAbuseContractors
TYT and the SS are 'competition'?
I love how this guy talks about a family getting ruined to get subs and those “abuse” videos are fake lmao they literally made a video about it saying there content was fake
Rachel McMillan
Hi! I have never made a comment until this do5 craziness. I am glad I am a month late because just watching the clips you had made me sick to my stomach!! As a victim of very serious long term (25+yrs) trauma and abuse of every kind first i was simply horrified YouTube allows ABUSE to be posted in the name of fun. Second, the other three children are also very much victims and should also be removed from their custody permenately. I can't help butto say God bless you Mr Defranco for literally saving Cody and Emma!!! Where were you when I was getting abused?? I am sorry this is so long but I have to just say one last thing : clearly do5 has not taken full responsibility of his actions by blaming the hero and rescuer and also because he actually had the audacity to repost the videos!!!! Seriously??? Please someone throw them in prison!!!!! You are awesome and I will be subscribing!!
Jo Lind
All I can say about this is "Thank you" to that DeFranco Guy. Thumbs up to you for helping out these children. (Unfortunately we can not give you the Harvey Weinstein award. That is reserved for people that looked away and pretended it didn't happen. Those who saw and said and did nothing.) So THANK YOU. My Hero!
Emmanuel Hernandez
Do5 situation: not harsh enough of a punishment they deserve to rot in jail for the abuse neglect and torment that they put Cody and Emma through and YouTube needs to remove both mommy of five and Daddy of five's channels
jena templeton
I'm glad the kids are safer but they got off too easy, plain and simple. If I was the judge I'd given them the ten years no hesitation, and strip them of any parental rights. They weren't being parents they were being cruel bullies
Gorjus Weems
I understand about the pew de pie thing however u say his YouTube name but with some of the comments that we're taking up for him for saying the N word was honestly flat out stupid the comment that said people we're overreacting I feel like that the people weren't overreacting because the N word does come a long way and the person also saying it's just a word it really isn't that word has a lot of meaning behind it, it's just like if a black person was playing a video game and came out and said the C word I wouldn't say it's just a word or that people we're overreacting because that word has as much meaning as the N word
Demon Angel101
You make things worse for them he did not say slap her hard he said "you can slap her lightly" not hard your account should be deleted
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