15 Back To School Pranks! Prank Wars!

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Today will have fun again! We've prepared the new ideas how to prank friends at school and we are ready to share them with you!

Supplies and tools:

• Sugar paste
• Paper clips, pencils and other school supplies
• Empty bottle from correction fluid
• Lip tint
• Pliers
• Empty lip gloss container
• Hot glue gun
• Food coloring
• White glue
• Two books
• Bluetooth speaker
• Adhesive tape
• Double-sided tape
• Rolling pin or glass
• Ruler
• Craft knife
• Smartphone
• Notebook
• Stickers
• Blue marker
• Writings
• Chalk
• Empty lipstick container
• Metal pencil case 
• Water
• Brush
• Food marker
• Clear nail polish
• Crackers (noise makers)
• Paint palette
• Broken makeup (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick)
• Spoon
• Candle, matches
• Paper napkin
• Wooden stick
• Q-tip
• Light bulb 
• Scissors

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Марго Турчина
Марго Турчина
Почему 1 кинига по русскому?
Марго Турчина
Стоп. Почему клей по русскому?
Sam Team
I loved the pranks 😂 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🌈
Nur Aliesha
I wish I could meet u in roblox :(
Uniquia Bunting
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Yajaira Fuentes
Please please please answer me
Tia Thompson
I like the phone and makeup one
Yajaira Fuentes
Were did you get the edibel markers.
the acting is so bad omg
Nadine Koskosidis
And of German? 😟
Nあ Bり
Yandere Chan Ayano Aishi
Instead of the blue bulb what about a RAINBOW BULB
oh yaeh i did olredy prangked someone
Serenity & Tay Red_stephens & Mays
love your channel
Life Hope
I love you troom troom thanks for the clickbait keep doing videos
Lall Chand
I like it a lot the hacks and pranks are amazing.
Patrice Sanders
I love gummy
Shantell Ybarra
I don't like this at all .
Sonia Aguila
Me gusta tus bideos
malak hamad
That music made me jump
Sara Kehlifi
Can you do slime in hair prank PLEASE
hieu phan
What if I don’t have any frens to prank?!
Do I prank my dogs?!
Fredy Sanchez
I did that book trick today at school it was funny they were literally stuck lol
Leah Taylor
me and my brother were watching this, and when she did the diy pencil case, he noticed it was a Yu-Gi-Oh one?
Varsha Sandis
I want some more edible 💄 makeup diys because I pranked all my friends and they are waiting when will I bring those things again in the school
Lena Woo
melek hassan
I love make up
Randomised Admin animations
Their makeup ones are contagious don’t do it.
Da Da
Can you tell me what eraser make from in the prank??
I love this prank very much from Cambodian 🇰🇭
I have all of these materials

Now I need to make friends.
Gaming girl06
Troom troom you suck at pranks
AmadGamer HD
For the eraser I use molding clay
Lea Daoud
I've pranked a lot of friends and they liked it!!!😍😘
Social Groop
Jaan Lois Aycardo
its so pretty to do that and i love you so much i will do that now
Elain Minelvatromp
Waw #yor cute
Parrish Productions
You look like u eat metal
Ollie's Back
I done the wine with the paper clip
ameneh Abbasi
Léon Lucas
Lavisha Sethi
Are you American??
Lavisha Sethi
I love your videos
Oppo Palembang
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Like who loves troom troom
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