Marlín Jordão
Glad he's not a liar !!! If it were me, I'd say it was a romantic dinner and then Jackie Kennedy and I went to bed. Very beautiful who speaks the truth.
Faptn. Undrpants
"Alec Baldwin Doesn't Consider Himself An Angry Person" know... except for that time he spoke to his 12 year old daughter like he was firing a fucking employee. Other than that he is chill as fuck.
sam pittman
Stephen I respect you that racist Alec Baldwin should not be on your show
Lee Texas
Yeah he IS and a total ASSHOLE !!!!
I get the feeling Alec Baldwin is a national treasure in America, the guy that everybody likes? I get that because I love the guy... there's not much I've seen him in that I've not enjoyed!! Top Bloke!
Richard Almazan
Alec Baldwin get angry a lot in real life more than his brothers Daniel, Billy, and Stephen. Daniel, Billy, and Stephen are nice and happy with paparazzi in person than their older hateful and violence brother ''Alec'' because Alec hates and get angry at paparazzi.
East Village Review
Am I really the only one who remembers when this guy called that one cup who arrested him "sugar tits"
"I'm not an angry guy" says the man who called his 11 year old daughter a "rude thoughtless little pig"
Rhys Maaannn!
Stephen's wayy too good at that bong noise #undercoverstoner hahah 😜🔥💨
Nickolis Speetzen
This not only sold me on Alec, not that I hated him, but sold me on his book! Genuinely seems interesting. I don't know enough about him especially since a lot of his work was a bit before my time of real interest in pop culture, plus a rebellious punk anti-pop phase. TL;DR: I wanna his book now. marketingz
S Conley
One of our greatest actors. But on top of that a great comedian.
kuna wren
gotta love the denial in this guy. he berated his daughter over the phone from his previous marriage, calling her a bitch. What kind of dad does that? A terrible dad, one with anger issues.
lisa koola
guys he should host the Oscars next year please! again
Reg Rock
the cuck of all cucks interviewing the scum of all scum
Lynn Turman
There's a video from the 90s that a paparazi shot where he & Kim Basinger are bringing home their newborn baby. Baldwin spots the paparazi, goes inside and comes out with some shaving cream. He then walks up to the guy videotaping in his car and proceeds to cover the guy's window with shaving cream. Badass.
Dumpster Fire
"Two girls, four cup."
Mikhail Kalashnikov
It's easy to blame the paparazzi, then you realise they wouldn't even have a job if people didn't enjoy trash TV and celebrity gossip so much. It truly is a sad aspect of modern society.
I think most people would be annoyed if there was this asshole who kept following you and your family around taking photos when all you want is some peace and quiet.
Gérard Lefrançois
It is a very good comedy on Trump please carry on.
Irishman O'Brien
Love these guys!
Love how he's even better than Oprah in terms of asking difficult questions and Alec didnt even get offended obviously because of the non threatening way it was asked.
colbert is the man
Larry Panozzo
Two amazing people
Jacob McMillan
Tell that to his ex wife and daughter
Anthony Johnson
"I was Catholic, until I reached the age of reason."

— George Carlin
Svetlana Yanova
Thanks for crediting the photographer! Nice to see celebrities do it.
c. lince
there is no shadow of a doubt that this guy is mentally unstable after his phone call to his young daughter released.he goes to therapist to control his anger issues
George Ramos
Alec Baldwin the departed great actor
Shadow Heart
Do to circumstances, I 'only' know him from 30 Rock. And he was immediately my favorite character. I love people that play very serious roles and also can be very whimsy and hilarious in others. I don't think there are a lot of actor that can bridge that contrast.
I like this guy and I think he is awesome.
Baldwin is an angry drinker, but he is a great actor.
it would be nice to see him and anthony hopkins on screen together again, they had great chemistry in the edge.
Hey Stephen, I heard you used to be called "Mr jellyneck" in a different show!
I love Alec in the Departed and Outside Providence. Two of my favorite movies.
Scotty Moulds
Yea, Alec Baldwig you should consider of yourself as more of a JACKOFF! You suck Soros Dick!
John Acobs
Stephen Colbert= Ugly Bird Face OLD FART, NOT FUNNY, Where do they find this loser? Steph Balwin= Child Abuser, Drunk, LIAR, Nobody comes up to him
Does that Pattern go for Comedians too? It would be nice if Colbert was fired and replaced along with Baldwin. Baldwin is a Chronic DRUNK and needs to be locked up.
typical lib: it's for the babies. How about when you BERATED your own kid?
Alec Baldwin - narcissistic nut job.
Big Tomo
I thought it was gonna say doesn't consider himself a actor lol Cause he sucks ass
Vegan Tina
Love me some VEGAN Alec Baldwin ❤️🤗🌱
Matthew V
I bet Alec is glad he's getting good PR right now. Because that phone call thing from a few years ago...Jeez. The media grilled him like a rotisserie chicken.
Samuel Temple
That's why he's so involved with taking care of his children. He hates babysitters.
Has he forgotten about all the fist fights he did with the media? All the videos that came out from his divorce, and everytime he does a bad Donald Trump impression on SNL he is dividing the nation down two party lines.
Kat Anne
I would love to smoke weed with Stephen Colbert one day... Just sayin'
People of Earth
Alec Baldwin still looks good.
Pat Stidman
Never loved you more Mr.Alec Baldwin. Thank you for putting a spot light on " Not My President Trump "
"Nailed it" LOL
OlEgSaS32 DARE you! Harrison Ford IS and always WILL BE Jack Ryan
Paul Osterberg
Great Bong rip, just made my day. So funny.
Derek Leiss
If you're the first son of a first son of a seventh son of a seventh son, are you an angry Irish priest Wizard?
Dave Reynolds
Google ' Hillary Clinton MKultra' see how Hillary sexually abuses female minors supplied to her through the Mkultra, Monarch, NAZI mind control programme.
go on search , you will be pissed at what Hillary is supplied with
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