People Who Hate Cats Work In A Cat Cafe // Presented By BuzzFeed & Rachael Ray Nutrish

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They just hadn’t met the right cat yet.

Collette Hannah
I hate people who say they hate cats.
Sophie K
How tf do you hate cats?
Yeah but did she adopt Karina????
Minecraft YT account
I hate people who hate cats. Period. 😡
Sabine Bianco
I love cats
Daniel Willson
how can you hate a cat
Fudge Small
How can they not love cats
Rachel Kaparek
This is amazing! Cats are the best!
Deni Hatesyou
Did she get the cat?
Araf Noor
New idea: People who hate dogs eat at a Chinese resturant.
Legend of a Reverse Cowgirl
She tried to indirect kill that cat with that mop...
zigurdi diasamidze
they just don't understand☹ only cat people
Judging a cat based on one cat, is like judging humanity based on one person. It make's no sense, cat's are my life.
I don't trust anyone who hates cats
Aliya Bck
I loved this video and it made me cry ahah
I want you guys to make a series about the woman who fell in love with Karina (if she gets her) it would be so cute
i'm glad they're talking about how to communicate and properly pet cats. With cats the trick is to go 85% of the way and let them come the remaining 15%. Let them show you what they like. If you pay attention then the communication is there. Letting them come the rest of the way shows them that they are being touched on their own accord. Cats are like us were they like to maintain a level of control over their actions were as dogs prefer to be told to do everything. I think that is why i like cats. Trust is earned rather than given. I have yet to find a cat that didn't get along with me right away using this way of thinking. It's funny since i used to not like cats, now i just pay attention and they love me for it.
Nerissa Crawford
I love felines. I mean in general. Domestic, wild, big, small all of them really.
If u blink in front of the cat u r saying I Love U to the cat
Pablo Muharib
Cats are jerks, have attitude issues, aren't factioned...well damn she just described all women💩
Nemisha Sharma
Cat made Hooman cry. World Domination plan in progress. No, but seriously I love cats and have two of my own.
Annie V
Man I cried so hard when Karina got adopted :(
Senna Taylor
The grey cat has such beautiful green eyes!
I hope she adopts Karina!
Brittany Williams
Day one: I HATE cats.
Sydnee and Pets
My cat is in that cat cafe crumbs and whiskers in Washington DC his name is bubbles and I found him as a stray ❤️
Tami W.
It's funny because most of the people who say "i hate cats" or "i hate dogs", once they actually spend time with them, they're like "oh they're not as bad as I thought"
I just love cats! They are the best pets ever! I couldnt live without a cat in my house.
Marissa Wallace
Me in the future
Nesrine Nasreddine
how can someone hate cats
the blonde lady at 3:59 is so adorable !!
Alim D
You girl don't deserve Karina, i've loved cats all my life, i've had so many cats and kittens in my household, but now they're all gone because my family had allergies, and so do I too, even though I have severe allergies, I love them soo much, and hope to get one black cat when I get my own place.
Salma Awad
A place where I can drink my latte and stroke cats?!!! Take me God! I want to go to heaven!
That white and gray cat with the red collar slapped the black cat in the face while it was eating! Sassy-and-Petty-O-meter on high levels.
Chief and Cinnamon
Where is this cafe
Dose she get karina??? ❤️
Elisabeth Heiman
Okay, I've heard of maid cafes, but cat cafes? Sounds like my type of place!
Otaco Bunny
Well, Did she get Karina?? 😃
So did she adopt Karina?!?!
Luna The Cat
"They aren't affectionate"
pulls out a 500 page essay
big Purple Octopus
Why am I watching this? These ppl make me so mad they're so ignorant towards cats!
Kaitlynn Carter
I hope she gets Karina! Made me tear up to think she might miss out on that great bond :(
Nooo. Don't take Karina away from herrrrr.
She was so sad that misty left. XD
Devin Trevor
Cats are just like people, that are smaller, cuddlier and sassier. I love my siamese, Ciya, and i wouldn't trade her for the world. She's my little girl <3
Mary McFadden
So did Malerie adopt Karina or not?
Katlover99 w
cats are the BEST!!!!🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈
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