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Hey Virtualists!! Check it out all characters of Lion King Real Life. 

In this video Virtual Real Stars Team show you  real life animals that  look alike of the Lion King characters.

Pictures are created by the best and latest in exceptional Students and Professional photographers   around the world.

We hope you enjoy this video the same way that we did it when we created it.

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Don't forget: Rescue, rehabilitation and release all species in the world. 

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Virtual Real Stars Team @VRS

Star Fusion617
Timon's not bigger than Pumba!!!!
Garrick Avera
i meant so
Garrick Avera
is do cutee
Garrick Avera
Simba and Nyla
Jeffile Tube
fuck you
Méloé Baudin
When you put "all characters" in the title I expect all the characters. Guess not..
Tobio Kageyama
Simba and the monkey. The real life picture is that simba is gonna kill his guide monkey. Idk what's that monkeys name bc the keyboard it blocking it ;-;
Helen Gauhl
What's the music and who made it?
Does someone know..?
vincent vadachino
the one that looked like scar almost looks fake
Rosi HD
Da stand bei Oscar scar 😁😂
molly the redstone jacker
Simba was so cute!! and nalla
9 055 Great
I know
Amanda Nava
aiiii quevonito
Leidiane Carvalho de Souza
adoro lion king
Fanuel27 Xo
the most funny video I ever seen
Chance Faulconer
hope you help Disney with the real thing
Savanna wilder
Scar looks super cool!!!!
nirankar bhatnagar
Tom Daniel
liked real life scar tho
Chloe Peterson
I laughed when I saw that the simba and rafiki because he's more of chasing him for food not as a friend
Fluttercord22 Blank
wow this is so cool
Happy Dyne
The real life version of Simba is trying to eat Rafiki
Bi Siu
i feel like scar is the only look alike
Caio Henrique
desde quando Zazu é um tucano?
tf these are just Google images
Haroon Rasheed Khan
Do any of you think that scar was real or was he fake
puppygirl -roblox and more
wheres sarabi
Gris Ramirez
l like nala in real life
Mona Zahra
OMG...I can't believe
zazu is red billed hornbill, not toucan lol
Autumn Jeppesen
The one for scar looks like photoshop. Not haten, just pointing out the facts
marc production
very cute
zuzia Kusal
BriBro Brown
aud party
no way the scar is real
rafiki isnt a baboon but a mandrill
Afshan Nigar
scar baby
Miro Kurvinen
what is that intro music
literally tho a cgi lion king would be amazing i want it
Carl Ardona the blue dragon
Scar looks ugly
عموره عموره
harsha harsha
the pics really suits to the lion king movie stills the pic in 1.50 and simba and timon pic
Erwin Wijnans
Kawaii Lps
Nala is so cute
faisa abdi
scar looks so handsome in real life
angela boyle
1:38 omg
Skylar Does Tributes
1:50 that is sick
mustufa pandia
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