Google Duo | Knock Knock from Santa

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A few unsuspecting kids experienced the magic of Santa in New York’s Made by Google store. Spread your own holiday magic with the help of Google Duo, which shows a live video preview before your pick up. Download on Android ( or iPhone (

emily Jones
|? By vcnbtv. Nbbnhgh

구글 Duo야 말로 획기적이다.
Thăng Lê Văn
Hadiza Hadjia
Gareth Francis
Watch for videos
Laura Rosario
"Oh this is weird, a video call with santa? Pah!"
15 years ago they were doing this same thing with phone calls and radio stations, it's not a new concept guys ;)
Google Doughbag
Juan Vallejos
esta muy bueno todo me encanto
Maria Kwok
Raul Gonzalez
Gente de Zons de
Raul Gonzalez
Gente de Zons
Amy Boshoven
Hello the you uyujiiu the following
Raimey Miral
Raimey Miral
Raimey Miral
Holy lolololololololooooool
cool i♡Santa
so coooooool!
Raimey Miral
Holy lolololololololooooool
cool i♡Santa
so coooooool!
Kim Fort
Dianne McLendon
Anthony brown
sakina jabalpur
Guillermo Ramon
i dont belive in santa he is not real
Rosita Benavidez
ika 6 na. utos
Chelsy Martinez
my fair. lady kor
Michelle Putnam
cute, cute...
jose ludovico Ludovico
Sandi Burns
Jordan M Dewhart
Shoey how do they video chat Santa?
Bruce Fitzpatrick
I'm finding vafhdfgjjgddftghhtfgh📢📢🎵🎶🎧📯🎧🎧📲📲🎵
its Nice video
German Carrasco Jorda
muy buen homenaje al AMOR !!
Samuel gomes
Mui bom
naidelyn bff
Hello Google I am from Guangzhou, China, is connected to VPN
julian jawad ahmad
what's different in Hangout!! :/
hi I like videos ok thanks
islam pirich
Hancel jose Rosario cruz
me gusta muchísimo
yara yara
Rose Ortega
the one cop thetened me that bus driver looks l Mike eppsvon crack! he
Rose Ortega
public storage 147 *6729966#
Vijay Studio
vijaydtudio1995@gmail com
Jeya Seelan
nice video
Magdi Bankó
Shane Kueny
Golden Gaming
elmahi mohammed
Trés satisfait , des divers vidéos
oliver murphy
in birminghams marks and spencers there is a deputy or manager by the name of rebecca..4 weeks before xmas i put a suggestion to her..that would make any childs visit to santa magical..and is so easy any store anywhere could use the idea and santa might also find crowd control easier also...i also said to curry's this is how they should advertise electronics..because to film a need a television a cam corder or telephone and a very big screen
Abi Nubli
why would any parents make their kids believe in fiction is beyond me
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