Secret Ingredient with Sienna Miller and Anthony Bourdain

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Jimmy, Sienna Miller and Anthony Bourdain take turns guessing the unusual secret ingredient hidden in each course of a three-course meal, earning a point if they guess right.

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Secret Ingredient with Sienna Miller and Anthony Bourdain

Devonte Cochran
if I have tasted those ingredients in that food, I'm going to be sick.😛😛
joseph glover
They are all different skin tones, but still all white lmaoo
Philip Patton
She looks like trump's daughter
Anthony Bourdain. Always heard his name, never seen or watched him till now: 26April2017.
Respect for him for not spitting the food out.
Dr. Cunt
that was such bullshit lmfao
dude literally gives her the answer, she says "salted cheese"
somehow that's correct?
I didn't know Anthony Bourdain was Trans-black.
Smoking OxyContin smells like burnt popcorn. lol.
paloma diaz
Ugh I love Anthony Bourdain ! But my god he's getting older 😭😭 💕
Phillip Betts
They react almost too quickly to flavors... and Jimmy started cheering for Anthony when he guessed sriracha before anyone else did or the bell rang.
Elaine Perez
Love Anthony Bourdain so much
jeff mercier
here's a little known fact. bourdain uses juicy fruit all the time in his cookin
Damn gotta respect Anthony for respectfully eating and holding down each bite. That's a trained traveler, doesn't want to set anyone off by spitting out their food!
I'm a simple man, I see Bourdain, I watch.
Heather Adams
Way better than the Ramsey one
Kenny the Jet Smith
I knew by looking at it that it was oreo
Athena Rose Corleone
Look @ Anthony, never spitting. Always swallowing. Trooper.
Athena Rose Corleone
Mr.Fallon was so confident on the second one. Almost too funny.
Bianca Mercado
Higgins can't contain himself around sienna miller
I want to bang her
I love her accent, she's hott
Paul Pruett
They counted her wrong for saying Chili when Siracha sauce if made of chili peppers?????
J Town
Sienna Miller is over reaction when she is not even a chef and look at Anthony so professional
Audrey Serrano
Sienna cheated and she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying
Sienna looks like Jessica Biel.
TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings
that bourdain dude looks like he sniffs coke off of strippers armpits
Lyanna Mormont
Does jimmy fallon's staff ever read the comments? Please tell jimmy to stop overacting
I love how Bourdain actually swallows and stomach it all and everyone spits it out lol
AcidiK TastE
I'd eat that entire meal,......if it was served on SIenna's bum.....
As soon as Anthony tasted the ice cream bar, his face looked like "why did I agree to do this shit?"
danae floyd
That's one tan white man
Kenny Bania
Bourdain's reaction when he bites the cream bar is hilarious! 4:32
They spot
Randal Martin
was kinda disappointed Jimmy wasn't using his gmm barf bucket
Sophie Buchan
Yasss Anthony!!! First show I've seen him on as a guest
Alexander matthiasen
Anthony looks really burnt
Minds Eye
Bourdain is cool! He's got balls. He's not like "ewww this is gross I gotta spit it out...eww". He's like "ok this is shit, but i've been to the most nether regions of this planet and have experienced so much wonderous things and the most vile, horrid shit that this does not faze me". He's cool!
Sachi Perez
...and the whipped cream was...
The Game Squad
If Ron Perlman and Mel Gibson had a son, that kid will look like Anthony Bourdain.
Jim Alexander Rice
Who thinks up these games? Wow - weird
Yay positive comments ❤️
Arpana Shrestha
Anthony Bourdain was a huge part of my childhood. I've probably spent a couple of hundred hours watching his show. It feels a bit weird to see him age.
andy v
jimmy wrote "buble" gum... michael bublé?
Mya Rose
am I the only one who doesn't know those people?
Pip Girl
How dare you jimmy? Anthony's palette is a national treasure.
Didn't know that Bourdain was black
doingthis forclass
you definitely couldn't cheat off sienna miller in school
I guessed oreos just by looking at it.
Miles the Squirrel
they should've had one round with no secret ingredient and had them all still guess anyway
Benjin Joshua
Oh wait...
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