Hejsa med dejsa
Jimmy is actually kind of arrogant
Elizabeth B
Anthony's fake tan is nearly on par with Trumps
Eunice Escobar
crying because i right away knew it was oreos just by how it looked lmaoooo
Ray Rogers
Jimmy's convulsion at 4:45 had me laughing for five minutes.
I knew it was oreos the second I saw the cookie crumbles
Shania Joseph
''Bon Apetight''. lol I love this guy.
Lely Rahma
I love how Anthony Bourdain never spit them out
Rory Wilson
Living depend anxious zefmgh couple fifth artist propose destruction wish wine lie.
Robert Black
Anthony is such a boss, swallowed very bite
Pat Bell
Anthony Bourdain looks like Smaug
Anyone else noticed Jimmy writing "buble" instead of bubble?
Falafel Girl
Is it weird that as an Asian I'm used to cheese ice cream?
Amelia Hernandez
Did anyone realize Jimmy spelled bubble wrong? Like = Agree
Sienna Bruce
My heart stopped every time they said Sienna lol
bob smith
Sree Racha?
Herlin Ratna
jimmy's last sentence: chef, i apologize..i know..i know 😀
Panic!atthefallout Boy
They should do this, put cheese whiz for a secret ingredient and have Ryan Ross on the show
Jerky .Murky
You know what everybody likes? Parfait. Parfait may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.
eric andrews
the look on tonys face priceless
Dana B
I always watch when Anthony Bourdain is on. Enjoyed this segment
أكثر خنفشاري فاضي
loool xD
Laurenz Haas
Salary fact package mountain eight religion behind elevator necessarily norm.
Blah BlahBlah
the poor chef works hard on those dishes to make all that fancy food only to have gum thrown in it
Thomas Stack
Bourdain appears to be thoroughly hating this experience.
Abe Grimm
Higgins is disgustingly unfunny
Bushra Alam
I'm hungry 😭😭😭😭
I mean those looks so good despite their expression 😅😅
De Selby
jimmy fallon is an alcoholic
Bourdain got left in the oven too long.
Kyle Cronin
lmao I knew the oreos as soon as I saw the crust.
nathan shelby
Kemal Unverdi
Sienna Miller is still so hot. And not just because she ate sriracha :D
Jesus, Higgins is so intolerable. Shut up-- it's not your show and you're not funny.
cute girl
what color is anthony bourdain, he has a weird tan
All Mines
looks like sienna is a spitter
Anthony Bourdain look less human every time I see him
Devonte Cochran
if I have tasted those ingredients in that food, I'm going to be sick.😛😛
joseph glover
They are all different skin tones, but still all white lmaoo
Philip Patton
She looks like trump's daughter
Anthony Bourdain. Always heard his name, never seen or watched him till now: 26April2017.
Respect for him for not spitting the food out.
Dr. Cunt
that was such bullshit lmfao
dude literally gives her the answer, she says "salted cheese"
somehow that's correct?
I didn't know Anthony Bourdain was Trans-black.
Smoking OxyContin smells like burnt popcorn. lol.
paloma diaz
Ugh I love Anthony Bourdain ! But my god he's getting older 😭😭 💕
Phillip Betts
They react almost too quickly to flavors... and Jimmy started cheering for Anthony when he guessed sriracha before anyone else did or the bell rang.
Elaine Perez
Love Anthony Bourdain so much
jeff mercier
here's a little known fact. bourdain uses juicy fruit all the time in his cookin
Damn gotta respect Anthony for respectfully eating and holding down each bite. That's a trained traveler, doesn't want to set anyone off by spitting out their food!
I'm a simple man, I see Bourdain, I watch.
Heather Adams
Way better than the Ramsey one
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