Casting Brass Apple Fidget Spinner from Bullet Shells

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Casting 2 Brass Apple Fidget Spinners from empty bullet shells.

In this video I am making 2 Fidget Spinners from empty bullet shells which i bought at the local shooting range in Antwerp (I live in a small  town in the North of Antwerp-Belgium)

One of these spinners will be given away. The winner can choose between the large or the small spinner, or a custom made playbutton.

You can see the video were i make the playbuttons here :

Giveaway Link Apple Spinners & PlayButton :

Giveaway Link 8 Spinners :

Please do not flood my e-mail or Facebook private message box for the giveaway :)) I am not picking the winners personally. Once the giveaway is over I click the button 'choose winners' and gleam picks the winners automaticly.

We got the other spinners from these guys : 
They were shipped to us (Belgium) from China, and 4 working days later they arrived. Thanks for the fast service !

Link to some of the spinners we received :

Brass Spinner : 

Green Spinner : 

Rose Gold Metal Spinner :

Black Spinner : 

Pink Spinner :  

Yellow Spinner :

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Full Description :

I've got a lot of requests to make a smaller fidget spinner, so this time i made 2 spinners. A large one as collectors item, and a small one that can be spinned between your 2 fingers.

In order to fit in the bearings i used liquid nitrogen to shrink the bearing and mount it in the hole.

The large spinner is meant as a collectors item and not to be spinned in 1 hand or doing tricks with :) The other one is smaller and can be spinned between your 2 fingers, or maybe doing tricks with it. Be aware that these spinners are made from brass and are quiet heavy.

The small one weighs 450 grams, and the large one weighs 1300 grams.

It took me 4 days to finish these spinners.

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Let us know if you have other good ideas !

This is just a demonstration on how to make a fidget spinner with molten brass. If you try to do this yourself at home, please be aware that you use personal protection gear. If you are not experienced with melting metals please do not attempt this on your own.

You can contact us at :

Hello PressTube Crew ! I've got tons and tons of emails and private messages from people that requested a smaller spinner that can be spinned in 1 hand. So this time i made a large spinner and a smaller one. And they will be given away also ! If you don't like spinners, don't worry.... There is also an option to choose a custom made playbutton if you win the giveaway !! Good luck for everyone and if you have any questions just reply to this message or send me an e-mail (e-mail address is at the bottom of the description). Also read the description before asking any questions please :) A lot of questions are already answered in the description :) PressTube Out
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Angel Law
Was that suppose to be an apple pen joke?
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