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TUESDAY! Would you ever punch a kangaroo in the face?! ahahaha… NOPE. 
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UK Adult Content Ban:

Guy Punches Kangaroo:

United Airlines is The WORST:

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Walter Scott Death Ruling:

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Philip DeFranco
I'm never a fan of governments treating their people like children. Its just so dumb imo. What do you think?
Usually I side with officers with these cases, but this is just rediculous
james baron
"we have to protect the children" litterally admitting to showing children porn
Anthony Glenn
The four minute mark......lmao
Dark Trinity
An add played as soon as he was gonna show the footage where he dies and I was like... Wtf m8
Advice on what airline to fly: Quantas. Believe me, they're dickheads, but I've been on multiple trips with them to America and it's the best service I've had so far, at least compared to American Airlines and all that shit.
ah kkaebsong
The upside is that no child will ever have to become aware of fisting. My scars from middle school gossip are still hurting.
John Milton
8:16 lol! Oh hell no! That fucking cops life is over. What I wouldn't give to be fly on the wall in that courtroom.
Noticemesempai Lol

Alex Gilkison
United in 2017, actually the worst airline in existence
David Yeakle
I'm a member of PETA. (people eating tasty animals)
David Yeakle
"We have to protect the children" isn't a valid argument for censoring particularly kinky porn. Parents shouldn't be letting children watch any porn at all. It's not the government's job to raise people's kids for them, and the law interferes with the rights of adults.
Voltaic Fire
Looking back on this, it's made no difference, the internet is still as gloriously filthy as ever. Stupid ineffectual UK government trying to nanny us.
I remember when I first made a tumblr account, added a few gifs, a couple people followed me... next thing I know my timeline literally has pictures of people fucking mutilated corpses, pictures of girls cutting their wrists and gifs about eating disorders... seriously tumblr is pretty much instagram for people with issues.
The Penguin Council
1:04 already said gagging
Harry Davies
Those cheap plane tickets actually just seat you in the fight club
Ben cohen
A bit late to the game but pilots do use iPads for various inflight publications. Sometimes incase of emergencies it's easier to search for the issue than flip through the pages of a 400 page pub book.
Kat G
Adults should be allowed to watch whatever porn they want, as long as everyone involved in the creation of the porn consented, and was old enough to consent, and nobody got hurt.
the UK tried to take away squirting...
All we have amazing tueasday and we are good bastards oh my god !
Diana Woods
In fairness... pool... splinters
There is absolutely no way markiplier is not at least third
jebus that roo is muscular
USS Gerald R. Ford 12th CSG
Nah it's fucking straya cunt fuck off
Ya lil shit it's
Ducking straya aye it's the norm.
Thomas Cagle
This is literally the first time I've ever seen a commercial on your show. Any it was right before police footage. :(
Harvey Dent
""This is going to be very hard to watch " *ad plays * he was right .
Heather D
If you want to protect the children ban all porn. I feel like they are turning into a country that will censor everything! We can't turn into police States by baning things they are legal. Next they will turn these acts illegal. It if people are doing it they aren't going to turn themselves in, so the next step will be to ban all sex outside of marriage and so on and so forth. We have to ask ourselves when we take away certain freedoms where will it end?
Kylia McCoy
I don't believe the man who punched a kangaroo should be fired, I mean he was trying to protect his pet, and as a zoo keeper he probably knows the better ways to stun animals without causing any lasting damage.
how vanilla
Rita Saiban
The government is going about it in a terrible way but I don't think they're entirely wrong.
Just look to mega porn site Pornhub’s “year in review” statistics from the last few years. The site collects detailed analytics from their site and releases a “year in review” containing all the information like “Most Popular Search Terms”. Since 2012, a wildly popular search term on a porn site that got 23 billion visits in 2016 is TEEN.
This means there is a massive porn genre dedicated entirely to girls who look (and may very well be for all anyone knows) younger than 18 years old..
Or creepiest of all, let’s talk about how this means that there are fathers out there who are watching porn of girls that are the same age as their daughters.
Studies have shown that images are an especially powerful teacher, since they can pack in a whole lot of information that the viewer can understand very quickly. And while words are often interpreted as opinions, our brains are more likely to interpret images as facts; after all, it’s a lot harder to argue with something you’re seeing happen right in front of you. Now here’s the kicker: research has shown that our brains learn better when they’re sexually aroused. When you add in the focused concentration of searching through pornographic images to find exactly what the searcher is looking for, and reinforcing what’s being taught with the reward of sexual climax, it creates the perfect conditions for teaching and conditioning the brain.

You really don't think there's anything wrong with these statistics?
K. Starlight
that ban in the UK is so dumb, I feel disappointed in the government
Neo Theatre
What about fisting as long as it's a midget's hand?
Reuben Pickering
traveled the world last year. Took 17 flights over 7 airlines. China Southern Airlines and Thai Airlines are fantastic; polite, courteous, and good at their jobs.
On the other end of things, Tiger airlines is God awful but they're overshadowed by the shit show that is United. On my Tiger flight the pilot backed into a cart & damaged the plane delaying our flight, but it still comes nowhere close to the rude, poorly trained, and stupid United Airlines members.
Jupiter Sarwe
To the people with the "think of the children!!" argument: I think that it should ultimately be your responsibility as a parent or guardian to block sites that you do not consider appropriate for your kids. It's really easy, like, r e a l l y easy. It's one Google search away.
UK on some dumb shit. Don't know why I live here
The Tory government is stubborn. I doubt they'll change their mind just because everyone hates it.
faggot mcruf
may that black man rest in heaven i shall take a fap for him now may his soul rest
faggot mcruf
if they censor the porn..... BREAKING NEWS: donald trump starts ww3
Tom Kenning
Bloody tories
Sophia Stefan
by the thumbnail i was hoping they were banning markiplier but that seems too much to ask for :/
Laser Lens
Sounds pretty stupid. The nagain, this is the country that decided to leave the EU.
So Brits can't watch hardcore underage gay furry yiff porn
Captain Natjo
Protecting children? Sure. protecting legal adults? No.
Gavin Luhezz
5:00 Oooooh this is pretty funny!
Hannah Smith
Here is my solution for the thing about porn.
Have the bbfc develop a special browser that blocks the inappropriate material. Encourage parents to install that browser, advertise it on television, get schools to email them etc. You can protect the innocence of kids as well as the liberties of adults this way.
Grim Graydy
leaving the uk
Wake Burns
Censorship is like telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it.
Vixx Celacea
I completely disagree with the idea that consumers should be the ones to choose companies that don't pull shit. There are few if any alternatives that people can afford. There should definitely be regulations that require the basic level of safety, efficiency and comfort for pretty much anything.

I don't get why companies are allowed to make shitty products or shitty service. If you had regulations for a minimal level and basically get shut down if you don't follow it, there is still plenty of competition left for companies to try to get consumers at good prices. If it's only up to the consumer to keep a company in business and support them, then it's not an equal playing field. Unless it was culturally popular to gather petitions to not use a certain company for products or service, then that could work. As it stands, companies can and will get away with anything they want, and at best, it's really shitty and unfair, and at worst, people die for their actions, a good example of this is Chisso.

Company vs consumer, companies will ALWAYS win. They fought hard to be treated as a person under law, they spend millions on lobbying, advertisements, publicity and never really pay for any mistakes. Often getting out of jail, getting bailed out or getting a paltry fine that doesn't even cover what they made with whatever scandal they participated in.
That's precisely why they need regulations, because just like you said, it's not in there interest or even availability to be ethical. They can only and ever will care about bottom dollar, cheaper costs and their stockholders. Because in reality, that's their real profit, not the consumers wallets. We're a drop in the bucket, we don't matter unless we decide in droves that Walmart, United airlines, Nike etc don't deserve the time of day, let alone our money.

I definitely agree with the censorship though. There is absolutely no point in censoring this kinda thing. I mean, I get taking down or redirecting videos with offensive content (ala deep web, snuff films etc) but censoring never freaking works. Also, protecting the children? Please, kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for. I'd rather people, including children, because they are people, not just children, be as informed as possible about the world they live in.
Ratings were supposed to be the answer to this, to inform you of what you are getting into. Plenty of adults hate gratuitous violence, plenty of kids find horror movies hilarious or fun to watch. Instead of censoring, just put a snippet of what the content contains, be it boobs, decapitation, smoking, swears etc and let the consumer decide for themselves.
I wish I hadn't been so sheltered as a kid. I hate seeing when parents insist that boobs are the devil, but two decapitated heads, that's fine.
There is also plenty of statistical and scientific data to back up the idea that protecting kids the way in particular America does, does so much more harm than any good. Including but not limited to, STDs, teen pregnancy, molestation, violence etc.

Last, but not least, you should definitely be allowed to take violent action against any animal should a person/creature you care about could be harmed. So long as it's enough only for defense and not for revenge. He punched the Kangaroo to save the dog. He did it once to get the creature to back off. And it did. That's not abuse, that's defense. You are allowed to use violence to save yourself or others when needed.
The policeman should be in jail and heavily fined, reparations should be given to the family. No ifs ands or butts, that was murder straight up and against code.
Immortui Praebibo
So the they in the title is the UK?
Oh you think united is bad now...
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