Unbox Therapy

Pitaka iPhone 7 Case (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2o0kNZ9
Pitaka iPhone 7 Case (International) - http://geni.us/qbKsTqp

PhoneSoap Phone Cleaner (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2pwRtJK
PhoneSoap Phone Cleaner (International) - http://geni.us/UzBqagL

Level Card Tool - https://levergear.com/
Erick Berrocal Gamboa
Where did you get your glasses?
Ricardo Perez
omg!!! I swear these guys are funny! 😂
A whole buch of useless shit under 50$
Christopher Muller
i saw the episode of phone soap on shark tank
Aadi Kapur
how do you know it actually cleans your phone?
406 nova
ninja wallet 10 bucks
what pills is he on?
The thing is I just saw your device on shark Tank not 30 minutes ago
The phantom Menace
If I see one more metal card from another youtuber I'm gonna hang myshelf
Johnny Tangstad
Instead of the 3rd gadget, just get yourself a good fine-knit microfiber cloth. It will remove booth the grease and the bacterias. Use it dry or slightly moist with water only.
Mateo Perez
Expression reservation for nigms privacy disappointed electric first entertainment.
James Gerry
the reason this video has no ads is because the entire video is an ad.
pheonixmorphix #1
3:44 the exact second I go in the bathroom
Sebastian Londono
this sucked.
Jack Richards
420 Stainless steel
So basically a flat pocket knife for $28-$33... Go fuck yourself Lew
Taylor Moore
The Pitaka Aramid case really is pretty sick! We had to see if it was bulletproof though so my brother and I shot it with an AR15. Just uploaded the video!
Sweeney stainpain H84U
Fact is, the dirtiest thing we handle is money
вяσσкlуи ѕкує ʝσниѕσи
where does he get this stuff from
Keyboard Warrior
Fat ass..
Makayla Gates
"Your going to the bathroom with your phone" runs off toilet
Youre so insperational man
yo Alex
that's a plastic screen protector. because it has 2% glass, they call it glass.
El Pollo Loco
I got the first one a year or two ago, called the ninja wallet only 10$
Kai Kurver
1:38 "made from 420 stainless steel" lol
Solomon Alexandera
Arrogant fuck
Solomon Alexandera
That first one is worthless and not worth that money.....
the pitaka iphone case looks EXACTLY like the official OnePlus 3T carbon case. It even seems to be the same material. On my box it was written there it's made out of Kevlar.
Karan Driehuys
Is Pitaka only for the iPhone 7 or Android too?
Kobi Kobijansen
who needs a bottle opener? you can open a bottle with a stone or a piece of wood.
Lawn Boy 7025 trans am
headphone under $100
Sam Kurgan
all of this was overpriced unnecessary garbage
Gadgets that actually you don't need and use.
Pappa K
Please send me one iphone 7 plus please😂
Porsche Fanatic
Dude spending $50 to clean phone but u can wipe phone with disinfect wipe for less than dime that's early $50 saving
Stephen Lozada
That case is a ripoff wtf why would u send ppl to that u can buy cases like it w a screen protector for 10 bucks
hey faggot. take a bath with that phone soap
Davi Cola
aramid = kevlar
John Jonw
do you get sponsored by these products, because you have a biased positive opinion towards your unboxing products.
Suki Le
this is like a mini shark tank.
alexander de haan
trailer e-mail elite me nuclear behind disorder mind pilot dedicate.
Saintwa Ye
lol use that case for the refurbished note 7??
ziji helium
Isn't UV unhealthy.
Ben Wolvenhour - The3rdTausk
Not sure a phone case counts as a "Gadget". Haha.
the multitool exists for like 2$ everywhere
We use those UV cleaners at my previous clinical location.
3:50 yeah, its called windex, and a paper towel.
because we havent seen enough of those card multi tools XD
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