Breaking: Trump And Bannon's High-Speed Getaway

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From the White House to the White SUV, President Trump will do anything to escape the newly appointed special counsel.

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Not only is it footage of the infamous OJ Simpson White (a very slow chase but I guess you could call it a 'chase')....It actually spoofs the events in it, too.

Like the bit with the taco bowl. In the OJ chase, OJ allegedly had a gun to his head.

So; Trump is in the OJ role, Bannon is the Al Cowlings role and the taco bowl is in place of the gun....and I think they actually talked to OJ during the original Bronco chase.
Grand Wonder
Trump and Bannon can go to Mexico where they are forced to sleep in the same prison cell where they can eat each other's shit and fuck each other's asshole! Yeah, there's nothing the Mexicans would like to do more than to lock those two crooked racist bigots up in the same cell and let them have homosexual sex!
Xtra Delite
It's funny how the right-wing conservatives are telling the liberals to respect the president regarding this video.
He Richard
Trump 2020,2024,2028,2032,2036. One nation, under trump
------house of dumb
Michael Wilhoit
Omar Ruiz
the most watched show ever is going to be Donald trump getting impeached
"You stupid liberal cucks probably thought Trump was fleeing from the authorities. Ha-ha, fooled you!" /facepalm
Pixel Toaster
I saw the title and was 30% expecting this to be real... wouldn't surprise me...
Michael Newell
haha fuck this loser president.
Trump is the new black
Impeach the russian whore!
Going Green
We need to lock him up, bigly! No President in the whole world ever, who is more deserving hugely, will make the bestest inmate. Believe me.
Going Green
Impeach the little bitch already!
i Tim
I was expecting the Benny Hill theme to play
Ajay Pasricha
I want cartoon Donald Trump back
what if he gets cleared? will yall give up and finally see that the media is lying to ya? prob not cuz your all too stupid to think for yourselves
waiting on colbert's extensive Anthony Weiner coverage. i'm sure he'll be fair about covering an actual pervert. right?
Wayne Gilbert
LMAO comparing PRESIDENT TRUMP to oj?? nice Colbert you're so fuckin stupid don't you know your audience believes oj is innocent your confusing THOSE people!! poor liberals don't know who to believe, SAD
Greatest Car Chase EVER.....and also the slowest.
Internet Hate Machine
LOL, they told Donnie he's going to the Middle East... then they gave him a one-way ticket to Moscow.
He doesn't know the difference, because he can't read.
#Impeach #Loser #Trump
#Deport #Trumpniks #Russia
It's official. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is an anti-trump propaganda channel.


They've reached The Young Turks level.
Gloria Escover
Love it!
John Leintz
No talent Colbert, keep up the good work of driving CBS stock into the ground.
Update this to "Airforce One", as of this evening...then it's perfect! 😂
Mimi Marino
I'd have more enthusiasm for impeachment if it wouldn't mean President Pence. Unlike Trump, he's a truly conservative, religiously motivated activist with the sheen of a professional politician. He won't be a scandal machine that keeps the GOP distracted from its mission. It will be painful, but it might be better for America in the long run to let the GOP destroy itself in the Trump dumpster fire. That is, of course, if the world isn't destroyed in the process.
LMFAO too fucking funny
vsboy 25
Trump will get protection from his influential billionaire Russian friends
octuvery ckazt
jaja very good.
Greg Walker
.....this won't end well.
Farinelli Broschi
Deport Trump
Ed Bear
Tucker Bowen
they make the robbers from Home Alone look like the Ocean's Eleven
As I watch this, Trump and his buddies are fleeing the country in Air Force One.
Mundie Sins
O.J. is up for parole this July.
If Trump gets kicked out, I could see him retreating to his tower and hosting a very angry show on Trump TV. He'd have a huge following.
colbert is a political whore make no mistake about it?
OF COURSE this would be the highest rating police chase in history. Maybe the highest rating anything in history. I'd go AWOL from work, buy a huge bucket of popcorn and get glued to the TV
Hardcore Junkies
So did trump by oj simpsons car or steal it?
General Vergel
calm down libetard
It's almost worth watching Mike Pence burn the country to the ground in order for me to see Trump ousted. Imagine Donnie's meltdown! It would be beautiful.
J.T Houston TEXAS
😂 lmFao god i wish this was true 😂😂
And Agent Orange will love it too.... BUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Jim Fortune
It must be really hard work trying to come up with something more ridiculous than what is actually going on in the White House.
Fake news.
Man Cave TV
Wouldn't be surprised if at his impeachment case Trump used his opening statement to comment on "how high the ratings are" or "how large the crowd is."
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