Warner Bros. might have to pay $900 million if they can’t prove ghosts are real

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The studio and filmmakers behind the successful "Conjuring" franchise are being sued by an author for $900 million. The three films in the franchise grossed $886 million at the global box office, and two more films are on the way. You can read the entire filing here. 

Author Gerald Brittle wrote a book about the Warrens in 1980 called "The Demonologist." Brittle claims that he had an exclusive agreement with Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators whose case files are dramatized in the "Conjuring" movies.

Warner Brothers Pictures made its own deal with the Warrens, which lead to the production of "The Conjuring," "The Conjuring 2," and "Annabelle."

What makes the suit more interesting than your standard Hollywood contract dispute is the aspect dealing with the movie studio's claim that the "Conjuring" movies weren't based on Brittle's book, and that they are indeed based on "historical facts." Brittle says that can't be possible because he (and other skeptics) posits that the Warrens' case files about paranormal and supernatural activity are fabricated.


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no ghost are historical facts now thats funny
Cole Studiman
this man looks like a older version of the tosh.o guy
Sean Thompson
That nigga is just being salty
Somu Sharma
you know at the last moment when he shouted was useless like dumb-ass and rather than scare it made rethink WTF is he trying to act
Ear rape at last i was using a headphone
lps 09
Biggest jumscare of my life at the end
Hussain Sha
2:14 that's exactly how I climax
wall-e west
Why isn't he suing the Warren's since they gave the go ahead for the movies?
Denis Thomas
Dat Name
Downvoted for retarded attempt at a jump scare. Unfitting.
Wtf is this
Javon Hubert
Just and update Warner brothers won
Akash Guhathakurata
this is disappointing
Ayush Dutta
the ending scared the fu** outta me....
iLove GaMiNg
Brittle's be like'Shit,They gonna win well,lets just use the warrens so we win it
One L3gend
He wants proof, give him the Annabelle Doll.
Google Day
I bet next warner bros production will be a documentary about a real ghost.
Josue Ramos
In other words...... Big money is going to get the big rod
I can't believe I'm saying this but I flinched a little at the end, that jump scare came out of nowhere but it was still retarded like wth
Happy Sabachi
Why did you have to do that? Haha I was so scared
canesrock 55
Yet the actual haunted doll is in a museum
mad maxus
But History can be wrong, right ? that might be useful for WB.
mio mia
900 million?? Who comes up with these numbers?
Oh well, i guess we better close down some schools, put the elders on the street, let the sick be sick and execute the disabled to pay up this entitled moron.
Shane Walsh
RIP Conjuringverse
either way someone is going to become very rich. the Warner bro's will hire someone at the cost of losing 900 million they will hire out to experts for somewhere inside that price to cover there asses either that or use studio grade production techniques to fake or manipulate an outcome in their favor. either way they will probably have their "connections" to the Ellie seeing as how they are part of the elite to kill them off and silence the whole thing. lastly they could actually exclusively let them in on the truth about energy's and the evil that permeates through the world and behind closed doors in elitist circles and black magic rituals and conclude in private the matters pertaining to the "actual existence" of ghosts and witches etc. that would be my guess otherwise there is no way in hell a hellyweird studio is gonna give up 900 million that easily.
the Mauritian prince
Surely turn the ending into a meme
the Mauritian prince
Hans Gruber
If it gets them to stop making these movies I’m good
Space Monkey
Brittle is a dickhead
deni sherlock
That's just retarded imo, they don't have to prove whether ghosts exist or not. They just have to prove that the Warrens did worked on some of these cases, which is what these movies are based of...
SplattedEskimo // Dank Memes
Well they fucked up they owe
Libery Prime
When you nut but she keeps sucking 2:15
Open Eye
They won't have to pay 900 million. They just throw out a crazy number to scare them and get them to settle for something much less but is a huge payout to the defendant. They will toss him pocket change of like 10 million dollars +6% profit made on new movies and he will shut up and sign the release forms.
Jon B
So shouldnt the Warrens be sued since they signed another contract?
Derpy's World.
I was fucking annoyed by my teachers and classmates back in 2013-2014. They believe in ghosts and think everything shown in the Conjuring movies is fucking real. EVERYTHING.

Its a hoax. WARNER! PAY NOW!
Sin Vikernes
ooppss flop step
The GoldenCrown
Just mail that guy the real Annabelle doll: problem solved
Loralie Borres
We Can All Aggree That Ghost Aren't Real
richestpeople onearth
LOOK AT THIS. https://www.richestpeopleonearth.com/
Starlight Jaci
what a cuck
Matt Unknown
Someone’s gonna be rich as fuck pretty soon
Legendary _Ramos
Sue those asshole for not making a Scooby-Doo 3
fabrice mccarthy
Boo! ⛄️👻
I hate these kind of people who wants to cash in...He will fucking go in hell...We love those movies...Please don't create any more obstacles in creating more movies based on this subject...Fuck you whoever you are...I don't care just fuck you because I love those movies.
Aleix Serra
Warner Bros. should invite that money digging author to open Annabelle's glass then for that breakthrough shit.
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