Top 10 Bar Trick Bets You Will Always Win!

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Bar Tricks are great fun; they keep things fun, allowing you to impress friends, and might even keep the night cheap, given the wagers you'd win. Here are the top 10 amazing bar trick bets that you'll always win. 
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Featuring... The Bottle and Coin Trick - This is one of the simplest and easiest tricks to prepare for. All you need is an empty bottle, some coins, like some quarters, and a banknote, all of which you should already have on you. Balancing Trick - Grab an empty glass and challenge your friend to place a credit card on the rim of a glass whilst balancing a coin on one end of the card. Note under the Bottle Trick - This one is almost always guaranteed to confuse someone, so grab a bottle and a bill! To set up, lay a bill down on the table, and then place a bottle upside down on top of the bill. Pickup Glass Trick - This is a relatively simple trick to perform and only needs a glass of any sort, and two coins, quarters preferred. After balancing the coins on opposite sides of the rim; challenge your friends to lift the glass by only using two fingers, and to not drop the coins. Shot Glass Switch - For this you need two shot glasses and a playing card or business card etc. One shot glass filled to the brim with water, and another with Whiskey orRum, that also works.Challenge your friends to move the whiskey into the water glass, and vice versa without spilling any. The Race - This trick is designed to score you free drinks, it’s also sneaky rather than fancy, but here’s what you’ll need. Grab Two Pints of beer, and two shots. Also you need someone to race. You tell your opponent how much you love beer and that you’re real quick at drinking beer. So quick in fact that you are sure you can drink two pints, before they can drink two shots. Cutting Limes with Cigarettes - For this trick you’re going to need a lighter or matches, an everyday lime, and a cigarette. However you go about explaining the situation to your friends, just explain that they need to cut this lime with a cigarette. Surely they aren’t going to have any idea at all about how to do this. Alternating Shots - For this trick you need six shot glasses, three of them full. You arrange three empty shots in a line followed by three full shots, then tell your friend that they can only move one shot, and it needs to make the whole thing alternate. Empty full empty full etc.  Have a drink out of a closed bottle - This cleverly worded trick only requires a closed wine bottle and a nearby shot of alcohol.  All you have to do is tell someone that you can drink out of this bottle without opening it. That means without removing the cork or breaking the glass. Beer into Glass trick - You’ll need a fresh beer, a glass and a bendy straw for this one. Tell your friend that you can move the beer from the bottle and into the glass without pouring it.

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was it necessary to use a $100 bill....
Rory Madden
1:40 it says grab and empty glass
2:00 it says fill it up with as much liquid as possible...?
I knew 8 of em XD
The Kripz
1 rub,are u Russian?
mmm, yes, i've always wanted me some cancer-infused limes.
Brian Peak
I will never get that 10 minutes back
anchit ojah
Bullshit !!!!
Evaldo Batista
Vai tomar no seu cu ESTRUNCHO
jim connell
"no double fisting"..... Wow
Bivash Ram
nice tricks hero
BimLau Yomashitobi
if you're gonna use dollars call them dollars, not banknotes. This isn't Britain, and they aren't banknotes.
im pretty sure people in prison would use that cigarette and lime trick on someone's face.
tricks to get your ass kicked
otakunami rock
done at 1st try
Prince Superior
Just realized I don’t have friends to show these tricks
Brittany Cave
Oh my gosh he sounds like danger Dolan!
Cool Dude
I just got a free 1000$ (I did all and he bet 100$ every time lol)
Number 5 is a good one! :)
Opo ini
Jackson Action
these are rubbish tricks....
Faruq omar
If I had 100 dollars for every time he said bank note
Dennis Meyers
That's neat
Tyler Belt
Bank note haha
Jose Munoz
Your so smart
Fidget spinner World
In the first one the pennies are in the shape of a dick
Dr Logiq
9:20 "You've just transferred the beer into the glass, without pouring it"
... But the beer is POURING out of the straw. You sit upon a throne of lies!
omar sayed
what is this shit
nato nevermind
Suck me dick ye fucking click bait ur nanny's a tramp
Daniel Burnd
Pretty much "Dad jokes"
Liam Brown
how to get cash,make a video 10mins long and chuck in a couple of ad revenues %11110000 legit not clickbait
Nice race sir
David McKim
I don’t have enough money for these tricks 😩
Brad Morrison
You aren't pulling the bill from underneath the bottle, you're pushing the bottle off of the bill...stupid
Brad Morrison
If someone cuts a lime with a cigarette, I'm not tipping them lol
That Hippy Chris
I thought I was getting clickbaited
Rick Malone
By now movies have covered these ones lol
I was hoping to learn a new one...
i should make up some weed tricks!!!
every thing
this is that kind of tricks to get ass knocked in the bar
Sun Set Nova
Ok I did and

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Justin L
The beer glass over the shot glass was in Poolhall Junkies (2002).
Petar Totev
that thumbnail tho
Just Talk
Will any of these get me laid?
Matt Uhler
It’s a fucken dollar ya prick
Jason Chapa
Never been to a bar that has tricks and fuckin games
Емеля Дурачок
2 01 русский рубль
Tyler Rose
casually using 1hundo bill for free drinks xD
Aleksa Lukic
jebem ti mater i tirck! picka ti materijna!
Froopy Shloop
9:14 that never works for me
Danielle Shuford-Mack
There is one wonderful trick you missed that I expected to be in here. It involves three table knives, and three empty glasses. You build a bridge connecting three glasses that seem to be impossibly too far apart.
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