Why'd they censor it lol
wtf vagina piercing?
Who else thought the owner has big ear lops
Reagan Bratcher
Annnnddd im on the weird side of youtube again
emz chinx
why did they censor it wtf ?
Becky B
I've gotten my ears pierced 2, and I want the top of my ear done, which might be happening soon, but I also want my thirds done, and also I want to get my nose pierced, but I'm not sure yet. I love piercing but I'm afraid of needles...amazing 😂
Heavenly Spud
I'm gonna give a guess and say ray and Adi are Indonesian because my brother is named Adi and Adi is a name I've only heard for Indonesians soooo yeah
Gheorghe Alexandra
Aphmau Lycan
I'm getting my ears pierced in 20 minutes
Wiener Dog DELILAH
I left my ears to close when I was 10, I wanna get them pierced again. I also wanna get a little nose pierce on the side of my nose, not in the middle of my nostril, but the side.
Emma in a hallway
wow nice clickbait.....
I’m his barbell is WAYYYY too small
There’s no room for it to breath omg
God nipple piercings hurttttt
I mean to me, mine felt like getting a really painful shot just through your nipple and it’s really sore after but the next day it doesn’t feel that bad
Violet Rendon
Ive pierced my own tragus 3 different times and its not nearly as bad as that girl makes it seem haha
Lenora Paige
I suggested this too my best friend she immediately yelled no
They all looked great!
Jake Mc Donnell
The video shud be called best friends (but not after this video ) pick surprise piercings for each other
Raleigh Johnson
The owners had his ears sssstttttrrrrreeeeaaaaacccchhhhheeeeedddd
GamePlayer Injustice
Read More
Mackenzie Dunn
I'm 13... I got my nose pierced when I was 12 and I'm getting my eyebrow pierced in june....
You say anything but my ear we are throwing hands lol
isabel's tragus is so cute !
coleen gigi
Beca Thomas
What was the point in watching if they just blocked the piercing part?
Blah Blah
omg girls are so much nicer to their friends
Jaycie Seland
What’s the point of this if they’re not even gonna show the piercing
Joe Drebit
did anyone else notice how tiny that nipple barbell was? I know it was already probably pretty swollen when the photo was done, but I thought it definitely wasn't long enough to comfortably accomodate swelling...
Who is watching that isn’t bald?
Amyah Relf
I know getting her trafus hurt bruh
Kara Poole
I've had my nipples pierced and it is not that bad
Eric Barry
Your man ears
Camryn Alexander
Soooo we not gone speak on how fucked up her hair is😑
Masked Gymnast
That funny I will never get a pairing I watched to many toddlers and baby’s cri getting there ear piercings
Megan Drover
if the goy with the eyebrow pierced already ended up with a labret piercing(middle bottom lip) then he would have the same piercings as my boyfriend lol
Nikky Died
Wow a repost
Samantha Sherman
i would actually love to get a septum piercing
I’d say were piercing your vagina to my BFF she’d probably do the same thing to me
You didn’t get your ears pierced until you were 17! Holy hell I got mine pierced when I was 5
Taylor Lynn
I literally have every single piercing that they all got , none hurt 😂
Mila Willems
boost mysterious director error receive nurse stress.
Pup Plays
1:36 because I'm a good friend we are piercing your vagina today eww but lol😂😂😂😂
Sid The kid
The nipple piercing guy reminded me of roi wassabi
Its A Bee
My bff would get me a nose piercing and I would get her a belly one.
Macy Name
The jewelry is too small, it'll like migrate or cause issues during healing.
In some countries, piercing is believed to have same effect as acupuncture. What I know is that, the piercing position of that girl in the black relieves migraine. It's crazy I know--but there are people who'd swear by it.
Ally fatin
The guy with army shirt has a yt channel
M Vp
I have piercings since I was 12 years old 😂😂😂
Basma Lol
0:55 lol
Post Malone
How Did I Get To BuzzFeed
thor CoolGuy
The ray guy is from get crafty crafty
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