Best Friends Pick Surprise Piercings For Each Other

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"Because I am a good friend. We are piercing her vagina..."


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Fake Septum Piercing


Brian Keith Thompson
Enny Owl

His nipples really are small.
Adison Trowbridge
frikin one of the guys name is adi. my nickname is adi. im a frikin girl
Haroldo Domingo
They look like brothers lmao
the septum clamp is the WORST
i have physical flashbacks to it this day
Jessica Hiebert
tragus is literally the easiest piercing. I couldn't feel it AT ALL
Neha Harish
As a person with 9 piercings that was so painful to watch because I've always viewed piercings as something you want so badly for yourself, not a decision some one else makes for you. Nevertheless great video !
Melissa Vides
I didn't even notice his eyebrow piercing until he pointed it out wth
alice branning
The girls braids always trigger me so much, like sis pls do better
Kathreen Gelsy
I have the same piercing with the girl isabel. Didn't hurt. Not even a little and healed in like 2 days 💯
Marin Roe
The guys earrings scare me at 1:55
Almost Alex
Watching this like omg no this would hurt in your nose. Then remembering I have my nose pierced.
Police officers everywhere are grateful for gauged ears.
Sophia Lilley
1:13 I cant
"Both your eyes are gonna water"
I wish my piercer had told me this when I got my septum piercing because it's like I was full on crying but it didn't even hurt that much. It was basically like a little pinch. This video really makes me want to go get another piercing though, ugh.
mads brislin
now this made me bust a big nut.
D. Erika Márquez
I got reaaaally nervous..
Ashleigh Fairfield
i want on on my brow bone and then i want the one that the girl in the purple hair got on the nose
I don't know what the other comments are talking about I thought all their piercings looked amazing. Also Ray if you're reading this be my husband.
Kristie J
Do more vids just like this! love piercings and stuff like this
Supernerd Rose
"Adi has the tiniest nipple ever"
Me: are u sure u guys are just "best friends"?? I think it's bout to get hot between them 😂😂
Wtf these people are so brave
Isabelle Eliserio
When she said my name I hurried up and looked back at the screen😂
Kaitlyn Ellerbe
This channel has gone to absolute trash😞
queen j
the guy with the camo. shirt looks like a guy I know
Willow Bower
The girl who got her nose pierced considering she cried she probably thought it was more painful than me. I legit was laughing after I got mine and during it
Averie Gates
Aw I went here to get my belly button pierced
JBeezy Lee
The piercings surprisingly really suited each of them. If I did this with my best friend, they would probably make me ACTUALLY get a vagina piercing 😬
Madalynn Kalk
Are the guys best friends because they look alike
das hasguns
Adi got screwed.
Now tell me this buzzfeed... what was the point of making a video about piercings that we can't watch be pierced? This was pointless.
Μαρινος Ντασης
im 14 and i have septum. wooow . its nothing believe mr
Indrawati Indrawati
ray and ady lookslike brothers
I hate them people that can't speel, edit comments or ask for likes...

Can we like this and get to 1 like?
Hannah Alyn
"Is this gonna hurt?"
No. I'm just going to stick a needle through a piece of you're skin. Feels like puppies.
angelina nguyen
It hurt me to visually see this.. Or maybe that's because I have a mental breakdown whenever I'm in a 5 foot radius of a needle, but hey! I'm fine! Totally didn't imagine myself in their place sobbing on the floor..
Tiy Land
I want my nipples pierced so bad, but I'm scared. So if this was me & my bestie love she would force me to just get them done
channel x
omg that girl literally got scared for her ear lol shiiii
Arent some of these youtubers ???
Lizzy Loved
Cbuzzfeed isn't buzzed without somebody screaming😂🔥
Zack's World
Roy is from get crafty crafty
Elysha Christian
the try guys try rompers for a day!!!!!!!
TKing Bassin
I love how like wierd and random buzzfeeds vids are
ie Yang Yoe
Who else was holding there nipples?
Ishla McHoney
That guy is not good about making people feel better about getting piecings.
Fantage Anime Lover
I need to work at Buzzfeed so I can be forced to get the piercing I have always wanted a septum piercing
Bishop's Gaming FUN
they definitely took them out straight after.
mermaid songs 302
I got my nose pierced the other day!!!!
Katarzyna Andrulewicz
I'm so confused who got what piercings
I wouldn't even trust my best friend with a sandwich...
Andre Spring
I am excited about tday...diedddd !! 😂
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