Amadou toure
The crazy beatch
So Australian people do holes in pans ? :O
With that Skyrim music 1:12 you could Fus-Ro-dah the fish :P
Christoph Nachname
whats that for a bow
Evan Hoffacker
When life gives you lemons😭and they get in your eyes😭
Vicky Garcia
Así yo también me voy a vivir al el bosque con todo lo que llevan para sobrebir
Nick Gamming
Why the fuck do people put holes in pans
The Nostromo
There is something so fucking awesome about seeing people reverting back to our alleged ancestor's ways even if just for a few hours. It's a mind fuck especially with society being accustomed to technology and getting served 🙃
Everything u eat is fish and lemon
Sipong Chang
I love the video. I hate it when people catch fish and leave it. I catch fish to eat it.
What are mouzies or whatever you call them also I love ur vids keep up the good work!:D
Seth100// Gaming
Cooking Skills: LVL 100,000,000,000
these fuckers make me yearn for an adventure
joao dossantos
Fuck for these boys, why you didn't find a big pig
when he flipped the fish at 5:53 its shaped like a deed
Juan Suhendra
Didik Kurniawan
Kejadian kecelakaan d jpmbang
Калкаман Prodaction
Почему рыбе голову не отрезал баран она вообще была жива
Larry Lumlum
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just bring bugs spray with u guys😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
carter's life
I wonder if they just have lemons in there pantry
Dat 1 Pro
Nine and a half triggered vegetarians disliked...
Lime Ash
Marcus Z
Where I'm from, we deep fry tilapia and eat it with mayonnaise and rice. Tastes absolutely amazing
Daniel Garcia
Imagine the money they save by just fishing,hunting, etc they’re own food
ايمن العرقي
Lazy Rex
Also have you took archery lessons
Lazy Rex
(Subtitle:they must be killed) why course there delicious
Jose Angelo Alberto
If your filipino thumbs up
Vickira Wolf
I wish I could do that but me knowing me I can't go that long without electronics lol
Kale smith-hames
penis fish confrimed
Master Gamer
Good video i love to watch al your videos 👍👍
مجنوونك الروويلي
The work of an artist
Hahahahaha 5:53 😂ded
Canadian Mapping
Anyone else notice the dicks on the fish😂
G. Figueira
Cola aki no Brasil que nois ensina vocês a caçar direito kkkkkkkk
You guys are awesome keep up the good work!
Máté Kiss
Jók vagytok és like ha magyar vagy
John Di Francisco
Nice save with the stick in the hole!
All you little pervs, just leave that alone.
Jets Main Prize
DAMM lemon
Leigha TL
My kids' call these boys "the lemon boys"
Adan Cortes
How did this vid get more veiws than Tanner fox song 😂😂😂😂
Mr. حبتين
احسن يتيوبرز
Henry Voon
Disgust burned Fucked up and filled with lemon. Imagine eating that Fucked up and dry and very very sour fish
wow, how could you kill an animal
>munches on chicken stir fry
SniperWolf 33
Knifing fail
Hi There
Gonna clog your arteries with all that butter
transformers awesomeness1234
The dark web for fish
Callum Brown
When ur parents disown u
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