Rahul Singh
skyrim 1st person
Prego litle
er wischt
Animals can not be bad !!!
Joschi Stoltera
Sex sells.
Dim Tok
fuck you
I3umblebee X
He missed so much meat on that tilapia smh
Ngoi Min
Did it cut u
Ngoi Min
Why are you guys scratching your body after cutting the fish?
Eren Jeager
Yow that's are food in philippines
gabriel wynn
I envy
Darren Green
no alligators or bull sharks ?
Darren Green
The Smug Doge
that's a lot of butter
Joe Keeling
These are the gayest thing on YouTube. For a person who is a real hunter and fisherman this is some gayest thing if you think this cool or real stuff you are retarded
you have 1 mil subs but 22mil views your videos are so good you should have 22mil subs
KB Daily
Hi ! i like your video .catch and cook fish with lemon and butter like it.
Rio V
I can watch this all day lol.
Breyden Thoms
"Smuthering this tilapia with, two damn lemons" 😂
Sam Richards
What bow are you using Caleb
They must Be killed/
Glen's Palace
I sincerely desire to do this.
[AXIS] AudibleRanger DMS
They must be killed
Archie Lamont
They love butter
Aiden Binns
tilapia is so fucking delicious
opo opo ono
heemmmm mantap,,,nice
Crurned Travels and Other Stories
Hopefully those waters don't have crocs like in Southern US swamps, or worst, snapping turtles. I am very paranoid when I am outside. I wish I was more exposed to nature like these kids are. Self-preservation in the wild will save them a ton of money if they decide to live off grid.
you two need to start eatting bannanas before you go into mositerritory, either that or slather yourself with mosi reppelant.
Thegg Apple
Maybe if they where shirts they wouldn't have to be itchy
Brett McLaughlin
This made me wanna play far cry
Ruzzel Dela Cruz
here in philippines its called TILAPIA, one of the most tastiest asf and in english its called MILK FISH
Danny the great
This how I think they meet their fans
Fan: hey I'm a big fan of your channel
Tarradarrabros: let's eat him (shoots fan cooks him and eats him)
Tarradarrabros: subscribe now if you want us to eat more of this guy (shows Skelton)
YouTube Fan
Where are your parents?
Tomasz Sokołowski
Poor little fish :(
Alex Peris Llobell
That's a lot of butter, boy...
Varel Sonray
nice shot
Hiep Nguyen
thật độc đáo thật độc đáo
deez nutz
comment lemon to support them
nice video though
that's not how you frie a tilapia damn it... YOU FRIE THE WHOLE TILAPIA Y'ALL NOOOOOOOOOOOBS
sugarboo jimbo
how do you learn archery wtf
Elvis Zhang
What would Ramsey say
Andrew Dias
Is this your first time doing this?
Ashley H
guys don't hate did you read the beginning the hurting the Aussie water they must be kill and why not kill and then eat them food shouldn't go to waste now should it?
Where's there mom's. Are they even allowed to do that
is it just me but they're kinda hot.... hahahaha
I dont get it how you guys like lemon so much
Nikkile Bacol
Why don't they just cook themselves?
Jamy Nay
5:50 are they laughing because it looks like a penis???? 😂😂😂
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