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TDK Episodes:
EP 1 - SPEARFISHING TILAPIA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx4Z-...
EP 2 - MONSTER EEL FISHING - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS6OW...
EP 3 - MUDCRABS CAUGHT BAREHANDED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44aNi...
EP 4 - your watching it
EP 5 - BOWHUNTING RABBITS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTW_a4tejHg

In this Episode we decide to target an invasive fish specie to Australia known as Tilapia. Having already made an Episode on spearfishing these guys (and since they are such a big problem) we thought we'd show you guys another method to eliminate these fish from our waterways... using the BOW AND ARROW!!

Even though this fish is a pest, we don't like wasting an animal so we cook this fella up and show you a great little recipe you can use if you want to eat them too...

music: http://www.bensound.com/

Moisty Flesh
this is some lord of the flies shit right here
Radek Chytil
idiots chacha
nice work
Sipa Kampret
kürşat güven
levrek var yenmi (:
Dalton Brookshire
skip to 1:10
que eu so e bixa loka
meus Deus que peixe gostoso 😏😏
They should try to fry it i love it like that
Dantomato Juice
stop cutting your self
rommel marcos
for people not close in australia,go to asia,they are common in here
Kj Nazari
bru you gotta sharpen up your knife!
walter hidalgo
Gracias YOUTUBE, por los excelentes videos sobre pesca, Yo soy PISCICULTOR, vivo en Tingo María-PERU
What if a croc gets ya
Joe Somerville
You blokes need some Rid and citronella candles!!
Mas Karyo
A very enjoyable life experience.....
جهاد علي
Canine.plays x
it says TDK
I suggest Clorox Bleach
you fillet really really really really really really bad
I live In the Phillipines tilapia is delicious
那鱼的运气真心不怎么地啊 能被他俩抓到~~
Tyrell Simplicio
if these fucking stupid dumbass were real outdoor people they would not cut n burn themselves. learn how to do stuff dumbasses
วีรภัทร นาดี
These guys are one of my favorite youtubers, they care about the environment and don't let anything to waste. These guys are the best.
Mason Hernandez
Make more videos
if you didn't like the mosqs, then don't go shirtless.
Logan Casteel
how come u guys do a lot of tilapa catch an cook
Itsuki Takahashi
i bet yaa this two homos are butfucking each other when not fishing.
Fishing and hunting Girl
What part of Australia do you live in
saputra putra
kik apeka kayu tu
good catching skills, not sure if they know how to cook though
I feel bad for the fish
Minecraft Max
I love ur VIDS!!!!!!!!!!
Chae Milera
This episode on man vs wild
Zero Hero
idk if they're serious about the holes in pan thing but its there because when you cook something with a lot of blood,oil,grease,etc it can leak through the hole while whatever you're cooking doesnt get smothered in blood or grease
Smash DIY
im aussie and live near the bush. mate I know what you mean about the mozzies. mosquitos are the natural enemy of aussies
King Brain
Next time I'll bring the blanc. Nice catch
Mike RO
Es genial,me suscribo :D
abel greeve
how to destroy or delete their youtube channel"erase any lemon in this world"
you have tought me how to cook tilapia
brandon 52
4:28-4:32 LMAO
Boleiro Sim
Dois viado fila da puta
Blaine Ingram
These guys are the masters of camping
Alexander Troy
Coming back from newest video btw this is the first video i saw from them
Silent- Roblox And More!
Where do u live in Australia? It's a great place. I live in NSW and I love mud crabs and eels and leather jackets and bream and squid! Please pin this it would mean the world or just a reply
max stock
they must be on TV
Ismail Khayam
Ruined a good fish meat....
emilee brank
wipes raw fish juice all over body
Yeah that's a good way to clean your hands I guess.
Luke Pax
How can you guys see things from where you are? How does one acquire that vision?
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