YouTuber JonTron Gets Called RACIST!!! She Showed P*ssy on Stream, Paul Joseph Watson vs Jesse

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Emilio Torres
Claims may be true but not because black people are bad people it's because you have to realize that the system is racist and just for being black cops are 💯 times more likely to arrest you for the same crime if you are not White. That is a FACT
Sir Dunnock
if you say your opinion, you will be attacked, heres the proof
apparently everyone has vaginas
Jontron is racist as fuck
Pj Paulus
It's jontrons video and you all should fuck off about his opinion it's a fucking opinion and you guys would get hyped over dumb shit
Well, black people commit more crimes. Theres nothing racist
Papa Beto
idubz can say nigger a hundred times in a video but people flip out when JonTron tries to bring up a strong argument lol
jared Cicero
you know what good for Clara baby legs saying fuck you to YouTube and twitch but sad since she said that her prostituting herself would be a last resort to make money for herself and BASHUR
Uh, people being over sensitive over all of it? Yeah, that's absolutely the case. A bunch of snowflakes are so afraid to accept statistical facts because they make them feel uncomfortable to accept them.

As for oppression in America? Yeah, we have problems, but oppression compared to anything else in the world? Absolutely not.
America is literally the least racist countries on the planet. Even with racism alive and well and with institutional racism existing, yes, America today is still easily the most open and accepting society in the world. It's not even close.

People on the left are so utterly P.C. and hypersensitive that if they even think they see racism, they attack it to cover up their closet racist thoughts.
Malo 7X
elliott lucas
I wanna know who brought up that question about oppression in America because that's very broad. This isn't exactly the 1950s but if things were fine this wouldn't be such a sensitive topic.
Chance Vilcan
What a time to be alive.
Take my opinion as an outside opinion because I'm Mexican: I think you Americans are so sensitive about this topic and your political correctness is ambiguous: it's always one sided and anyone who thinks different gets censored or hated on. Leve your prejudices and stigmas behind you are a multicultural country.
Monkey .D .Luffy
anyone saw jontrons statement where he cleared things up about what he actually wanted to say anyone tell me what u guys think
also a lot of people said that there is no oppression where did that come from do u have any evidence that there hasnt been oppression i mean the media and all show multiple evidences (someones gonna say u believe the mainstream media ) that there is oppression in the united states its not downright oppression like in the past but oppression still exists in some form in the united states so ure in denial if u say theres no oppression in america
juice hedgehog
She showed pussy and masturbated on webcam to take reveange on Youtube and Twitch? I don't know that girl but I already respect her and I ish her good luck!
thedarkdragon299 awm
PvCMAN forever
i dont think hes racist he just doesnt like blacks
PvCMAN forever
its the internet guys every black persons a nigger who does nigger-ish things just wait until they say something about jews for someone to care
I came for the pussy. Jontron will be just fine.
ṮḧḭṠ ṏṆḕ Ṯḭṁḕ ḀṮ ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ
u just said "speaked" lol
Learn Quick
The only thing I learnt in that debate is that Jontron is bad at debating (I guess public speaking in general), and Destiny is one of those ignorant people who are hypocritical in debate. Things like Saying he doesn't care about other countries, but then talking about them when they suite his side of the argument. Things like talking all about the past hut never the present, a lot of shit like that.
Wyguymn 829
Fuck off scares leave jontron alone
tomás 113
I enter to this fucking video to see a good political ol' style battle whit birds and jontrons,

whats up guys scarce here
501st ghost
Joe magee
late to this, but jons oppression argument holds up. North Koreans are oppressed, Those who lived in Nazi germany were oppressed. Not fucking americans
Coo Hacker with Good Friends
Were is that video!?!?!?!?!?!
LorSniper King
niggas stay hating on somebody wtf
hes just an ignorant and sheltered white dude.
that shouldnt be something to joke about.
Carter Minich
Jon Tron is the best :)
Anybody else get annoyed at "Speaked?"
Void clan
he lost 10,000 compared to 3,000 thats a lot
Ted Huber
fuck all these people who over react to bull shit. beck is a scientology st and no one cares because we love what he makes. who cares if you think Jon is a racist... he's fucking hilarious
Lets Lane
I think Jon has his own Maybe wierd opinions in Polotics, Thats Fine by My everybody can have his own Opinions.
Untill Jon doesn't start Hunting Blacks or Asians. its okay
Literally everone says "OH OH I SEEN HERE PUSSY, HEY GUYS I SEEN THIS STREAMERS PUSSY POST ABOUT IT" but the reality is " OH OH GUYS I HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE SO I LOOK VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY CLOSE TO A GIRL WEARING A SWIMSUIT SO I COULD JUST GET A LITTLE LOOK AT HER VAGINA" even though you can't see shit like the legendarylea bull I didn't even see her vag, the only true one is that one girl who got caught masturbating. People please get a life and kill all booby-streamer.
PC Non-Conformists Unite!
DarkDeath Lord
IDGAF if he is racist or not he is still a good guy
Do you know how many people say this around me on a daily basis, I've learned to agree and/or disagree
I mean jontron is correct statistically..
James Jones
"he never really speaked publicly.."
Suicide Production's
I'm 13 and I am still subscribed
Rude Red Panda
I think John just knows how it really is.

There is no oppression, there is no legislated racism anymore.. Black people are just dumb, don't know how to not be poor. Have a poor toxic culture. And take it out/blame it on everyone else.

But nobody can accept that and instead flip what JonTron is saying to make him sound like he hates the race and not just addressing a problem that particular race is having through extremely vague and biased rhetoric.
Tom Mitchell
Felipe Floriano
Hah, no way Jon Tron is racist. What he said was the truth, plain and simple.
Emerald Apple
god how many times can scarce say controversial in one ep.?
Nathan Alvarez
This is actually gay. Why are people so fucking sensitive little pussies when it comes to peoples opinions everyone has opinions oh fuckin well they dont agree eith yours this is all gay
joker here
Everyone calls dunky black everyone needs to chill out
Kieran Stainton
I was unsubbed, no wonder I haven't seen these videos come up for me
Jerod Lenny
Jon tron has racist views but is he outright racist? Don't know
I don't watch Scarce very often but he seems very neutral in this video, when it's really hard to. Nice video!
Mike Clough
The chart shown at 1:47 "proving" JonTron correct that rich blacks commit more murders than poor white is completely incorrect.
Although it is a real chart, the chart is from "Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2006 Statistical Tables - Bureau of Justice".
Those numbers are not how many people COMMITTED the murders, but how many were VICTIMS of murder.
The report has nothing to do with the numbers of murderers. The entire report is on victimization, as the title of the report says.
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