YouTuber JonTron Gets Called RACIST!!! She Showed P*ssy on Stream, Paul Joseph Watson vs Jesse

jontronjontron racistjontron isnt racist lmaoclarababylegspaul joseph watsonjesse wellensmark dicechris ray gun#youtubeagegatescarce

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Super Duper
Hes fucking racist, they should have asked him if he prefers white people he would have been stumped or said yes.
Kono Dork Da
You know, why can't people just put opinions aside for a little bit. Everyone gets in each other for OPINIONS. Everyone's opinions are different, respect that shit. No matter what Jontron's opinions and beliefs are, he's a hella good YouTuber. It's sad that people can't even look over that. He's a great entertainer who makes millions laugh, that should be all that people care about.
White Factor
I can't wait to see them big titty streamers on cam girl sites. I'd expel so many potential children to them
tim stifftin
This is fuckin stupid...1) the first thing he said (at least shown here) was a factual statement. 2) we are not oppressed we are "oppressed", it's fuckin nothing compared to another countries. People just get too offended about shit and it's so annoying.
tsicani cassanova
all blacks are criminals
Ulises Martinez
all the people that unsuscribed to jontron are stupid
JuicyTaco 11
Hey what's up guys scarce here
Matthew James
johntron isnt racist people to sensitive...
Fuck Scarce
Tad Trost
Is that smash mouth
Glas of Castra Segedunum
everyone buy a gun, protect the 2nd amendment.

Glas of Castra Segedunum
lol.. this country is fucked
Miguel Delgado
ur fucking cancer bro
I miss you john
Fightin Phils
People get triggered as fuck about anything, WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!!!
chase Ross
hey guys scarce here
Jason schmidt
Cangel Tibon
It's not true, poor blacks do commit more crimes than poor whites percentage wise but middle class and rich blacks commit less crime percentage wise than whites of the same income level. Only studies that take drug convictions in lot account have a higher rate for blacks but than you also have to look at the studies that show that black and white do drugs at the same rate by blacks are 5 times as likely to be convicted of drug use.
Lidija Nedeljkovic
ok so as i get things, everyone is too PC, Jon wasn't attacking anyone personaly and if it was a couple of years ago it would have been an "everyone has their own opinions" moment, so why don't we just go back to that and stop getting hurt cuz of other people's opinions, like if it's someone you personally know and who has a problem with you, ok, get hurt, but stop looking up to internet personalities
Gabriel Tannawa
bird from adventure time lookin ass...
paddy pah
don't care.
Franco Pulido
>States a fact

Mowha Kechup
walesstreet use to be from the dutch then the americans took it before both ya'll claimed to discover land(s) that had inhabitants. you tortured people have no country and no pride and no history. how about you show respect and tell those poeple you're sorry for what your ancestor's did. but noooo instead of that they just still carrying on with this KKK shit
fear is the illusion
I will have to agree with jontron but how are you gonna get called racist when you haven't said "nigger, spic, cracker" or any of that.... fucking people nowadays man
A great drinking game for all of you. Every time someone says or writes the pathetic tiresome word "racist" drink! I bet that you won't be alive for more than one day!
Gummy Boom
omg scarce i love your contents pls make more your contents is really cool very littt ples keil me
Sepp Heinzl
"he never speaked..:" Bye -.-
Aldo lopez
does anyone have the link to her vid?
im not gonna unsub a guy for having differing opinions (unless he were a legit nazi/terrorist/rapist)
Morgan Duterrow
I think people need to loosen the fuck up it's the Internet if you can't fucking handle it on the Internet to get the fuck off the Internet you need to calm the fuck down
facts are not racist. liberals are just completely ignorant of reality. ignorant and in denial.
Tookie Da Rapper
he's just a idiot he doesn't know and he doesn't want to know a lot of people are like that i even dated a girl like that she thought all black people were dangerous she was even scared of me because im black so no matter how much they look like they're trying they aren't trying to learn
Fuck the left and their views spreading like a virus becoming the norm
0:13 What was that? Are you actually retarded? 3:38 Again, are you retarded?
=> @6:40 for pussy talk
Permet Oseku
Holy fuck clara and oooo shit zoie is gon be one of them
fuck you dunkey, I do not watch your videos cause you're black
dank memes dead dreams
There is literally nothing that white people are legally allowed to do that black people are not so Blacks arent oppressed
Jake PH
You are terrible
Jake PH
Why not do research before bringing out a "news" video, do some research and give some fucking statistics. You make Cumstar seem professional
Mikayla Skalicky
YouTube is becoming crap.
blaze armoru
All white people are racist, all men are sexist. Prejudiced + (group)Power. Like there's actually nothing you can do but to embrace it man.

Imagine a religion where you're inherently a of shit for being born white cis or male and there's actually nothing you can do to change that because prejudice is a requirement to LIVE. It's wired deep into a person. You prejudge the water you drink not to fucking kill you. Second, throwing your power away doesn't do shit bc HOMELESS cis white males are still privileged pieces of shit. There's actually nothing you can do to not be a piece of shit, ever. You're a nigger whether you like it or not. Embrace it.

You can't be a good person. You're a racist sexist privileged piece of shit. XD
I'm joking, but it feels bad man.
Aaron Lynch
I for one don't agree with Jontron but I still think people should respect his opinion
Emilio Torres
Claims may be true but not because black people are bad people it's because you have to realize that the system is racist and just for being black cops are 💯 times more likely to arrest you for the same crime if you are not White. That is a FACT
Sir Dunnock
if you say your opinion, you will be attacked, heres the proof
apparently everyone has vaginas
Jontron is racist as fuck
Pj Paulus
It's jontrons video and you all should fuck off about his opinion it's a fucking opinion and you guys would get hyped over dumb shit
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