YouTuber JonTron Gets Called RACIST!!! She Showed P*ssy on Stream, Paul Joseph Watson vs Jesse

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Sansy Gamer2017
JonTron is still a good youtuber
Its a fagggggt
-_- the statistics are extremely true.... open your eyes little boy.
'Speaked'? Uhh?
Terrell Williams
The more we give anything that isnt our strength, power, the more it weighs us down. We can talk about Oppression all day long, but if we're just going to use it as an excuse to control people's thoughts and opinions, then we arent fixing the world, we're making it worse and giving people another reason to hate blacks. I'd rather, face to face, have an educated discussion with a person who backs unpopular claims. People nowadays cant even describe racism the right way, there's a difference between racism and discriminatory ignorance. In my eyes, the only true racists are people who have enough knowledge (about the race they "hate"), to not be racist; but what justifies "enough knowledge"? To remedy this, I think you should have a Q and A with a single person (of the race you "hate") who is willing to humor you. It literally takes 10 minutes and can drastically change your outlook on humanity as a species.
gaddes scott
i don't watch your videos because you're black...hmm, funny joke, even if the guy he's talking to wasn't black....why is that funny
gaddes scott
lol just like wealthy black people commit so much crimes now....sure john tron
Ricky Companion
This so stupid how people are getting so upset just because of his view points
Weathly white people get away with extortion more because of nepotism. So that makes it true that it is harder for wealthy black people to get away with it for that reason. It doesn't make him racist when its true. However, there is massive oppression against Conservatives, so I'm surprised he missed that one.
Paul Joseph What?
Mr. Airball
Oh no facts everybody run
Pbg would end jontron
Mr. Putiminabodybag
If you don't know what you're talking about then why are you talking about it
Lily W
It is a statistic that black people commit more crime
dat boy orly
Ive got all the mastabation vids xd
He literally just stated a statistic, nothing more and nothing less.
3:28 - 3:39
Sub loss:
Jontron: 10,000
Scarce: 3,000

Scarce,"That's nothing compared to me I lost like 3,000 subs the other day."
The jontron shit is ridiculous, it's HIS opinion, why tf do you care, he's not a racist, he doesn't press racism, so why do you care, I love jontron and I do not agree with his opinions, but fuck I don't hate him anymore after hearing his opinion, I've heard so much worse just at fucking school. Come back jon
kevin phillips
We do realize that these are people right? he's not the fucking Pope. he's not the president of the United fucking States of America he's just a person. just like you or me and just because you're a YouTuber doesn't mean your saintly. you're just as big a piece of shit as everyone else out there all. YouTubers are pieces of shit anyone that makes content on YouTube is a piece of shit. because they curtail to the lowest common denominator. it's funny how we demonize people that use their brains and yet we force people to choke down some of the most ignorant shit on the planet. YouTube is a shitshow that's why shows like Rick and Morty are so popular because there's a lot of stupid shity people out there that love this stuff. And yet shows that teach get more negative attention than positive. because no one likes to use their brain anymore. Because people are ignorant. And not just that I've never seen any other race willingly make itself stupid in order to keep things from being difficult. Point is JonTron is just a fucking person just like the rest of us. he's not a fucking white supremacist he's allowed to have his own fucking comments. he didn't mow people down at Columbine. he didn't hit anybody with a car. these are just useless fucking comments to stir up shit and to get this piece of shit more attention. well congratulations you talking shit about him has gotten you more attention. Feel better about yourself you fucking asshole? I'm going to make a stupid fucking video about waifu with gigantic titties I wonder how many millions of views I'll get. You people are fucking retarded and you make me sick all of you black white you're all pieces of shit. I hate everybody even myself. But I'm not going to make a video about how someone else is fucking racist. because we're all a little bit fucking racist its part of the human condition. That's why if aliens ever truly existed they wouldn't show themselves to human beings because we're the most ignorant racist motherfuckers in existence. One way I can prove this is through animals. Animals aren't prejudiced against one another that's something humans created. So if we're going to playing anybody for being racist why don't we playing the entire human race. Or better yet let's blame the maker of this video since he looks like a black slave owner to begin with.
Miles Lane
Everything is says can be backed up by evidence it's not racism it's facts
Glued! Animations
Jontron... a good person... didnt do anything to hurt any one...
he said a fact

FaZe CrAzY626
They are opinions. Its so absurd. JonTron doesnt deserve this hate. Everyone is such a snowflake nowadays.
trevor wall
dude states facts not opinion... fucking crucify him
Owen Clark
There is no oppression in america
Shadow Of Light
I still support JonTron, oppression isn’t real, Black people FEEL oppressed so they commit crimes. Yeah I’m white, you can probably tell
Zachary Mason
People do realise that destiny said worse things than john tron right destiny is way more racist in that debate than john was.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Fucking niggers
Watch The No bullshit shot
Butti 7890
*searches for a pussy*
*uhm something*
Voter id laws? It's funny that the american people use to not vote at all on alot of things. Like the president for example.
The trusty Marksman
I think John is actually right especially the oppression part cause the government is forcing people to the point of living hell (federal)
Lol thats where clarababylegs belongs, now she better stay there.
Chris Cox
Dude stfu jontron is a legend
Dr. Sin
Normally I don't wish death upon anyone, but Destiny is one exception
DJ Drex
I was born on 2006 and I don't even understand what politics is all about...except for Donald Trump acting like a racist
IXxKillerMemeStarxX XxPapaScarcexX
2:50 when all else fails make an article
Did you just say speaked instead of spoke?
Cody Z
I think the Jon from haters are the ones who live in there echo chamber bubbles.
How would they be able to tell an age of a user
Noisy Nostromo
All he did was only speak out black rich people and yes more rich people (counting black rich people) do make more crimes than poor people (Not just counting poor black people)
Still gonna stay subbed to Jon nothing can make me unsub
Official Fnaf girl155
Speaked? Don't you mean spoke?
This is Good
Okay, but there isn't any form of mass or systemic oppression in America. individual oppression of course, but that's freedom of speech and expression.
lol im black and id believe that shit
like idubbbztv said "it's all okay or none of it is okay"
Pancakefatboy 669
I still like jontron tho. At least he's not a jinbop . (If you get my meaning) :P :P :P
Canada time
[Commando 724]
England-Is -My-City
How do u not realize that his "jokes" are extremely hurtful to OTHER people!
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