Leonardo Da Ke Plerr
Why everybody hate floyd? I mean the crowd
Lord Boros
50-0 where'd the Connor fuckboys go?
Jr Stunts
lol where them conor fans now
Rustin Pierce
Floyd is so annoying he cant talk trash worth shit
Junaidi Gokiel
Remeez Jackson
Floyd is a great fighter but it's time for him to relax with his money- Mcgregor!!!
Maida Dutcher
Last Euro I was wathing on ScreenVariety website, register and enjoy the quality
J. Jannotti
This is the fakest s*** I have ever seen! Just like the fake hype for this fight.
Moch Ridwan F
Match that will be very exciting
jossep in
Maywrather just a chiken shit..mcgregor is warrior..
Marc Taylor
no I don't know if that's Al Haymon up there

but the black guy that man is Floyd and Floyd Mayweather fights he will be like the Dana White for Floyd Mayweather
Marc Taylor
no I don't know if that's Al Haymon up there

but the black guy that man is Floyd and Floyd Mayweather fights he will be like the Dana White for Floyd Mayweather
Marc Taylor
even though this is a big money fight I think was most important about this fight is the science behind the fighters the science behind the hand movement of a boxer and the science behind the hand movement of a UFC fighter

typical science
be the batman
childish..so ashame!
Conor already lost the mental warfare. He focused on bodyguards instead of his opponent. SMH, theres level to this youngin.
Juneyon Martin
Floyd never got knocked down dumbass dude never and McGregor for sure ain't the guy to do it either no 1 ever will he will die undefeated, it was ment to be jus like chicken wings lol
christian warior
in have date is figthing???
Mayweather proper shit at trash talk but i respect him for still having fun with it.
"Mayweather will dominate all them mfs"
Take your high heels off.
Boy, Mayweather's old, dusty, mould reeking sock cost more than all
Mcgregor's suits, fur, Nunes' pants and Rolls...The robe does not speak
what kinda man one is...Bosses don't need a suit...only minions...
Alain Mpangay
Conor is a quitter bicth quit 3 times, fucking white boy
Dice Game the info warrior
mayweather going to get in his ass!!!!!
Little Strawberry
Little Strawberry
This is why america is so shitty we boo'ed off one of are own mayweather is a legend meanwhile in london people are shouting so loud for mcgregor even hellen keller coulda heard that shit
Deyvid Andrade
Precisa disso ? Para promover uma luta? Cadê o respeito do esporte
I think Floyd we bill winn, it becomes a fake fight
Jesus Ibarra
My boy Connor came put looking like Don Flamingo
Miro Miko
This shit is worse than WWE
Cristóbal Rivas
dos payasos que sólo quieren quitarles el dinero a los tont
John David Music
"They're all ones! Where's the real money at?!?"

You'll get your payday when you get that ass beat now get to steppin... 😂😂😂
Terry Everitt
Floyd throwing 1's.... he going broke..
Nobody Knows
my whole paycheck 😢 lol
I can't tell if the crowd for Mayweather or not
Kobe Jordan
y'all stfu Connor will kill this hoe
Jaiden Cheshier
conor McGregor is gonna win no doubt Floyd is old conor is young and Conor is a better fighter Floyd yeah he was 41-0 but that's in the past Floyd is gonna get his shit put in
Floyds plan. yyeaaahhhh yeeeaaahhhh, all work is what? all work is what? mr. tap out likes to quit. brags about money and when he chokes he goes a sucks off Dana White. on repeat.
mirella para meninas
E foda, doido pra saber oq esses cara estão falando , é foda não saber um inglês kkkkkkk
Professional Man-Child
think of much more retarded Floyd would be if he could actually take a punch! 40 year old acting like hes going through puberty 😅😅😅
Miko Philo
His ghetto ass always cursing.
croc huntas
he got all in conors head
Jenesis Valerio
Nag harap ang puro mayabang. hahaha
Funkadelic FlowerChild
Which douchebag can talk more shit
makes toms
I don't blame the fighters, because they are getting rich, but this is stupid. It is pointless. The only way I would watch is if they alternated boxing one round and mma the next.
we have to be honest here Mayweather doesn't know about thrash talk like mcgregor...conor are the king about psychological talking...but between those i will say Mayweather will destroy conor cause no body in his career talked to him like conor did!!...Mayweather is like mad gorila now!!!..you better prepare!...its gonna be a good show!!...
Mariela B
John wick can take them all LOL
Brad Boyer
Floyd is a fucking pussy
Carlos Rosario
biggest mismatch in boxing history
Jerome Thomas
you can hear it in his voice Floyd know he might just lose. he'd old age ain't nothing but a number till you feel pain .
Tony Herrera
WWF presents
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