Annabelle Freaks Out Praying Mantis In House "Victoria Pranks Sister" Freak Family

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Annabelle Freaks Out Praying Mantis In House "Victoria Pranks Sister"

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You Will Love It :)

Emely Nava
I have that game
LayLay Perkins
I wasn't even close to annabelle and she was cryin is not gonna hurt her is just a bug
Jamaal Brown
Neha Farooq
Show her a lizard
Cristyn Milroy
a spider
Stephanie Pudder
a frog
Shamadi Velasquez
Dot be men 😑
jibril abdullahi
Poor Annabelle
khan Muhammad
you lot you dont need to scere annebelle youll be my sister
LaRahn Cohen
A CHUNKY DOLLπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…
LaRahn Cohen
LaRahn Cohen
the girls Hatfield
a trantula😈😈😈😈
Yo she is so scared of everything that scared baby
Diego Moreno
A spider you show Annabel a spider so she can get very scared my name is Brianna
oh are show annabelle a spider
any kind
Gloria Nunez
scary cat.😝
Estella Bravo
why are you scared of every thing.
Elisa Velasquez
A lizard
Palomita MuΓ±oz
a 🐝
Mirelia Ramirez
annabelle. is. cry. baby
kishan solanki
can you please make annebelle scare with a cockroge
chooch 17
Emily Allen
Annabell was wearing to different socks
Raj Alanka
And tell me address plz
Raj Alanka
Where are you guys live Ig
Ric Manalo
anabele is a scardy cat his always scard
Its morgan and megan's gymnastics channel
Annabelle is so scared of insects, that it's annoying.
Kayla Nunez
Annabelle was playing my talking tom!!
Michael AL
Annabelle is such a baby come on you need to grow up
Shamichael Thompson
I'm o8po
small baby need to eat
Danilo Ong
annabelle is not like a yotuber
Diosana Jasso Bieda Bustillo Bieda
Linda Reyes
Stephan Archer
So show Annabel A real-life spider Una and put water on her head and then put on her please please please
Saelle Jean
she more big then the thing
Godz Star
Ha ha annabelle is the smallest ha ha ha ha she's scared of insects she was screaming like aaaaaaaaaahh😡😭😱
Godz Star
Y annabelle are scardy catπŸ‘©
Neicey Brown
your mean
CoolGirl TV
a water snake
my 9th birthday was August 11th 2016
Jazz Valdez
spider webs
Jazz Valdez
Jazz Valdez
Lester Kokaram
Victoria is mean to Annabelle but I still love your videos
Bubble Blaster
Show her a bee
Maria Trujillo
A ratoπŸ€
Teandra Thomas
a snake
Video Worthy
You should show Annabel a tarantula. It's really freaky when she heard it I thought it was going to run off in the house
Belle Rea
Show her a lizard
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