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Tell us, please: are you a fight lover? Today we are going to talk about fights, and more specifically about mixed martial arts, known as MMA. This is a relatively new sport that has become more and more popular over the years. Each fight is different: some are very exciting, while others end with a quick victory of one of the participants over his opponent. But the best fights are those involving the titans: huge fighters who, at first sight, could defeat any opponent. Do you want to take a look at them? Well, here we have the 10 biggest MMA fighters.

I dont give a shit
North korean
Lorenzo Bonazzi
Hai copiato
Lindy Shepherd
it's noguera
Lindy Shepherd
it's noguera
Lindy Shepherd
it's noguera
Dax Ware
Eric esch is the 🐐
1:31 wtf
Dave Crockett
I am national North Korean Champion in the DPRK. I have held the title for six years, served in military, and place soccer on national team. Do not forget this. You will here my honorable yet fearsome name much in future: Ding Long Dong
1:31 wtf????
https://youtu.be/RfRJ081Yfjo MMA fighter from India
deb lyons
any fighting is bad fighting whats good about hurting some one
Jelson Gideon
There is a boy in my middle school he's 13 but he is already 10 feets and 9 inches...their is a new meaning in "you need some milk"
Dumisa Nzama
Also acromegaly is caused by a growth hormone producing pituitary tumour...so the main reason he failed medical tests was in fact his disease..
dirty 4 play
all of these big guys seem like losers
rang ari
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xgamer GTA 5
Brock Lester he wasent tall but he was big
Chaun Terry
Whats the film at the start?
Rhyanmae Davido
I love boxes I watch it when it comes on
Youssef Tarek
These people are very giant
1:32 This is Sparta!!!
capacete tv
Porra nenhuma
Noob Noob
Butterbean is no fucking joke
Damian Toczek
The guy in the tumbnail is known als "The Nightmare" bodybuilder.
Vainglorious Replays - N1ckY
These guys are ugly af
chris lee
Where's the big guy little guy fight, that's the reason I came here?
Danny M
At 0:15 I want to see that fight
CGI, much?
TEEN patti blind pot
Best danger fight murder
Hung man choi isn't from fucking north korea wtf is wrong with you, you think someone would escape hell and be so lucky to even tell the tale? and than he inspired to be a fucking MMA fighter? wanker, do some research, he is clearly south korean.
zaro samadi
Oooo!.deem bro cheeeeeeeet
Chouette Couture
https://goo.gl/forms/qqjtEOiwwomGsPJW2 vus que le sujet vous intéresse je fais une enquête sur le MMA
oooo forta Lungu'
Maulid Cheche
Mazoezi must
jd jones
Why do you keep saying the MMA that's fucking annoying
Victor Ronning
Whisper spend lot restaurant race where recommend route cow rest dark home broad.
Mr.Garihand chari
Wrestling sucks
Rayane Bennani
So funny
A R Dani
Max Norlin
i guess good sumo figthers wood play alright in o line
Jovanni Solis
Huge but small nipples😂
ilyes jean
Tie faculty Asian easy passenger complete candidate fruit clear
eliot dupuis
Literary cabin stem await province volunteer shift love shut organic bottom defend.
Where my super succ
Eric Borgmann
"The MMA"
click-baited by a thumbnail >:(
Danish Zainodin
The first man I think he has at runningman 😂
Clayton Moore, Tex. Ranger
MM's all of them!
Now l'm proud of my country Romania😂
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