Harry Styles Impersonates Mick Jagger & Has Beard Malfunction In EPIC SNL Sketches

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Harry Styles took on Saturday Night Live over the weekend to perform two songs off his debut solo album, but it was his hilarious comedic wit that had the entire crowd in hysterics. 
Contrary to popular belief, Harry Styles is much, MUCH more than just a pretty face with tattoos and a killer set of vocals… 

What a monumental Saturday night indeed, because not only was this weekend the first time in SNL history the show went live from coast to coast, but it was also Harry Styles’ grand debut since going solo from his One Direction days that proved that he might be capable of one day hosting his very own episode of SNL… 

The singer totally nailed both performances, hitting all sorts of notes we didn’t think humanly possible, but he also served as double duty, appearing in not one, not two but THREE SNL skits while showing off his comedic chops, kicking it all off with a pre-sketch warm up cameo in host Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue… 
But the real fun began when Harry appeared in a Celebrity Family Feud - Time Travel Edition sketch as legendary Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, sporting shoulder-length hair, a white suit and his unmistakable mannerisms. All was in good humor when Kenan Thompson, who played Family Feud host Steve Harvey complimented Mick Jagger on his new solo material, when Harry poked fun at ‘going solo’ with the perfect comedic response.  
Harry then channeled a Civil War soldier in his final act, which involved Fallon and a group of Union soldiers who turn a tradition Civil War ballad into a catchy pop tune, in which Harry appeared as a Rebel prisoner who suggests a soulful bridge to add to the song…  
Although Harry suffered a minor beard malfunction throughout the sketch, attempting to slap his fake facial hair back onto his face, he handled the setback like a champ, proving his full potential. So if Harry’s appearance and performances on SNL was any indication for what’s to come in his solo career, I think we’re in pretty good hands.

But right now I want to know all your thoughts on Harry’s SNL comedy sketches, so hit us up down here in the comments and as always, be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you next time.

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Kirtier Cruz
I love Harry Styles!...

....in a cool way
Marilyn Robinson
I see a very slight resemblance but Mick Jagger ruined his looks with his lifestyle​. Also, when Mick was in school, other students told him that he was ugly !!
Duffelbag Drag
Been a Stones/Jagger fan for 40 years and never seen Jagger look as stupid as that ...ridiculous and sloppy impersonation 😣
Ananya Shah
Oh my god... it was so funny... any other talents you are hiding harry???
Sayyada Mariyam
Harry smashed it.......He's the most adorable, sexy and cute person ever!!!! 🔥🔥🔥DEAD MAN!! 😍😍😍
Hilarious comedic whit?
Jasmine Rabena
"Why would anyone in successful band go solo? That's inZAYN!"
purple potato
can someone please tell me what the song is at 2:18?
Tootsie Pichi
god why is he so amazing.. like how can one man be everything?
jojowith the bowbow jojojuicefan
baeeeee and his hooottt
Adeline Carlota
from this I know he had fun
loueh harryson
i'm so fucking done with this woman talking just let me watch the fUckINg viDeO
Herrlyn Caluban
'Solo? why would anyone in a successful band go solo, thats inzayn' saw what you did there harry
Lynn M
I was dying because as the skit was going on at the corner of the screen was Harry just doing his thing and I was just laughing so hard I cried
If you know annyoenghaseyo vote for BTS on #BBMAs
1:50 nice rings tho Harry
JT Edwards
what...the fuck... is this... dog shit. this is like someone telling you in different words about what a book is about, when holding the book & not letting you simply read the back of the fucking book.
Tiasa Tilak
"Solo ! Why would anyone in a successful band want to go solo ?! That is insane !!"
Shutting down rumours like a BOSS !
Directioner Zquad Mendes Army
This dork is the funniest person ever❤😂
yashika j
love harry styles
MaryamAndLatifa Show1
hahahhaha ,,OmG CUTEEEEE.. mick jagger i almost felt from the chair lol it was hilarious almost as much as we are but still :)>>> :))) xoxo
I fucking hate this....
Mick is legendary
Happy Lunatic
So where are the ones that said "Harry Styles can't act" ?
Tea Leaf
He looks like a fetus
Thora Hughes
Bless him.
Jasmine Styles
Clara Schneider
reason 615381735739 i love harry
Ashii Seth
Bitches now I understood y chris choosed him .....HE IS BLOODY TALENTED SPECIE...GOD BLESS ANNE FOR GIVE BIRTH TO THIS MAN 💖💖
truth teller KARDASHIAN WEST
He is the Mick Jagger of this generation.
guddi malvade
why does Harry sound like Zayn. His accent while being Mick Jagger is just like Zayn's accent.
Bad Impression.
Shirley Yoo Geste
Civil war sketch. 😂😂😂😂😂. I'M DEAD. I can't pin down a region for his Confederate soldier accent.
I liked his little smiles, like "Yes, I DID learn to play guitar!"
I think I'll have to preorder it.
Shirley Yoo Geste
Civil war sketch. 😂😂😂😂😂. I'M DEAD. I can't pin down a region for his Confederate soldier accent.
I liked his little smiles, like "Yes, I DID learn to play guitar!"
I think I'll have to preorder it.
There is a VIDEO on My CHANNEL Called "SEXTAPE" About KIM KARDASHIAN ! The VIDEO Tells the WHOLE STORY, Sooooo FUNNY !!! Check it out !
Harry Styles Impersonates Mick Jagger & Has Beard Malfunction In EPIC SNL Sketches
Shruti Y
oh gosh I m dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maisie Day
Rivet phoenix vibes
Sharon Bass
That was so bad it was embarrassing.
Ryza mae Mendros
I find it ironic that SNL is kind of a drama skit show and Louis Tomlinson wanted to be a drama teacher when he was a kid yet Harry was asked to be on SNL instead.😂 Poor louis.
This was so funny lol
makeeda roberts
The funny thing is, I always thought Harry looked like him so this just confirmed it
Salvador Navarrete
the part when the man screams scared me
I was waiting for this video
Jasmine Gold
That song that Jimmy Fallon sang was stuck in my head for three days now. 🎶 IT'S A PARTY AT MY PARENTS' HOUSE !!!!! 🎶
Jovalyn Maplinic
Gosh HARRY every time I see your picture ..I want to shake my self and jump as high as I can....BTW...don't grow your beard...
Yosepina Pakpahan
haryyyyyy omg u r so cuteeee
Sarah Silva
Sooo cute
carrie white
liked how Harry acted like Mick jagger
Robyn Ghost
He's everything
Heather Dille
I think he did so well because he is so comfortable with Jimmy because they have been on his show so many times and done loads of sketches.
Joana Baltazar
"Why would anyone in a successful band go solo... INSANE!!!!" more like inZAYN lol and remember this lines " Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad" well this is it now "Mick Jagger could be Harry in the past"
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