James Comey, You Just Got Trump'd!

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James Comey thought the breaking news story about his firing was a prank. Made ya look (for a new job)!

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Connor Phebus
Just because you didnt vote for Trump doesnt mean we are all not partially responsible for letting our country get to the point where someone like Trump would even have the chance to be president. imagine how people must have felt to actually feel like voting Trump was the only right choice for them. Maybe if we were more understanding and talked things out instead of calling the "other" side ignorant and wrong an rather than starting all these political and social movements for a few weeks an then move on to other issues that, lets be honest, aren't the biggest issues in the country. Yea i know its sooo important that people not be called "he" or "she" when they are actually "non-binary" but there are homless and starving children in America. Maybe we should forgive eachother a little an work on issues more worthwhile and helpful to all Americans not just certain small groups of people.
Justice USA
J. Muller
If Comey wrote a memo in Feb. why did he wait till after he was fired in May to say something?
Who is the black guy they keep cutting to?
Wael El-Ahmady
Truly, this presidential term is the greatest reality show I've ever seen.
Londi Strausbaugh
wtf is he doing?...oh I know
Ed Belle
all you liberal lunatics keep watching colbert and listening to cnn and msnbc and get fed their lies
I'll watch Alex Jones, hannity and tucker Carlson and listen to the truth
like jack nicklson said
you can't handle the truth
ha ha ha. now that's funny
angie oshields
Kellyanne TRULY NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Every Way!!!!!
angie oshields
Evan Though So Funny! Stephen Is Right On......
Gina Kay
Special prosecutor for orange died pussygrabbers
He pulled his eyes out through his glasses.
kenneth johnsen
You can't trust James Comey... that's not even his real name!
Alex Karl
okay seriously what is going on with the pianist? :D he's speaking/laughing all the time like he's on drugs or a bit ..slow maybe :D
True G O L D !!
Ed Belle
Hey colbert go suck cock.
Oh wait your wife did that last night
she sucked all my cum out.
go fuck yourself colbert
Warren White
Stephen,all of your viewers are dumbasses who check msm websites for"facts" that's why you get views. You are garbage. For months now officials have have stated plainly that there is no evidence of a Russian connection but you keep pushing the topic like its fact.. But your hypocrisy though,there are a lot of democrats in office with Russian ties,and you ignore Hillary's email scandal and dismissal from James comey,of course you dont want to talk about that. Your pushing this agenda down the throats of idiots you can almost call it gluttony.
Warren White
*watches until 4:38..."shut the fuck up" *
just one look at the opening screen and I'm in stitches...
Dear Stephen.... thank you for making me laugh until I hurt and my husband brings me the box of Gas X because well, I can't stop laughing!!!! PS My husband (does not) thank you. But I DO!
CNN needs to stop having on partisan hacks like Conway, Lord etc. It's a waste of the anchors' talents, and clearly they don't enjoy it much either. Get some serious journalism going!
Mateo Sosa
factory It looks deeply ama}ingelse ..
Mike Wazowski
Drumpf is one of the dumbest people ever born. He is wealthy only because his daddy was wealthy. If he would have been born in to a middle class to lower class family he'd be Assistant Manager at McDonald's
Raj the don
what it seems like trump doesn't care for reelection he is just going to enjoy being the most powerful man in free world
Look Jon, you can be funny but YOU NEED TO SHUT UP PLEASE!
Taylor Halders
Honestly though america's a land full of fucktards who gave power to this buffoon, no pity for what you're getting now, you only have the leader you deserve
What's funny is how he mentions Trump fired Comey to stop the Russian investigation. But the Investigation on Trump is still going on by the interim FBI Director who him and his wife are Hillary supporters. So I don't see how firing Comey helps Trump.
Alex Gagnon
Someone tell him he has a fucking T at the end of his name too
Alex Gagnon
This guy Colbert is the BIGGEST douchebag out there
Dejmal Soptik
You've got my number so Comey maybe.
Black Mamba
I'm loving Colbert at the moment. He is on fire!
Amanda Dahl
Peeps, write Anyone recognize worse this variant%? lawl
Cookie Mac
Mr.cobert u are a beast my friend love u
Imran Khan
Stephen Colbert and the elite media are part of the swamp that needs to be drained.
I'm waiting to vote for Trump in 2020! Cannot wait!
Mr Belvedere
Watergate part deux.
Jae Shahzad
Lo, this guy is funny
Alireza Ershadi
Watch again noticing Kellyanne's eyes! I guess they didn't assemble her properly!
...If we want to know the percent of the people who approve of Trump look no further than the Thumbs Down on Colbert's nightly show videos. Thousands. Then, multiply that by the millions who actually think DT is doing a good job. Impeachment? What impeachment?
Fleur Maes
Clinical sorry license qskkgv private arrest forehead emphasize.
Rex Manning
I hate trump as much as the next. ...but it seems like all this guy does anymore. ...diversify your comedy pleeeease....your playing yourself out
Most epic eye roll ever! Well done, Anderson, brings hot dog grease to my eyes.
K Collins
Trump'd ... exactly
Hatem Teirelbar
his trump impression sounds kinda like snape, especially when he says 'alike'
This was unwatchable because of that dumb woman's annoying laugh.
Nomin Ng
Does he ever talk about anything but Trump?
Frank Rizzo
liberalism is a disease :(
Extra Terrestrial
He is playing the American people for fools.. I understand it is very difficult to admit when we have been bamboozled or conned by someone really skillful at deception.. Trump is and always has been a master at deception.. The bait and switch with smoke and mirrors has been his trademark. . He creates all of the media storms intentionally to take focus away from the issues at that moment that are trending across the 24hr news cycle.. He is the best at manipulating people ..A TRUE CON MAN AND PT BARNUM INCARNATE! ! IMPEACH ASAP PLEASE!!
Steven Johnson
I think you're missing the point of Trump ......he fires people. You slip up, you're fired. Thats how it works with this guy. Ya'll are like impeach him ......total waste of time. He'll just fire the prosecutor !
3-dimensional chess looks a lot like tic-tac-toe to me
Jan Budden
"...i think the maid did it. Sad!"
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