iPhone 8 Latest Leaks! Most Expensive & Durable iPhone Ever

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Latest iPhone 8 Leaks & Rumors! Price, IP68 Water Resistance, Gorilla Glass, New Features, Design & ANOTHER Giveaway!

Previous iPhone 8 Leaks: https://youtu.be/djB7ODdkpNQ

Can I have a headphone too
Can I have a iPhone 8s
Jordan Reid
I subskrighd
That is the iPhone X there in the video
adric cochran
you should do an apple watch giveaway! series 1 or original, doesn't matter but that'd be awesome
winners print
Hello am one of your fan and regular one indeed, i have always give you like and comment...... how is you dad rock.
s8 is way better
Melanie Jones
Dope channel win me some AirPods
shane sweet
Cool videose
Teh Robert
kindly check this out http://amzn.to/2gRGCnr
Entering :)
what about the iphone 8 plus?????
Felipe Jimenez
Amelia Allemond
EverythingApplePro I SUBSCRIBED!!! Also thank you so much I didn't know if I wanted to spend that much money on an iPhone now I know what I will do!!!!!😁😁😁
Nelson Lantigua
Can't wait for the 8😋😋
Dark_beast_13 Coolboy
anyone one else see the "hi mom" in the vid?
Luis nike jr
I need air pods
Fusic Lima
Getting a new phone would like those airdrops
merbert jeruela
TheRobzAreReal RB
I liked the video
olivia kyazze
im only 11 and getting a iphone 8 so excited!!😄😄
Yakov Davidov
jepoy cruz
I used to have an iphone when they first released it in the market but I switched to android phone. Now It will be their 10th anniversary and I am planning to buy an iphone 8 though im not really a fan of the new design because the bezel structure is a little bit awkward. its not pretty obvious when you chose black but its visible with other colors. I've been watching leak videos about it for a month now. Hoping that this will be an awesome smartphone when they released it in the market 👍
Antonio Perez
I would like the airpods😁😁
Richie Rich
mitchell mchone
On the front yeah I hope we can get one
mitchell mchone
I love to have the air pods
mitchell mchone
Great info
The misogynistic Gamer
Just joined the apple squad
Георгий Горев
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Nikolai Borg
Like you
Abdullah Shahzad
It is great to hear
Mehdi Benlemlih Banane
I love your videos
Obaid Akhtar
Plz give me the giveaway I love ur vids and u r a inspiration to me 😃😃😃
Dennis Fluttershy
That girl playing tennis ... wouldn't the tight dress limit movement? (10:40)
Shorts or a wide skirt works just fine, but a dress tight like that doesn't seem optimal.
Monkey Rush
Btw I don't have my address on here
Monkey Rush
lol I have been waiting for u to get up a new vid about the 8 but thinks 😂🤗
abdirahman ahmed
I love your video
abdirahman ahmed
I want a airpod
Jae Bricks
U r awsome
Sean Reyes
let meeeee have it
hey subbed and liked... btw have you heard about phoenixpwn3 jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5... I tried it on my iphone 4s and it worked perfectly... there are only a few compatibility issues... im not sure if its safe though so i would like you to confirm it for me... i think its 32 bit only. Well either way I cant wait for the iphone 8
Aftab Alam
T - Bird
ArcadeGamers 45
Gustavo Muniz
edsylt dat duck fhem
HTC HTC is THE best and iPhone sucks
Red Lable
C.O.C With Omar
AirPods are lit
I love all the features big iphone fanatic been watching you since day one
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