iPhone 8 Latest Leaks! Most Expensive & Durable iPhone Ever

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Latest iPhone 8 Leaks & Rumors! Price, IP68 Water Resistance, Gorilla Glass, New Features, Design & ANOTHER Giveaway!

Previous iPhone 8 Leaks: https://youtu.be/djB7ODdkpNQ

Miles Davis
great vid man
I want Apple Headphones to use with my android Phone.
Junaid Ali
I've want the apple earpods
CrossXRider VLOGS
The One Gamer
Done and thx for the info of the iPhone 8
Parmeshwari Venkatesh
Hey, I would like to participate in the giveaway. Would love to get either pair of the air pods!
p.s- LOVE your videos. :) .
maddineni rahul
Thats way more durable than the previous one!!! :D
LOL all iphones have been expensive.
LegendaryArc0 5
Ear pods
Ayan Zhambek
Preuet guys)
eCrofey spectrum
nice nice ... so what is new on it ? I'mean not only the technical progress I mean the inovation .. nothing I see only the cons with the itunes and the fact that can't use micro cards ...I was still loyal to apples iphone but after my iphone 6 I will buy another product sorry..
Brady Wilson
iPhone 8 not very good
Ivan Držaić
The AirPods are life 🙏🏻😁
Eli Hernandez
Please give me the AirPods I have never won anything before
Maurice Mercado
Cool video....hope I win the earpods...Love them.
xiao zhi chen
Wow 😛
True Fbk
Andrew Grant
apple still needs to get rid of the camera bump...
White white AirPods
I don't know if it's just extremely bad luck, but my iPhone 6s has now died because of water for the second time. And I'm not speaking of dropping it into a pool or so, no, it fell into the toilet (haha so funny, I know) and barely got covered in water for a split second. And still, it doesn't turn on (it worked, then I turned it off because the internet says so and now it's not turning on again). And then I see people putting a 6s in the water for at least a minute and theirs still works fine. How the hell is that possible? And it happened for the second time now. I don't get it!
Shaxa Sirocco
Want any airpod
These AirPods are soooo cool!
Szabolcs Bán
i want to win
SapUnI Rishana
whatever be the updates and improvement in hardware and features, i think the iPhone SE is best for me. Not only is it affordable I am more of a fan for smaller screen phones, coz i like the portability and the stealth feature. Those big screen phone are too uncomfortable to carry around everyday in the pocket....
een anonieme man
Okay... im and android user and i really like the way the Iphone 8 looks... i only don't like how the camera looks.
Fidget Spinner
How did they make an IPhone 8 and didn't do IPhone 7s?????
Bao-Tram Ton
I just need imessage and it to be waterproof...
Ibrahim Sangarie
Joey Yang
Subhash K.S
Good video...👍🏻
Ilias Skoufis
Reality check.!.!
Klompen X
Major Daniel vlogs
i need that airpod
looks amazing wish i could get one hehehe
Cool thing's Mongoes
it so cool man give me
Prince Jogi
somtimes Apple is not going to be work good everyone thik what you buy peace
I want to win this... Please get me one 🙏
Airpods. 🤤🤤🤤
TaShawn Jones
We'll try again
Noah Kaufmann
I want the airpots
TexAru Norsk GaminG
Good vid i love them i want to meet you but dont have any money i really want those airpods tho
Hayel Ali
nice ...
Alissa Brielle
Watch my last video please
isaias reyes
Can't wait
Juan Perez
Adrian Vielledent
Let's hope there able to fit the FPS into the front glass, it will be a huge bummer if there forced to put it on the back.
I always buy my iPhone plus $1140
Siddharth Bhatia
Jeboyjames Namion
i hope i win...
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