THE ALIENIST Official Trailer (2017) Dakota Fanning TNT Drama Series (HD)

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THE ALIENIST Official Trailer (2017) Dakota Fanning TNT Drama Series (HD)

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Set in 1896 amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of New York during the Gilded Age. The Alienist follows the hunt for a series killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes. Daniel Brühl (Rush), Luke Evans (The Girl on The Train), Dakota Fanning (American Pastoral) and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) star in the series, which follows the hunt for a serial killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes.

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Guess us folk who wanted a third season of The Knick will have to settle for this crap
Mori Darkmoss
I wanted to watch this for so long. It looks brilliant
Connor Bonelli
As a lover of the book i have to say it pisses me off that this is a tnt show instead of a showtime or hbo show.
I doubt it will do the book a fraction of justice...
I have the feeling they're going to regret so much offensive content. I myself am having a hard time deciding if I will be able to watch this. It looks like a great show. But I won't be able to see children being sexually abused or beaten. I'm sure I'm speaking for many people.
"The Alienist" is the dumbest fucking name I've ever heard.
Matt Lacdao
This is dope
But i thought this was going to be another alien thriller movie😂
Namrata Sinharay
Such a great cast. Wow!
The Knick: the basic cable edition.
Kesava Jeyakumar
If it's anything like the book, this show is going to be very interesting.
just a stranger
In case anyone was looking for it, the music in the background is Ludovico eunaudi- Experience :)
First book i ever read!
Happy Puppy Pink Cupcake Kisses
LOVED this novel!!
Franky Ramone
Fuck. Who is that guy at 1:25?
embarassed canadian
Yeeeeaah. Read the books when they first came out. Looking forward to wathching this.
Zin Min
Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=>
Lilique Jael
So we've got a movie about Jack the Ripper and Jeffery Dammer coming out....oh jesus lord, there's gonna be shoot outs in the theater..
Annapurna Alapati
Larry B
FINALLY, somebody made the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimin 4life
I dont call him luke evans anymore. Hes forever Dracula to me .
Maldives Baby
I'm so late this is based my favorite book! Whaaat?! A series? Where have I been?
glug glock
the soundtrack Watchtower of Turkey music by Ludovico Einaudi
Jonathan Feliciano Van Eijndhoven
😆Where are the Aliens👽
Lily Sabbath
FINALLY! I loved the novels. So excited.
This comes out next year right?
Peter R
fanning is soo bland
Theresa Kidd
WHEN 2017?! 2017 is 12 months?!
Space Chick
How to pronounce the Hungarian name László CORRECTLY?

L as any other L
Á as in French "mirage" (listen to in google translate if unsure)
SZ (it's one letter) as in "system"
L as any other L
Ó it has a line on it meaning the "O" has to be pronounced looooong


So it's not Lazloe or Lezloo, nor Lassloo, or Lesslo
Udai Taxim
Dakota Fanning best get naked and give oral in this
Super Kawaii Kittens
I clicked expecting aliens instead I was just bored
Haning Tyas
cant wait to see thisssss
John Bielecki
Really enjoyed the book so I'll obviously have to watch this.
Brekner Catalin
Looks fucking great.
Poobear's Beautiful Goddess
Dakota Fanning is so badass starting back from I Am Sam '-)
Retro Mammoth
I miss Penny Dreadful :(
wait when does it AIR?
marry zap
El libro es de lo mejor que he leído
Areli Chaparro
when the song started i freaked out i cant believe they used that song its amazing and fits perfectly
astrid madrid
when is this going to be released?
Laurie Diehl
a natural oliver home....
What's the name of the music?
Express Yourself
Ki Ra
Does anybody has an idea on when are they gonna start airing it ?
Some very bad accents here, but still looks interesting.
A9je Chidorigafuchi
This is how you make a fucking trailer!!!!!! Suspense without giving any major plot points while giving us focus of interests!!!
A9je Chidorigafuchi
That defines so many people, mentally ill is ALIENATED from ones one nature. Thats so right!!!!!
The Egg Salad Sandwich
if we keep whispering throughout the entire trailer, maybe the audience will think its a smart tv show.
...and thus was born the psychological domain of "Abnormal Psychology"
I simply must see this. The trailer alone has won a million Emmys.
Alberto Araújo
O Alienista é uma obra de um escritor brasileiro MACHADO DE ASSIS. Categoria : Realismo brasileiro do século XIX.
Tom Joad
Hmm a documentary about modern day Hollywood
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