THE ALIENIST Official Trailer (2017) Dakota Fanning TNT Drama Series (HD)

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THE ALIENIST Official Trailer (2017) Dakota Fanning TNT Drama Series (HD)

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Set in 1896 amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of New York during the Gilded Age. The Alienist follows the hunt for a series killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes. Daniel Brühl (Rush), Luke Evans (The Girl on The Train), Dakota Fanning (American Pastoral) and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) star in the series, which follows the hunt for a serial killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes.

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Jean Valjean
Wonder if Tom Cruise still sends Dakota a birthday gift every year. Maybe a little too attached.
Samuel Arellano
The music fron Ludovico Eiunadi is so perfect from all
Faustine gaudry
hey can someone tell me what's the name of the music (violin) at the end ? I am pretty sure it's well known but I just can't remember it.
i was born to ship yoonmin
Andrew Loh
Da kota Fanning is an overrated actress. Hope she won't screw up this one.
Victor Ferreira
tomei um susto... pensei que "O Alienista" do Machado de Assis hahah
I read this book about 15 years ago, really enjoyed it. I remember thinking at the time that it would make a good movie! Going by the trailer, it looks like it's keeping pretty close to the book.
Eva Green should work in this show
Aries Snake
Oh I thought it was a movie. Impressive
Catherine López López
Ludovico Eunadi❤
ET Fan
2:06 My heart is beating out...hard
Can anyone tell me the name of the song that play towards the end of the trailer? I've heard it before and I can't put my finger on what it's from! it's so beautiful!
Spring Day Is Not Today
A perfect work for Gaston :D
Leena Johnson
Anyone know the what music played towards the end was? What piece?
Derrick Barnett
This is one of the greatest books I ever read. I hope they do it justice. I am glad it is a series as just opposed to trying to put it into a two hour movie.
Talon ViperChef
So, this is a non-supernatural Penny Dreadful.
what song is playing near the end?
carlos urrego
i love Dakota she IS fantastic.
supa foob
Chris Corley
Meh. Pass. 😴
Jack Thompson
Great book.
I'm fan of Dakota Johnson
It will be on tv? When?
pvrdon december
could someone tell me the music played at the end
Ron Thibodeau
I remember reading the book years ago. Ill check this out.
bohemian glam
did anyone catch the song at the end...Ludovico Einaudi
Zethrael of Teldrassil
Looks terrific! A definite Must See for me
Lynne O'Kelly
The book is very good. I hope they do it justice with the movie.
Does anybody recognises the song they are playing?
Looks quite promising. Has a "From Hell"-ish vibe
Aloiz Brench
Hey, wait...
No chestbursters??!!
Alexander Paterson
I bet its that women who is the killer.
Ludovico Einaudi Experience
This seems like an American Penny Dreadful??
José Abel Salazar Lizárraga
After watching this, I would love to see a mini-series faithfully adapted from the graphic novel From Hell by writer Alan Moore and Illustrator Eddie Campbell, it deserves, if not a faithful, an excellent adaptation, that material is gorgeous.
Laurie Carr
I read the book years ago and thought it was amazing. I've been waiting for someone to dramatize it. Can't wait for it to air.
Eric Scoles
they've reworked the plot & characters quite a bit. Theodore Roosevelt appears to have gone away, e.g. Probably a good thing; it worked in the novel but would likely come off as a bit too kitschy in adaptation.
Daniel Brühl plays better in English as in German. Interesting. ;)
liliam scott
It was about time to have Dakota back to the big screen...
I'm a simple man, i see Luke Evans, i'm pregnant.
Slimmothy García
whens it out then?
Angela .Rajic
Daniel Bruhl!
Ioannis Sacellaris
reminds me of penny dreadful
Platicus Homiltusus
Gaston <3
S Cramer
Hate it all ready...just more BS distraction of everything as females try to take over planet, they must be stopped.
Fadly Fazilah
what gaston doin here
Carine Kay
daniel brühl! - I’m so proud and happy of his international breakthrough!! this series looks thrilling, can’t wait.
me sandman
errr so wheres the aliens ?
Dario Castaneda
Music Please?
Caio Costa
Who knows if this is the same "The Alienist", writed by a Brazilian writer, Machado de Assis?
Heiko Rauscher
Penny Dreadful vibes
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