How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

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The technology behind the cinematic style of the BBC's Planet Earth II.

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Clips from BBC:
Iguana vs. snakes (Planet Earth II)
Attenborough & sloth (Life of Mammals) 
Komodo dragon (Zoo Quest) 
Attenborough & orangutans (Zoo Quest) 
Indri (Zoo Quest) 
Lion hunt (Wild Africa) 
Kangaroo (Life of Mammals) 
Herbivores (Life of Mammals) 
Polar bear (Planet Earth) 
Wolf hunt (Life of Mammals) 
Wolf hunt (Planet Earth) 

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I would love to see what percentage of footage they actually use after a week long shoot.
Nearly every shot we see in the final version is simply breathtaking.
IKEA MONKEY *on lsd*
Which show is the Bamboo vs Antelope baby and mom??
Jonathan Pemp
Aldrich Rosano
Cool <3
Also, Vox forgot to mention Hans Zimmer's excellent background score for Planet Earth II
omgggggggggggg that last scene with the snakes coming out is so creepy, poor lizard. Almost looks like CGI.
Anisha Hu
watches planet earth: well that was interesting
watches other nature shows: is half asleep
George Pearce
Mayank Verma
i love this channel. amazing.
Planet Earth III about to be shot from space. With special appearances from alien animals.
Emma Sol
I just watched a "watch mojo" video and this video was so refreshing to watch after that. The narrator speaks much more freely and natural here. The watch mojo narrators are so annoying to listen to and they sound so fake as well
super sick
Vanity Rae
and no one, No One tells a story better than Sir David Attenborough. Ive seen every nature documentary he's narrated & I love them ALL! ♡
So basically anyone that's seen this movie can officially say that they've seen a snuff film
The Artist From Hell
They should have used a heligimbal to film my baby videos like the camera my parents were holding was shaky af
Borg Quads
Talks about drones with camera gimbals, shows a picture of a drone with no camera gimbals, lol. details are everything.
Thi Nguyen
It's such an opportunity for us to watch BBC's Planet Earth like that
Steve Brule
she is attractive
Zander Dumas
Every David Atten'borrow' killed me
Surya S.
Everyone discusses how things are visually recorded. No one says how they have been recording the sound. Without sound all your exotic footage is dump
Jack Kraken
7:51 Run forrest run!!
Fannish Fanning
I hope they won't take down this video. Really educational.
[CWC ]DylanDryptosaurus2017
0:34 Run Forest!!
Lev Pavlovski
"Put the camera to penguin level" -- this should be a regular phrase
"[...][...][...][....]"~ .Swetru
He's still using a 15mm polarized drone shooters? What it infable with extraordinarity use to in for ex. Madagascar or Rahimi territes?
Binoj George
'You might notice the improvement in resolution from HAD to Ultra HD' - me watching in 144p,😂😂
Ryan Edwards
Freaking outstanding.
Joss : Thank you for watching!
Me: No, Joss. Thank you for posting.
I find these videos more interesting than the actual Planet Earth series
Akshat Shah
How does something hide in the remote corners of the globe?
allysa therese
i felt itchy after watching those footage of bugs
You guys never mentioned Digital stabilization, for those that don't know. It pretty much digital moves in tracks, how the camera moves, and pans around digitally to counteract that stuff, but it can only do so much, plus you lose quality when zooming in, you also still have to deal with motion blur, but you can remove that too.
Resego Tabane
does anyone know what the best software is to make this type of video?
Jason Henrie
You should do a video about how they add post production sound. A lot of people have been complaining about how "fake" the sound effects are in their documentaries
Tanim Xubayer
you didnt mention the real secret, money!
James Hilton-Barber
DSLR Guide setting trends
How's the sound recorded so clear in such wildlife videos?
Rosch Alvin Galoracan
she looks like bella hadid omg
pitza hut
3:11 was so heart breaking
mohamed mouad
how can the sound of the polar bear be heard ? the sound is very clear !!!
Al Cox
Easy. Two important ingredient.

1. Hundreds of millions of licence fee money.
2. A few dozen paedophiles.

That's the BBC.
John Do
Otilia Lefter
Planet Earth series are mind-blowing, extaordinary!!!
Planet earth is probably my most favorite show ever. Now I'm excited to see the 2nd part haha.
Jo Lori
planet earth 2 with a vengeance earth has come back after years of absence to kick ass and show pictures of penguins
bbc earth is so underated
bob garcias
Alexander Þórólfsson
I want it.
Arpith Shetty
Does anyone know the music used at 7:15
Is that Sarah Koenig????
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