How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

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The technology behind the cinematic style of the BBC's Planet Earth II.

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Clips from BBC:
Iguana vs. snakes (Planet Earth II)
Attenborough & sloth (Life of Mammals) 
Komodo dragon (Zoo Quest) 
Attenborough & orangutans (Zoo Quest) 
Indri (Zoo Quest) 
Lion hunt (Wild Africa) 
Kangaroo (Life of Mammals) 
Herbivores (Life of Mammals) 
Polar bear (Planet Earth) 
Wolf hunt (Life of Mammals) 
Wolf hunt (Planet Earth) 

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I would love to see what percentage of footage they actually use after a week long shoot.
Nearly every shot we see in the final version is simply breathtaking.
Steve jenkins
Does anyone else think it would be satisfying to crush a bunch of locust in a big hoard
i watched this in 2x speed and got it all. they need to talk faster.
I can't belive youtube didn't show me the last 3 (!) episodes of observatory
Henrique Oliveira
what´s the music that starts in 5:48 ?
0:47 What movie is that?
Nick Eizena
I just got terrifying thought what if there's some higher being/alien make documentary about us and ufo is just an amateur make film about us.
Siva Nova
I remember the wolf chase, I felt my heart break into tiny bitty pieces when the prey stumbled after escaping and then was caught again
the beginning made me so itchy
Richard Getz
Thanks for sharing!

Do you know what is the highest frame rate the BBC records at?
6:37 I always wondered how they got that shot!
it can't just be me at how she's axing David's name
Phil Scoles
Is the narrator the one eating popcorn on the couch? I'm in love ❤️
Alex's Reviews
Every time an American says 'Attenborough' I die a little inside
Ultra Silver
I think the animals are paid.
thank you for this
Max Greiner
Did anybody else think of what I thought when they saw the title...
Perfect topic for the video journalist of our decade
Anthony Vasquez - EndZz
The girl in this video is adorable!
Brenden Swanson
Very well done.
Raja Hafify Zaed
I want to sit on that couch with Joss. And let her convert me back into Liberalism.
Franco Rizzo
2:46 - I totally misheard her say "the BeeBeeBees' series..."
Cari Cari
7:34 the sloths ahhhh so cute
SF Talk To The Frog
Joss Fong ... you stole my heart :)
Nihao Vlad
Now that is awesome use of gimbals and drones, not the weddings you shoot =)
Thank you for bringing attention to the tech and artistry that has gone into making this series! Fascinating.
Just watching the snippets of scenes from the program moves me emotionally. Breathtaking.
Warren Taylor
Milad El-darzi
soundtrack as of 6:45 ?
Planet Earth II is some of the best television ever made
can you teach me how to pronounce psychopedia?
cartell 112
How can you say "in the corners of the earth" when the the earth is a "globe" spheres don't have corners . That's why the earth is flat
Our Changing Climate
Haha what a coincidence I actually made a video a couple weeks ago about the editing in Planet Earth II. The show is so freaking good, and much like all of your other content, this video manages to pull back the veil show the beauty and technical mastery of the BBC team.
Stefanus Paulus
Uhh Maybe
Dipo Awelenje
The iguana that escaped the snakes followed a form of the heroes journey. Why it's so memorable.
Jim O'Connell
Great video! Loved it @vox
Buying this next week for sure
Benoit Sinclair
This video reveals too much. I've been waiting to see Planet Earth for the iguana vs snakes scene (one of the best, I heard), and now it's ruined - you not only showed it, but also showed how it ends.
Gig Pig
With a Steadicam Merlin you can do many of these shots for a few hundred bucks, it just requires a lot of practice and balancing to get a zero friction pan/tilt to move at the right speed.
joss fong for president!
Austin Slack
So, gimbals and drones, got it.
Liam Smyth
At least try and get Bristol in the right place hahahaha, it's nowhere near where this film says it is (well it's near, but that's not where Bristol really is)
Humayun Azhar
when is the next video coming out
The part with the Lizard escaping from the snakes, i was yelling RUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!
this video is facepalm. maybe should have interviewed a cinematographer or a movie colorist to actually tell you the difference between 1 and 2.
harrison strapp
maybe David Attenborough is god
Nature documentaries make me cry, every time! I thought I would just enjoy my breakfast and watch a few quick Vox videos and here I am, sobbing. This planet is beautiful.
Chanelle Novoséy
THIS VIDEO WAS SO INFORMATIVE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I absolutely love photography and this will help me drastically! Thanks for history
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