Kevin Spacey Interrupted His Duet with Billy Joel for a Selfie

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Kevin Spacey talks about hosting the Tony Awards, his first televised awards show, and how he ended up on stage at a Billy Joel concert singing "New York State of Mind."

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Kevin Spacey Interrupted His Duet with Billy Joel for a Selfie

kara bella
Kevin looks like Ross Marquand. They should do an impression off or something.
this man terrifies me
Massimiliano Cobo
is he albanian?? or was he joking?
The Roots are fucking lazy these days.
Hillary Xi
kevin spacey , i will suck your dick
JR express
jonathan irons!!!whoooo
Zach Tabor
Am I the only one who noticed this is the exact story he told two years ago?
Laser DuChamp
Hold on, I heard the same story a year ago... uh oh.. Mandela effect
Nazareth Simons
I'm pretty sure he told this story before on the show.
Robert Vogrinec
Is it just me or is Kevin Spacey turning into Marlon Brando?
President underwood👌
kevin spacey is a pedo who's visited (((epsteins))) pedo island
love you Billy Joel ans Kevin Spacey
Marcus Wellz
i'm gonna be honest, young kevin spacey and young harrison ford are the only guys i'd turn gay for
Jaydence Gaunt
Kevin is a sick pedophile . truth
Kevin O
Love him!
Eric Fry
old washout nobody's giving a shit about!!!!!
Grace Healey
AYOOOOO i was there it was dope
We don't submit to terror... We make the terror.
Suicide Sultan
i was at that concert it literally was one of the greatest things ever
You get a car!
YES!!!! Can't think for someone better to host the Tonys!!
I was at that concert and kevin fucking nailed it
Was it cut off at 0:35 or was it just a very rude interruption? Normally, one gives another more than 2 secs to answer.
Eddie N
Kevin Spacey for President 2020
Thịnh Trần
I see Kevin Spacey and I click it.
In the picture, was that Kevin Spacey, or Samuel L. Jackson, on the left there :p
Andrew Whitcomb
Kevin Spacey may have the biggest balls or anyone ever,to play the harmonica with Billy Joel
Yay my juilliard alumna - but I was a violin performance major - he was there way before me
Miguel Jimenez
fucken jimmy, let the singers sing.
Kevin Spacey looks so freaking hot in that suit, and Jimmy looks handsome :)
Sebastian Aguirre Aguirre
Billy joel y Kevin spacey que genios !!
Eileen LeValley
Jimmy, shut up.
viviana santos
i love kevin
Ricky Sidhu
1:49 that laugh tho
Jeremy Wilson
Why the fuck did Kevin not go to a Rush concert and fill in for Neil Peart? He looked exactly like him.
pascale k
the president says hello 😏😏
He literally told this same story last time he was on the show
Riccardo Angeli
Billy and Kevin 2 top
that show was so amazing
Izzatee Azlee
Sings better than jimmy 🙃 no hate just jokes
Russell Dembo
Would jimmy ever shut the fuck up and let the man speak?! Interrupting him every few seconds…
Enrique Singh
I would like him to host the Oscars.
Richard Morey
Kevin Spacey looks like Neil Peart
Kevin "starts rapping Nas' NYC State Of Mind" lol
He's such a cool dude. I haven't even watched anything he's acted in. I just like him as a person.
He would definitely make a better president
I didnt know the president did talk shows
Kevin for president!
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