Stephen Takes On Kendall Jenner's 'Attractive Lives Matter' Pepsi Ad

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After puzzling over Trump's take on Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment lawsuit, Stephen devotes his Wednesday monologue to that confounding Pepsi protest ad starring Kendall Jenner.

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Main reasons I love Stephen is
1. He's funny
2. He's a good actor
3. He was in Bojack Horseman
@4:19 He's a huge Nazi.
Nick Coltrane
Are Ivanka's teeth real?
Legend of Gwepze
Hand him a B E P I S
Blair Schirmerx
3:20 - What the F#CK does Gayle King think she's nodding at?
Sham Adams
Love when he disses liberals more than Trump disses since Trump a walking tanned joke.
Maria Yout
What a disgusting politically correct society is america, i find nothing racist about the ad its just silly. People really got so butthurt easily in america
Juan Emiliano Gallegos
Live, for now. The official slogan for trumpcare.
Mat Esso
Stephen is a god amongst men
Ivanka Trump looks like she always has her father's dick in her mouth
Sho Man
Oh he shouldn't have said the nazi thing, now Fox News will never stop trying to recruit him.
Rex Ross
man I hate this dude so fucking much. typical snobby uppity leftist liberal pussy cuck who thinks he is soooo funny, like REALLY thinks that, and pretty much exclusively trashes on donald trump (with painfully cringy jokes that all the other little beta males and fat dike feminists think are funny, and thats his usual demographic btw),to keep his piece of shit show on air. he is the lowest form of a comedian. he thinks he is so fucking intelligent which is the first red flag of him being a brainwashed retarded skinny lil fuck boy. and his viewers and audience are just as dumb. he literally just has to say "so... drumpf" while doing that stupid fucking eyebrow raising thing he does, and the crowd freaks out hahaha its so painful to watch. hope this dude gets gang raped by a pack of muslims, along with his wife or boyfriend or whatever, you never know with these faggot ass liberals.
Ralf Jones
eat shit and die oreilly
When did Steven get so pompous?
Vararuchi Misra
love that strip music... which song is it?
"You can't afford me!"
Lo Leigh
what a funny guy
Marc Hamilton
Colbert is so dumb he doesn't even understand mcain is one of his own
Accio_ lyrics
who catches the books/things he throw? lol
Calico Morgan
Then there's reality: starts to get can of pepsi from bag "she's got a weapon!!"
Live. For Now.
peyton arnold
I still don't get the big deal about this..... my family is big in politics and all. And I am confused on why people are judging Pepsi for making a commercial about things that are going wrong in the world. They commercial doesn't just represent Black Lives Matter, it also shows other ethnic groups and transgenders, gay couples and etc. I didn't realize that there is a problem for all these people to come together and show that they are fighting for the same cause which is to be treated equally and with respect. The Point of Kendall Jenner being in the Video as a model and then as part of the protest is to show that she was so intrigued by the protesters that she wanted to be apart of it and help. Also by her giving the Pepsi can to the police officer was to show that it makes people happy. The fact that idiots like this man in this video and many other just laugh and troll on what they did is childish and stupid on your behalf. I'm a 17 yr old child that knows more common sense then everyone that chooses to follow others because they don't have a mind of their own.
Tierney O'Hearn
I didn't find the commercial offensive. It's just dumb 😂
If you are not elected, why are you promoting your viewpoint? are you a lobbyist? are you a cabinet secretary?
Pepsi tastes like saltwater
I thought it was a weird choice for Pepsi to portray Kendall as socially aware when we all know she could not careless what's going on in the world around her. I mean, her lack of concern has been well documented on camera. All the Kardashians care about is money and themselves.
Robert Meyer
i just wanted to say...
hey pepsi...
Go Fuck Yourself!
Sarah M
God, that ad was so distasteful, I cannot believe anyone thought it was smart enough to air it.
Yeah, because if Hillary would've won in the same manner and Trump complained she didn't get the popular vote I'm sure all liberals would be in complete agreement and wouldn't be saying anything like... oh.. Too bad so sad lol. Yes Colbert. He was elected by the people!
Mark Woldin
Is Steven Colbert brilliant and funny or am I a dope -- I've watched this thing at least three times.
Jamesy Bumholes
No such thing as White privellge, get over yourself niggers
Richard Castaldo
I love Colbert, but he always makes little comments about how much money he has which is hella obnoxious.
New marketing slogan should be, "is pepsi fine".
Emma Sisoeva
Could you please stop hating on the Trumps??? You loser
Kristy Davis
Tired of jokes about penises.
凯High Dog文
Pussy 4 Grabs.
Azrael Corvo
"I'm a huge Nazi." -Stephen Colbert 2k17
Erik Perez
i think shes attractive but not with the negro lovin diswaulification
Why does America have a Sexual Assault Awareness Month? lol. Is there a Theft Awareness Month?
Lauren Vlogs
Why is everyone making a big deal about a COMMERCIAL?! I swear y'all are gonna forget about this in a year or two. Like can someone please explain why people are making such a big deal out of this?
Jose Colon
4:09 that's like saying gender is a social construct
why did it take me 5 minutes to get to the part that the title says its about?
Fuck you, Colbert. You suck deeply. Liberal shithead.
Naw, Stephen, I think you're safe. No one would dare take that out of context.

"...I'm a huge Nazi!" - Stephen Colbert, 2017.
''Join the conversation'' definitely is the most corporate message of all time. Joining a conversation about Pepsi? Sorry I can't, I have an appointment with my obesity doctor.
wren 22
is Pepsi being run by conservatives now..and this is their belief that liberals are this naive
Jamie Brady
idiot america you have overdone yourselves...racist america finally shows its face...president Blackenstein was better than this idiot
Jamie Brady
this idiot looks good but isnt qualified
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