Jason Statham
At the very beginning of the video, is that supposed to be suggestive for like, an erruption of cum or something. Wow this song really is perverse afterall. Fuckin music industry, always with the subliminal messeges
Jose Torres
me encanta esta música todo los día la escucho dele me gusta si la escucha 2017 :V
Lxx Uxn
MJ is that you?
Alexis Castaño
The best song of the weknd
Logical Human
Thankyou. Leo i read your note..👂👍🎩🔥
Rocio Figueroa
loved this
Daniel Fernandes
lembra muito michael jackson. kkkkk foda
Will the Thrill
why all the hate? I get that it sounds like MJ but I thought of it as a nice aesthetic.
Disgusting nigroe God knows how he is dating an hispanic women way out of his negro league
me when I try to poop
even Steven
When I close my eyes, I can't tell Weeknd and MJ apart
Amy Rizzo
Beauty n' class
zaque p de oliveira
esse lugar é lugar é lindo queria visita
zaque p de oliveira
queria que alguem me respondesse 😭❤🙏
zaque p de oliveira
eu sou fã dessa música eu até choro escuto todo dia, queria visita esse lugar eu chego até chora com essa música. ❤👏👏
Mo Kamal
3:10 Billie Jean music video?
Abigail Allen
this song gets me going all the time luv it :)
Emmanuela Elis
a filha come, a filha come bem .. essa música é bem legal kkkkkkk
DML Show
Um destiny 3?
Bo Cabral
Nice Music 👌
Love this song, love his voice...so sexy
Priscila sousa Sousa
Amo essa música de ♡
I don't like "The Weeknd" but I just like this song .
Michael Jackson Lover
Yes we all feel that Michael will come back...but he's not 😞😢😪😥😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Joshua Nope
This song is beautiful....WOW
Luis Sanchez
Brilus forever together
Justin Cortinas
Damn Daft Punk never ages
Why are capes not a thing anymore ?
It's so cool !
Andy Zaccaría
feel it coming
Lexi Sidberry
This song is amazing
Zuleide Silva
michael jackson ?
Danilo Bartels
me gusta si hablas español
Lady Ponce
jose oliveira
pensei que fosse o marco jackson 😂😂
Even the weeknd feels that the winter is coming #WinterIsHere #NIGHTKING
James Littles
That old school daft punk background beginning walkthrough.. reeled me right tf in and had me trapped in the whole video i played it over like 12 times
I really like this song and it is the best one I ever heard. He know how to sing it .
Subsist Sound
Listening to this in 2017! Lol nvm...
Will Montiel
Sounds like Michael Jackson
zegwyn golederin
if you dont respect poland watch this! watch?v=Q88AkN1hNYM
Wilson Castaway
"I feel the cum in me"
daft punk sold out a long time ago. idiots
Liwilson Jorge TV
Best song in the world
Ken L.
Sounds like Michael Jackson
Abigail Morgado
More MJ comments
When i saw the thumbnail, the low resolution made me think it was Griffith on the right
Jazmin Martinez
JahJah Binks
Modern Michael Jackson 😍
Giulia Lahainny Lucena
* lovee
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