Things That I Do That Adults Probably Don't Do

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Are any of these normal for an 18 year old to do?? Do you do any of these? 

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Logan Sean
Yeah it’s pretty older
Luis Carlos Perdomo Hernandez
I freaking swear if I see another "yea it's pretty old" comment I'm nothing
Luis Carlos Perdomo Hernandez
The first 3 James mentioned I did
Too Lazy To Make A Username
At 0:19, it says "STOP WATCHIG"
Garwood Films
Both me and my parents talk with/for my cat. I'm so glad that we're not the only ones Hahahaha
gianni de wit
I do the same thing for my dog
Star Butterfly
Um I close my closet door at night too. But I’m 10 soooo
Bethany Smith
I just talk to my dogs that's it
Amber McGurr
well now like a million people no ALL of this so I would honestly be inbarest if I was you
UTAlphysPlays n' Reacts
Don’t worry I close my closet door every night too
Jade Burkley
I’m like you about closing my closet at night
Aaron Kim
Yeah it's pretty old
yeah its pretty old
Luvmiilok3r chan
Meh's old :/
Winter Gold
It also makes me uncomfortable when my closet is open
no protecting the bed challenge
It really old
keejplays2009 thao
Moon alin
Yeah it's pretty old
Dont worry Odd I do that too
Green Poliwrath's pretty old/bad.

Jonathan Zepeda
Lol there's a tutu in the closet
Shaheer Ismail
James is kristoph from frozen
Beefy Gamer
omg he made $20k from this vid!!!
Wizard OMG gaming, vlogs, diys
Yeah its pretty old
Hendricks Pleau
I do the dog thing to
Little Eevee17
Yeah it’s pretty old, yeah the rest of the comments you’ll see with most likely be like this one.
Earthbound Sauce
Anyone watched this before all the Yeah its pretty old comments?
Marianna Papp
can you guys stop saying "it's old"
it proves you came because of jaidien
also it is annoying
Tilen HD
i close my closet evry night to
Tom Gorton
The one about crossing the street, I also do.... yet that is because it's polite not to piss off the person in the metal death trap.
Diego Ruiz
Yeah, it’s pretty old.
Doppelcipher The Triangle
this is F R E S H

s i k e
Never Just Edited Comments...
This is old but I still like it
Enanito Verde
And I love minecraft but I don't play it
Enanito Verde
Who is watching this in 2017
99.99% of comments: Its old
00.01% of comments: People agreeing
00.000000000000000001%: Other things
I can see how his art has changed!
Yep jaedon was right it’s old
Yeah... its pretty old
Diana Saldaña's pretty old, I like it though
Yeah, it's pretty old.
me my brother and my mom all talk to the dog and give them voices and i do all of the other things too
its fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, i still sleep with a night light....
that and my future is a strange cat lady in the woods who gets dogs...
Andrew Martinez
Yeah it’s pretty old
Monarch Opal - a door feeder
yeah, its pretty old.
Joseph Mendez
Yall shutttt upppp
Crybaby Arts
Yeah, It's pretty old.
Yeah it's pretty old! :D
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