A homeless 7-year-old who lives on the beach shows us exactly what courage looks like.

When she meets a stranger at 5:56, her story begins to unfold at 10:42...

After 7-years-old Jada lost her parents, the Department of Children and Family Services took her in. But understaffed and underfunded, Jada had few options for proper family placement.

So she ran away and lives alone on Venice Beach, making and selling stick people on the boardwalk to survive.

By following her through a day in her life, the story of who she is, why she is there, and who the man is that has come looking for her begins to unfold.

Used with permission from writer and director Doug Roland. For more of his work, visit http://omele.to/2lOgaNw.

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Jane the killer
my name is Jada
Saleh Abdallah
Is it only me who didnt get the story, I feel like i so wasted my time watching this.
Roba Elsaigh
Look at people these days, they're careless, they don't care if a child is homeless and all alone with nobody to look up to. We should make a change in our actions FAST or else the population of homeless children will increase,it's now or never, every little thing helps. So I tell all of u ppl here to attempt to make a change in our environment and help make the world a better place!!!!
La'Ron Kinmon
wtf wheres he happy ending that s sad
lies everard
was that man trying to kidnap her?
Ser Sine
lol dude couldnt catch a child
Annoyamous ?
Skyler Bryant
Dude i swear she tried selling me and my friends candy the other day. She said it was for cheerleading camp
awww i died in peices seeing this video i hope her uncle finds her a place
I love this video
Jason Thomas
2:51 Why does she take a picture and leave...WTF?
Bilal Francis
I felt bad
Your Majesty
I have never in my life seen homeless kids just roaming the streets in America, if I did I would keep them
People that work for the govt and
state are heartless and shitty.
People that work for the govt or state are heartless and shitty.
What a cutie patootie!
SmartWater09 56
is this real or .... ?
SmartWater09 56
why is she running away ?
Alex Wrench
y'all realize this isn't a true story right? right??
Chitown ShaSha
What happened to Jada??
Elizabeth Greene
this video is so sad and I can't believe that this little girl was living on the streets alone and already making a living
Caitlin Brister
She can live with me 😭😭😭😭
Unn Hentze
A lovely film. Now I am not saying she is not courages I just did not get that from the film - maby it is me.... but a lovely film nevertheless :)
Nicholas Kubosiak
i literally just cried
Is this real? Because it seems super scripted
What about the film crews? They just did nothing?
Alethia Barnes
so sad
Natalia McHam
I cried
Now this makes me think if she was really homeless,not just that she got on the wheel at the pear with not money and why does she have all these scars on her back
Geo Gee
this Is real. or written. ?!?!?!
Karla_Loves_Sylveon 123
Guys if i were you i will adopt her or give her money she cared about people and made new friends she is very inspiring
Karla_Loves_Sylveon 123
The girl made me cry and she is poor but she inspired me of how her life was and nice to people ( except when she tried to 🚬 and said a bad word )
Alex Garcia
I wish I could visit there but I don't know where it is I live in Phillippines Sigh This made me cry
Joe Cronin
lol that man with the sigaret is funny asf
Aljazy TV
That made me cry 😭
Angel Lagos
stupid kid
loop loop
girl is a low-key Savage
1 like =1 friend
1 subscriber =1 homeless person gets food
Callum Taylor
I'm confused
I mean who leaves a seven yr old by her self my mom would have just helped the lil girl
Ishfaqul Abrar
James Bond music in the background
Chop Gamez
i hope everyone understands that this video is staged. its not real. its full of actors. but the problem of homeless children and people is very real.
dancing nancy
I really bad want her to find you someone ho will love her and I started crying.
Jasmine Singh
Is this real?
LucarioFan 123
Omg I feel so bad if that happens to me I would probably do what she did U now what if I was rich but I not but if I was rich I would give her all my money or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
LS San andeas gamer
so sad hope she is better
she is a strong girl she still do what she can do instead of asking people for money
Yamileth Hernandez
thats so sad if i had a 100$ i would give it her
That is not real
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