A homeless 7-year-old who lives on the beach shows us exactly what courage looks like.

When she meets a stranger at 5:56, her story begins to unfold at 10:42...

After 7-years-old Jada lost her parents, the Department of Children and Family Services took her in. But understaffed and underfunded, Jada had few options for proper family placement.

So she ran away and lives alone on Venice Beach, making and selling stick people on the boardwalk to survive.

By following her through a day in her life, the story of who she is, why she is there, and who the man is that has come looking for her begins to unfold.

Used with permission from writer and director Doug Roland. For more of his work, visit http://omele.to/2lOgaNw.

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Brianna Wintren
She cannot possibly be alone, OMG! I'm like so mad right now
Dantay Sutherland
so inspirational yo
heaven Gilmore
I cried omg we are blessed to have our mom and dad and we need to be more thankful 😭😭😭
Jayla Lliviganay
That was so sad homeless kids I will tell them that you can be with me
golden potato pigs
ik the feeling of being homeless I've been homeless before god damn u dad he gambled way to much and took drugs. he was quite. annoying when he took drugs
golden potato pigs
at least he didn't give her a ignited cigar he's a bit responsible
Chaslyn Julianna
shes so strong i wouldnt be that strong
Chaslyn Julianna
did you guys help her find a new home?
Henry C
scripted af
Cookie Cutz
if shes homeless why does she have so white teeth
Samson Hendrix III
Someone better adopt her! At least she's not looking for handouts, she's trying!)
Pearl's Salt
1:57 god such a kind heart
I will be homeless soon!😭😭😭😭😭 This is why I watched this
good/panda/life //mc
this is there worst one yet bc they didnt make the story clear
Bryan Ryan
Ami Berry
She is too cute for me to handle
Nazo Khan
I cried when I saw that little baby
RiVeRsss Reeve
Squeaker alert 9:45
Avanna Pauline
What I will give to a homeless person:




Some money

( Maybe) phone


The Insane Baka
Why was she running away from the man?
WeAreAllFandomTrash :3
I want all those wood people
Angel Garcia
i been homeless for 1 year i was crying so much and i was alone no one even wanted to talk to me or adopt me😢😢😢😢
Gloria Haare
like dis comment if its sad
Basma Mansour
Is that her dad
[Insert Clever Name Here]
Oh my god..
Jester's Hat
I can't watch... sees man gave her a cigarette I QUIT!!!!!
You guys do know this is a setup it's not real
Burn The sandwing
A girl who wants a family, but doesn't need one to make her happy. Brave soul 😊
Themisca Theyward
my question is how is there missing posters of her and nobody notice people need to start opening there eyes
Themisca Theyward
this is the saddest video ever it crazy because nobody knew she was homeless mad me tear up and she was brave walking around
Bracer Jack
To all you adults out there, do not have a kid if you are going to abundant them, or else, you are just assholes.
iillamagirlii Are bootiful
This vid needs some milk!
Supa Flame
Wow Sikhs are so nice I myself is one and I went out with a crap ton of food and went to go and fed the Holmes I fed more then 1000 people
Beanie boos vids
that filled me with tears and love for her😘😩😢
sharon johnson
she's adorable, so cute. This was a great production, with a awesome little actress.
Totoro Cat
No offence but that man is quite bad for giving her a cigarette
Slave Way
Poptart Wynn
compared to her, I'm spoiled af...I hate myself now for whining, and not being thankful.
Melodixus Simmer
Is no one going to mention that she's that she's 3feet 8inches and weighs 35 pounds (2.5 stone)
This is wholly unacceptable for any society. God have mercy on us all.
merveille banza
May God bless, her in the name of Jesus Christ Amen <3
Jayden Buchan
that's a dumb ass!
Summer Trowbridge
So adorable
Jose Marquina
Marcus Holton
That was just 💔
Purple Pelli
How come they know where they are but don't tell someone that they found her
4:07 how to smoke
Jac Jed
oh no poor kid
Jac Jed
why the heck is that guy such a brat why is he letting the kid smoke
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