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I thank God for everything he’s done for me ❤️ this is a great message ☺️
Beverly Janan
She is not even smoking it
Ismael Vicente Ramos
T this video made me cry so much
Colton Yelverton
Good skit
Jameera Amos
Literally sitting here crying watching this. It's sad bc it's really kids who have to live like this. I feel so selfish that I take the little things for granted.
Jordan HDC
I cried when I seen this
Keiry Sanchez
I was crying❤💔💔😭😭
this was obviously scripted, directed & acted. so, I wanna know the real story, or if there was ever a real story
Shannon Johnson
I officially want to adopt a child someday.
Kittyclaw 2007
Ughhh the boy at the beggining, its my ship
Creepy Candy_xoxo
Wow I've never seen a child say 'shtty' or smoke.
Uche Richmond
The Indian guy be like... "what is this, no no no, thank you".
Judy Lam
She is strong
Judy Lam
Poor girl
Davis Singleton
That girls a savage
Texting stories Ep
Is that real
Haiyan Li
Guy at restraunt: nonono you don't have to pay nononono..... thank you.
Ricardo Constantine
OMG she has mah name
Josh Bouy
Arely Olmos
so sad
Gaming with Nadin
Yulia Yade
😞 so sad
Kiarra Bazan
That little girl runs faster than him
England is my City
Poor kid
Typical Gamer TV
is she homeless for ture????? :{
Typical Gamer TV
Family friends and pets Fun
you shoud not do not girl
Family friends and pets Fun
you are so cute girl I feal bad for you I whoud help yo
telle martin
What is this some kind of sick joke or something someone from the state of should get her off the street right away!!
princess of art killed it
So sad😱😱😞😞😨😭😭😭😭😵
Tramayne Santi
She put it up to her mouth
slime love
Omg she's is so cute and they say kids of her color are rude
Tabe Ebangha
Can someone please help tell me what the moral lesson here is. Because I didn't quit pick any.
I need help please. ✋
Trinity Hills Valley
I know jada im a homeless traveler and shes fine shes a strong child and special
Jap av
She looks like Flava..Flav..
Luca Noce
Yooooo this is a movie!!
Great Actress
Future Rap's VEVO
This Made Me Cry Sad 😟😢😭😭😭 HomeLess Man
Ashia Murphy
When she pretending to smoke that cigarette. That's me when I was a kid.
Valerie Mayweather
he gave her a cigarette!!!!!!!!
Liam Björk Ipek
I Have Adhd I Get Mad More Easier Than Other And My Teachers Always Gives Me Harder Lesson Working Ways But I've Understand The Life Can't be Perfect. even My kusins best friends grandpa died in front of HIM a Child doesn't Deserve to see that also i have Saw many bullies in the school and so and i Understand i need to live with this for My whole life and IF My parents Will die i Will still work to make others be There and always told that bully one day that you can't handle others in this way for HOW they look or acting 🙇‍♀️ 💧
Naomi Ramsey
If me and my mom saw this little girl oml we would start crying and take her home with us she's so adorable
kenetra window
I feel so bad
Airy Foster
I wish I knew the beach was so I could be like OK mom for going there and then I could be like oh man I play with you now little girl and then take her to an orphanage or something it's really sad I cried so much please Omeleto reply and tell me where she is I just really want to help her
#00750 xxMINECRAFT
Shes in los santos beach from gta 5!!!
OG_ Quire
She look like the dude
Darkskin_ Panda
This broke my heart 💔
Narcius A. Ridley
i want to have you as a sister
Ashley Luna
it's so sad
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