A homeless 7-year-old who lives on the beach shows us exactly what courage looks like.

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She meets a stranger at 5:56... and her story unfolds at 10:42...
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After 7-years-old Jada lost her parents, the Department of Children and Family Services took her in. But understaffed and underfunded, Jada had few options for proper family placement.

So she ran away and lives alone on Venice Beach, making and selling stick people on the boardwalk to survive.

By following her through a day in her life, the story of who she is, why she is there, and who the man is that has come looking for her begins to unfold.

Used with permission from writer and director Doug Roland. For more of his work, visit http://omele.to/2lOgaNw.

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Malik Hawkins
the is very sad
Sandra Torres
Omg this made me so sad almost about to cry
Pink Dope
Thus made me sad
I am Zackatack80
This just proves what kids are capable of, and it's amazing
underswap fangirl
She a bad ass
Chelsea Semahoro
Awwww Jada whatever her name is scared haha🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
George Young
that f up for taking her kid nowing she homeless
Willis Raw Dog
people think this is REAL? terrible acting
Kylie K.
This is staged.
big juice
All the people saying in the comments that they'd adopt her, would well and truly walk right past her holding a sign saying "spare change". you people are sick liars.
Bri Mercado
I am literally crying right now
Sonny Ngo Plays
I hate the part when you cry its so sad
Tulshi Pyakurel
Who else thinks the mom at the start is just racist i do
Okalani Wilson
kid swears at the very start
Kawaii Cat gamer
Poor little girl. Like if u want to help the poor⇦♡
Makes me sad😭 That I'm In A House And She's Not😭
Sweetie PIE
omg this channel makes me wanna cry
dog lover
I cried at the ending
Sulieman Yussuf
Where was this filmed
And where it was filmed because I wanna find her
Doge 420
This kids actor sucks
Doge 420
Okay i do not care how poverty stricken you are nobody has sticks for toys or sells sticks in the western world
Raylen Cosby
I creid
Cyane Moss
is she still homeless
Darrion Stone
Why df would you give her a cigarette
Briyani Stitt
The Zartdom
Clean clothes, clean shoes, and clean socks? Not homeless confirmed.
Serenity Rayne
Who ever disliked this. I hate u :) k bye
three awesome Kids
No offence but i didnt get it
Jackyblue67 Same
I love these short films made by you people thanks & I subbed ya also .
Betsy Carter
Is this a true story😢🤔
Betsy Carter
Is this a true story
amiah white
it made me cry :(
person 101 awa
Poor girl😰
Icey Jr.
This is sad
Derpy Babi
Geezus did u see the scars on her back was she abused by her aunt that's so sad 😭
Javier D. Nun
the only thing I can give to that girl is my respect
she deserves better
Douglas Andrade
awww this is sad
bossdealwithit No.1
Omg omelettos breaking the rules it said no free photos or vids but they are taking a vid
Cjay 27
The way he grabbed her I would have ran too
little colorful emo angel
Cute kid with street smarts is like the perfect child lol 😂
Paradise Lover
Is this real ?
Roblox Man2
who else is crying
Kayalaa Payne
Did you see those scar's in her back
Dana lee
I was literally crying, she is such a beautiful and confident girl😌
Keion Mclean
aww that lady look like a older version of jada
Bella L.
that guy is so nice to everyday give her a bag of food so she can be happy and healthy
Hannah's Channel Diy
Why would he give her a cigarette
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