Sriharsha A
Hmm... The original Net Neutrality II episode is not available, I wonder why...
so essentially she is saying that people with names like mine have no right on the internet.......... GOFCCYOURSELF... cunt
Well, let's see, thousands out of those one and a half MILLION comments use fake names. Let's be enormoulsy generous and say that 300.000 of those comments cannot be taken serious. That leaves only about 1.300.000 serious comments. But sure, around 18% of the comments cannot be taken serious, let's trash the remaining 82% as well. After all this is a democracy!
Nathan j
Don't let them get you John we all know and appreciate your comedy
Incog Neato
I don't care what anyone says, John Oliver has nice hands.
Aaron S
I swear my internet has been doing this for years
Jessie Rose
Very informative
They picked a fight with the internet, what did they expect?
Aakash Sharma
So bold and so true,... India is a democracy for namesake . We cannotsay thesethings outright ew
Ben Lu
Sean Salzman
"Writing racist things on the internet is not how you win the Net Neutrality debate, it's how you win the presidency." - John Oliver

This quote should be written in history books.
Charlie Welsh
I'm Batman
I can't believe they put a pic of Stephen Colbert! I mean look at his face when he says that they put up the wrong guy's pic, it must have really hurt Trevor Noah's feeling...
Emma Jones
Geckos cannot fuck in space! That part is completely FAKE NEWS!
Emma SpAce
dude on the news could have just been doing a double take because the dude on the monitor footage was not john oliver
Long Live The Community Of Toshavo!
Damn bitch lady
Tobin Wine
want to make more comments? go to to submit one
you don't want my name
The iDubbbz joke of dropping n-bombs all over the place is... Maybe not really wanted here. :/
Sir Cakington
I don't think the FCC realises that this affects them too
Nitsua anime
I literally just got done doing it and i went to the gofccyourself link and no message popped up :(
A. C. Rusinov
In my hometown, a company called Megacable blocked Google in favour of their shitty fucking search engine. I can't stress how bad this cyber-turd was. Yes, I had better luck using Bing and Yahoo. These things do happen and if you let Net Neutrality be neutered, you might find yourself watching only state-sanctioned media, watching what "they" tell you to watch. 'Cause you have no other option. Let everyone know about this, 'cause I've seen the other side of the coin on this matter, Folks, and let me tell ya, it ain't pretty...
Ever wonder why Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify are not lobbying
against the plan to nix net neutrality? The deal was cut and the people
were not invited. Who loses and who profits? The only websites that will
be streamed through are the big corporate conglomerates. It's good for
all of them. Not so good for any of us.
If I want to go to Burger King, I don't need to pay McDonald's for the privilege to do so. Why would anyone want it to be any different on the internet? Granted, something as simple as 'innocent until proven guilty' is already backwards on the internet, referencing Copyright and the DMCA (which needs _fixed_), but we should never accept such stupidity.
Lady said: "[...] because when you look at those comments, thousands are using fake names [...]" "[...] you see a lot of racist comments [...]"

Welcome to the internet jerk. What did you excpect when you let people know what they think about your shitty move.
Without net neutrality, I'll lose my job before I even get one as a web developer.
Tricky Piston
Ajit Pai has a bigger mug than you now, please one-up him. Do it for the people
So, the FCC wanna fuck with thee, and let you be steve? (did they try to shut you down, on MTV?)
Sebastian Lind
fuck you 4 eyed fag.
Sai Vishnu
I fucking love this man
Ramona Marshall
My Comment Sent... thought I'd share

I'm in favor of a strong net neutrality position with heavy protection of
article II classification that currently exists. July 12 is the Protect
Net Neutrality Day of Action, and we should be celebrating and
protecting it... not throwing it away to corporate monopolies and greed.
The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely
important to me as well as the vast majority of Americans and Small
Business Owners. I urge you to protect our rights as citizens with free
will and continue our ability to have the freedom and inalienable rights
of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The internet and
existing net neutrality laws protecting article II ensures these natural
rights for the 21st century and beyond. Our world is changing vastly
and quickly because of internet and technology advances. Many Start-Ups
and Americans rely on Net Neutrality to provide them with the
necessities of life and ability to pursue their dreams which gives them,
and their families, happiness and liberty of both financial and
physical woes. Net Neutrality is based on LIBERTY for all! It's been the
only platform that hasn't been majorly corrupted by government and
corporations. It's a free space and level-playing field that allows all
AMERICANS to display and portray in many creative ways our 1st Amendment
for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press all day.... every day...
"Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or
PROHIBITING the FREE exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of
If you take away Article II of Net Neutrality... you are infringing upon
that Freedom of the American People by WILLINGLY giving 5
communications corporations the power to control and infringe on our
NATURAL RIGHTS by hindering who-can and who-can't be seen; who-can and
who-can't be heard.... our right to choose who we wish to receive our
data and information from! You are ALLOWING them to STEAL this right
from us and STEAL our freedom of choice. SO PROTECT Article II and a
Strong Net Neutrality by keeping our existing law untouched and
unstained by corporate greed and corruption.
I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down,
give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into
"fast lanes" for companies that pay, and "slow lanes" for the rest who
can't buy-in to play. Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what
we see and do online. We are NOT the Communist States of America, but
United through Democracy,Liberty and Patriotism; this may be an obtuse
statement but it gets the seriousness across. Censorship by ISPs is a
generously HUGE problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix. AT&T blocked
FaceTime. Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of
Legends. Verizon admitted it will introduce "fast lanes" for sites that
pay, as well as "slow lanes" for everyone else upon the FCC lifting
current laws and rules.
This hurts consumers and businesses both large and small. Courts have
made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must
let ISPs offer "fast lanes" to websites for a fee. Chairman Pai has made
clear that he intends to do this exactly to the 'T'. If some companies
can pay ISPs to have their content load faster; startups and small
businesses that can't pay those fees, because money don't grow on trees,
won't be able to compete in this atrocity. This is classic greed. You
will KILL the spirit of having a democratic & free open marketplace
that has enabled millions of small businesses to thrive and be created
becoming the largest part of our healthy economy.... You will become a
DESTROYER of DREAMS, because the BIG 5 will be able to charge fees, for
website deliveries, then Average Americans won't have the money to pay
these expensive FEES... making it harder for bloggers, innovators,
e-commerce stores, nonprofits/charities, innovators, tech apps, artists,
and SO many more who can't pay up and will NEVER be seen... NEVER be
heard... crushing their DREAMS!
I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding but worry Chairman Pai, a
former Verizon lawyer, has set his devious plans and will ignore me
along with millions of other Americans. So I'm also sending this to my
members of Congress.
Join me... Join US... Join the movement.... Protect the current Net
Neutrality and dissuade this man of greed at the FCC to not hold hostage
our rights of choice and free speech.... don't be a destroyer of
dreams... and leave our current Article II classification be!
Mr Roboto310
I don't want slow porn
actuality having sex in space is difficult because blood flow doesn't work all that well in space
Greg D
The comments to the FCC are open again through . Can John do another short new update video reflecting this change?
joshua armstrong
what the hell is names with filers on the fcc express comment, how do i use it
Cressy Cresitonia
People using aliases online. wow who would have though? Guess that's a reason to dismiss every comment.
Call the FCC Chairman at 202-418-1000
Ghost Liberty
from the greenway draft constitution :
All citizens of Greenway are entitled to neutrality and fair access of
media and may operate an information system unobstructed. No person
shall be subject to circumvention within their right to fair access of
accurate information.
can you tell me how to get, how to get to 420 butthole streeeeet?
Mordecai Epsilon
I straight up didn't notice that was Stephen Colbert.
I used to be proud to say I was American.
Now it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
"Land of the Free"
Y'all don't realise it's THE CURRENT YEAR
"That's not John Oliver, this is John Oliver!" cuts to this photo:
J Conway
And the desk/set was from "The Colbert Report" as opposed to his current gig at Late Night. LOL!
Ashley Anderson
More great content from this channel, keep it up Stephen!
That's really fucked up and rude to Stephen Colbert... he looks nothing like a product that came from between a gopher and squirrel that had sex
As a resident of the great country of Iceland, i have at least 4 options for high-speed internet service.
If any of them needs to bow down to this sort of bullshit, i'll just start my own isp with blackjack and hookers.
christopher mahon
This week Arizona residents (including myself) got an email from Cox Communications that all customers will be capped at 1TB of data a month, starting next month. $10 every 50GB after that.

Silver lining: "Some features that won't affect Cox data usage include: Cox digital telephone, HomeLife services and most video content accessed by cable receivers, the Contour app or" .. so thats a plus.

I would shop around for another HSC offering/competitor but, oh yea, there arent any.
Mr. Immortal
J-Bird Oliver
"420 buthole st" roflmao
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