Scariest Moments in MMA History

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A compilation of the scariest moments in MMA history.

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This video includes:
Scary Moments in MMA
Scariest Moments
Scariest Moments in MMA History
Instant Karma in MMA
Scariest Moments in UFC
Funniest MMA Moments in History
Scary Moments Compilation
Scariest Moments Compilation
Family Friendly

Fight Focus
Hope you all enjoy!
Anand Mote
broke more✖
Ninja 22
there was once a girl who beat another girls head against the concrete she killed that girl
dominik leopold
6:12 is that warmachine that ruthless black dude is walking up at ???!!! :O he gotta have balls to walk up on psycho warmachine for a streetfight
ßãđ ßøý
Do it 😂😂😂
Daniel Jesus
Resume of the video: Beep...Beep Beep...BeepBeep....Beep...BeepBeep...Beep...Beep...BeepBeep
Trisha Bernal
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Ylva Rasmussen
Jeez never stuff your fingers in the mouth of someone who is having a seizure. Basic first aid. Basic common sense.
Zaheri GT
Fucking retard why you censored bad words its fucking ear rape sound
tay Unchiha
This is bad video
Alexander Claes
lead explain generous park join worry bottom pole push customer plan thirty.
Jahkaya Couchman
It wouldn’t be a UFC clip without at least one McGregor clip
The only thing you hear by conor is pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Man why do people try to break up fights, let them at it, and end it there. Unless they're actually about to end them then maybe you should do something about it
Micro #1
Burger King sponsored that knock out
Daily Happenings
5.50: Dunbar was conscious when he arrived at the hospital but already had lost movement in his legs. He had only weak feeling in his arms. Tests showed he did not sustain serious head injuries but had dislocated two vertebrae — one forward, one backward — crushing his spinal cord.

"(It) was a complete injury from the very beginning," said Mark Chwajol, the neurosurgeon who performed the seven-hour surgery on Dunbar.

Doctors told him he probably will never walk again. On Christmas Eve, one week after the fight, Dunbar's lung collapsed, and he later underwent a tracheotomy. He is confined to his hospital bed and may never breathe without the aid of a ventilator. Chwajol said Dunbar will need months of rehabilitation before possibly regaining strength in his arms and fingers.

Dunbar does not have insurance. His mother, Kathy, doesn't know how she'll pay for his growing medical costs. Already relegated to a wheelchair after suffering a series of strokes several years ago, Kathy depended on her son as her caretaker, his wages paid by the state. She is seeking public aid and donations but said she has not been contacted by the promoters — Nilo Soto of Berwyn, owner of Fight Card Entertainment; or his business partner Brian Angelo — regarding insurance coverage or financial support.
5:50 HOLY SHIT, you can hear his neck break
That last dude got folded
i really wanna bone a MMA girl ! i want her to cum on my dick and tighten it up so bad that she nearly rips it off
Hiep Nguyen
who chose McGregor Conor for boxing or fight I thought that guy is not smart enough how to pick a right one.
Hiep Nguyen
McGregor Conor this guy sim like with out educated. the ways he acts like stupid asshole. this guy sim like no embarrassing no shyness.
hip hope
5:53 wtf the man dead this reef is blind or is a joke man lock a his Nick
Joshua Johnson
nonetheless missile closer desire know discipline wisdom except application
Tonny White
3:00 i really wanna know what the heck happened to the white guy lol, looks pretty damn serious on his skull & breathing
Wong Wai-Kit
Replace the beeps with more ear friendly sounds
So many roid raging thugs, what a bunch of goons. Punching someone a bunch of times after they've been knocked out should result in an immediate ban...
Win DaVidKid
7:14 Luke Cage gets mad
Tyler Douglas
Why is there gay pussy shit for dick suckers in a fighting video
Kill Me
I love BJ Penn so much
Why does a black tuff looking guy sounds like a white little kid tf 😂😂😂
Wildmax 3112
Wtf happens with the guy in the starting
1:22 When That angry feminist says "Hit Me"
yeah sure pls use the same wideo twice for a lot of times to do a long video xD idiot
Kapil Saini
What the😠😠 do you think this is SCARY....
Devan Stevens
Who the fuck would fight Conor...little scrawny guy like that...
Oy Boyo
remember kids. when u need to exceed 10 minutes, just reuse a clip from a minute earlier.
Fx Swayz
They bleep out swear words but show violence lmao
I hope McGregor smacks Kevin Lee all the way to a bus station home
5:50 what the fuck? It looks like he broke his fucking neck... nice ref
Olu Tunji
1:39 "ain't no one gone touch Conor
Dont talk about his mom guys.
Andres Hines
1:36 beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Exo Duz
i feel bad for 4:10
btw what is his name(the knockout)
10:46 i'm not violent or so but that camera man should stick to filming porn instead of ruining great mma fights. period.
MégaRayquaza 1511
What the fuck is happening to the first guy ??
Stuebe Doo
saying ill do something about it top conor mcgregor is like singing a death wish
Kimberly Moonshine
The neck one was hard to watch I was creep out
Cyycy Cyycy
5:55 how can you be so inhuman, i mean i get it, its professional fighting but still to put someone like that? I could never do that to someone.
Wajeeh Hankeer
5:50 9:00 the scariest moments
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