Incredible cutting skill - splitting paper into two halves

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As I was asked several times to splitt paper into two halves I decided to prove that and here is the result. The thickness of the paper is 0,1 mm. Have to say very sharp knife was used to make this.

Are we gonna split hairs here?
I find this incredibly satisfying
Debay Rahiant
so the question is what is the function of having this skill?
Marc-André Morin
4 min of my life wasted lol ffs
JR Palm
I mean you could have just said "thanks"
illyrian Shala
Woow what knife is
Aarush Soni
Wow this is amazing! Only if I had those mind-boggling skills 😆
Public Opinion
Isn't this what prisoners stick up their bums to pass hit list around?
andrei andrei
i think this knife is sharp.
DjBranco Official
Where do you buy this knife
Trevor Schulze
What kind of knife is that?
This is pretty mind blowing.
G Ste
Do make your own "tobacco" papers?
João Monteiro
Não sabia que isto seria possível.
G. Burkett Sr.
what kind of knife?
Marija Dogandzic
skill and a scarry sharp knife..brr :-)
2017 Camaro
is it me or is this video just so satisfying?
Pralka TV
What is the secret to get this level of sharpness?
Chris Daldy-Rowe
The paper's thin cardboard ffs lol
Lezlie Brian
thats easy I can do that crap siting on a flat surface and with new print as well
what knife is that and where can i buy it
C H I L L Aleks
is this how shitty toilet paper is made
deadly famous
That thats not impressive
Alex Draxer
Michal Kadlec its also nice to know you really pay attention to your commenters, who are now fans :).
Alex Draxer
I just love the fact that in the video titled "worlds sharpest knife" where there were many haters, one of them said for you to cut a piece of paper into two halves, and you then proceeded to do that.
Udo Kupsch
Wait - did you just skin a sheet of paper?!
Efrain Ramos
is that a skill or a way to cut paper in two leaves
Cruzan Tech
Wow this is very original u just gained a subscriber
MinSoo Kim
wow this shit is crazy
Galaxies XIES
Did anyone else think of that knife from Kung Fu Panda, the blade that cuts you if u just even look at it?
This is how 2-ply was invented.
Dhaval Tandel
Which Knife?
Commented on another post. Wasn't meant to pirate it but this shows the dedication we all should have to achieve THAT edge! VN. It's patience, being able to repeat stokes (jigs help that, I prefer whetstones by hand but the end result is there - hair popping sharp knife). Get to that point of refinement which ever way you're most comfortable & what works best for you.
javon rabb
When the teacher lets you use a cheat sheet and she says only one sheet of paper is allowed...
Dave Halliday
About 50 years ago, there was a plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA who used to do this to a dollar bill while talking to prospective clients.
next up, skinning a cockroach
Ethan Mostoller
Holy crap that is sharp. Hope you don't have children.
Try shaving using that knife!
The Best Galaxy
varun yadav
did you get lazy and just wrote thanks instead of thankyou ?
hey Jude
I never knew paper cut like that
Tom Rieken
im watching a dude splice paper. Its been enough youtube for today.
Did you just fillet a piece of paper
CAn you send a link to that Japanese knife comapny?
You really need to play five finger fillet with that knife xD
Brett Baxter
i hope you get this. i must know what kind of stone are you useing? what degree of angle are you useing? can you do is with any knife or can this be done only to japanese knifes?
Le Commenter
I have a buck knife, and I need to try this xD
try cut hair to half
Mathias Ryhänen
This must be the most satisfying video i've ever seen :D
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