Incredible cutting skill - splitting paper into two halves

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As I was asked several times to splitt paper into two halves I decided to prove that and here is the result. The thickness of the paper is 0,1 mm. Have to say very sharp knife was used to make this.

Big Smoke
varun yadav
did you get lazy and just wrote thanks instead of thankyou ?
hey Jude
I never knew paper cut like that
Tom Rieken
im watching a dude splice paper. Its been enough youtube for today.
Did you just fillet a piece of paper
CAn you send a link to that Japanese knife comapny?
You really need to play five finger fillet with that knife xD
Brett Baxter
i hope you get this. i must know what kind of stone are you useing? what degree of angle are you useing? can you do is with any knife or can this be done only to japanese knifes?
Le Commenter
I have a buck knife, and I need to try this xD
try cut hair to half
Mathias Ryhänen
This must be the most satisfying video i've ever seen :D
Sandra McManus
Dude, you should have been a surgeon, holy crap.
is that knife even sharp??
Black Knight
Now split it into 3
Adelmo Worytko
thats one way to end a video
Shafa Begum
This video answered my life long question!😁
Banner !
WOW DIS IS SOOO........boring
this is probably one of the most relaxing videos I've ever seen like it's put me to sleep last night
No Body
Its a good skill, not incredible
Luca Maggiulli
chinese steel
Not sure why I watched this, but thanks for being so satisfying.
why was this in my recommended? and why is this so damn cool
Dr. Pena
I mean thats cool and stuff but why would you want to be able to do this how does it come in handy?
Bigfoot And Bananaman
So sharp! Did you sharpen it yourself? Also you are fantastic at controlling the knife
What a waste of time.... Stupid...
Thomas Hanson
With skills like that you could be a brain surgeon. I simply cannot imagine why 77 people would give this a thumb down. 1 thumb up.
Nezek Mage
One question: why?
twoja stara
So that's what people do when they have too much time.
omg so sharp
plz. show me that it is not just 2 peaces of paper glued together..
Nobody Home
Must be Toledo Steel ...
today in skills you dont ever need
michael fisher
Joe Daniels
I karate chopped a slice of paper in half once. pretty easy
how didnt he cut himself in the end?
wtf kind of knife is that?? jeezz im scared
Quan Nguyen
So cool
Martin Huszár
So? I can do that with toilet paper as well... even into 3 pieces! Just bare hands
Gerard Joling
just 2 pieces of paper........ scam
Bot Szilard
i see you never miss. All fingers are there. good job btw
wow thats a great paper, can you pls link it ?
my boyfriend would love to get his knives that sharp. he has 20 or 30 different wet stones, as he calls them. I personally will not use any of the knives he sharpens, because I cut myself every time I use them. being sharp enough to slice paper in halves is really really sharp. I would loose a finger or two using something that sharp. yes this guy that split the paper. nice work, it takes steady hands to do that. good job fella.
I am Doge
what the fuck am I doing with my life
Yolo Joe
that knife is scary sharp, just tap the blade lightly and your finger is gone
Fin Booms
Quite impressive!
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