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Which of us is the favorite child?
Do you remember when I lost my virginity, and how’d you know?
What’s my biggest flaw?
Were you jealous of me growing up? If so, be specific.
Have you ever stolen from me? 
If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? 
Who’s the more successful sibling?
Have you ever stolen from our parents?
Who’s the better looking sibling?
Who’s the smarter sibling?
Who’s the sluttier sibling? 
Have you ever heard me having sex?
Have you ever slept with one of my friends or exes?
Which parent do you like better? Why?
Am I a good brother/sister?
Have you ever had sex in my bed?
How many sexual partners have you had?
Do I or have I ever disappointed you?

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Maurits van Uffelen
Dean ;)
Taehyungie & Jungkookie
Older dipper and mabel anyone?
Electra Rat
madison lowkey looks like gaga
Angel M
Omg I love this girl
Flo Curlz
Can some gif 2.15 please
Allison Lopez
Madison and her nephew should make a video 😭
Lisa Persson
That lip bite though
i wish every brother was this cool with his sister. not giving a fuck about who she sleeps with. the world would have been a better place.

i was very close minded about the idea that my sister would fuck around with guys. in my culture people will shame you and tell you that your sister is slut. i just want to tell them that fuck off it's her body and she is free to do what ever she wants you dick also not my fault if she fucks everyone.

now im open minded person and i don't care about my sister's sexuality because it's weird if i did she is not my girlfriend.
Alex G
They should have their mom on
Abraham Washington
I would fuck Madison... doggy style
Madison is a baddy.
pretty sure they are not siblings

siblings dont talk about those topics....
Madison tho!!!
Jeremy W
Whats madisons insta?
Masoami Kida
Blaines kinda cute
Corey Williams
Wait, he has a wife? Holy fuck, he is camp as hell.
I need a Blaine in my life
honestly sibling goals!
Tala Memmott
Who's the hotter sibling? I'm straight as the gay's ain't, but the dude wins girl.
Jake L
Madison and Blaine are icons... plain and simple
3:18 this could be easily taken out of context 😂😂
Am I the only one who is interested in the whole Mexico trip story? Like that sounds hell of interesting.
Malea Dela Cruz
Need more of Madison
Anybody know what jacket he's got
Neil McDonah
Madison is my favorite person from Cut.
Lucas Awesome
id fuck the shit out of madison
Annaleisa Barron
I love them
AllieHasNoSocialLife yay
I have never laughed this hard in my life😂
Blaine is fine ASF
AndreiaMRLM200 XD
She reminds me so much of Tina fey
Lena Mendes
I love her oh my god
Buffy Buff
"You're fucking dad" noooooo I cantttt ahahha 😂😂😂
Buffy Buff
Gaaaah I love them. They both look so much like their father, especially him lol 😄😄😄
Сима Шустрая
Ахахахах, лол
Arianna Holmes
It's funny how they can be this close and open to talk about that
imagine owls
Watched it a second time and realized he said he has a wife. My life is over.
_selling_non_gmo_quality_memes_ten_cents_ _
My name's Madison too
Sajedha • Alamkhan
"any sort of gagging makes me puke" ... well ain't that a surprise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sakura Kate Japan
My favourite sibling!!!
Adrian Valdez
If you're chill with your siblings, you can talk about anything you want without any awkwardness. Love your siblings
I want to hang out with them😗
need more of Madison
Eww Chloe
My kids better be this close
I get thaaaat diccccck innn thiiiiiissss P$ssssssssaaaaaaa!😂😂
Ashari Wentz
They remind me of Claire and Mitchell from modern family
I'm glad they aren't repressed and are scared to talk about shit.
Sumra Khan
They're both gorgeous 😂
They're both so beautiful
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