Blaine & Madison | Siblings

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut!

Which of us is the favorite child?
Do you remember when I lost my virginity, and how’d you know?
What’s my biggest flaw?
Were you jealous of me growing up? If so, be specific.
Have you ever stolen from me? 
If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? 
Who’s the more successful sibling?
Have you ever stolen from our parents?
Who’s the better looking sibling?
Who’s the smarter sibling?
Who’s the sluttier sibling? 
Have you ever heard me having sex?
Have you ever slept with one of my friends or exes?
Which parent do you like better? Why?
Am I a good brother/sister?
Have you ever had sex in my bed?
How many sexual partners have you had?
Do I or have I ever disappointed you?

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Madisen Nembhard
I love the ones with Madisen but not because the name because she's funny
they're both so good looking their parents must be beautiful
Nuvia CG
Blaine is beautiful
Nashanya Niumata
0:9 to 0:23 the way she said it
Acacia Coffelt
he reminds me so much of Nick Swardson
Amanuel Wolde
I would kill my sister if she knew about my sex life haha but it's like another day of life for them 😂😂
Leticia Z
I love this family
Aine Rooney
she reminds me of Anna kendrick
Ok, Seriously, Madison is my spirit animal. I'm in love with her, like seriously.
Destiny Summer
They didn't even truth or drink really. It was more truth AND drink 😂
Angela V
antonela becerra
Josie Kamara
i love madison
Fajer Alqahtani
I will never have that type of conversation with my brother.😯
Umbweumbwe Africa
....damnnn boy wife???

but I still say we slide into his DM doeee .. were my betches at ??!!!
jamie irvine
I love how open there relationship is
Amber Rose
Damn genetics motherfuckers!! Hot dad beautiful children. Bet the mom's pretty good too.
Andreea Anastasiu
Blaine kinda looks like a young Jensen Ackles
Nicola Mac
After watching this channel's would you rather, I thought Blaine would be more evil-looking.
Ginger man
I'd fuk either of them
denisse chuco
They are HOT
Sophia Shetley
1:00 Dead😂😂😂
Bruce Bruce
Ethan Rogers
I'll definitely smash Madison
MORE MADISON, she's hot n funny
Parker Pederson
0:04 I guess she throws up on everyone's dick
They need YouTube channels asap
oliver sommer
i love how he's just like, i know i only have to drink when i don't want to answer but f*ck it free booze :D
Noah Woodworth
this one was just truth AND drink
Stefana Lupu
Sibling goals af.They are so cute
Kodi Swank
it seems like Blaine just kept poring shots, but didn't he answer every question ?
peaches n cream
They were drinking through out the whole thing but they were answering all the questions lmaooo
Kurban Durdiyev
Shit, what the fuck happened in Mexico???
Laughed so hard 😂
Kirsten Carys
Blaine is hot!
Layah XO
Okay I love them 😂 they are just like me and my brother lol
Tanya Lopez
"Who's the better looking sibling?"
Madison: I don't know... what do you think that? 0:53
Gaither Vlogss
Omg I love them
Anyone else notice they're asking the questions, answering all of them, and both taking continuous shots anyway?
Melany Ramirez Restrepo
They should do more videos
Camila Sales
God bless those genes
Evelyn Gallego
Okay they are sibling goals. I'm gonna make my brother watch this 50 times so he can be like that....but he's 10 right now we'll wait 6 years for that.
Jesslyn Jeje
Ella Bryant
I thought he was gay what
sharon m
i love them 😭
Joan Edessey
these two needs to have their own series
QuickMoveZed ! CS:GO
Im a siblinge too and cant imagine to talk like This to her... awkward
Mega Sánchez
Im crushing on Madison so hard.
tj jefferson
I like her personality. I'd totally give her the pipe but I don't think I'd date her lol
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