10 People Who Accidentally Discovered Monsters

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10 Animals you won't believe exist!
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With 8.7 million species in this world, it’s no wonder there are some unusual and mysterious looking creatures out there. From antelopes with healing horns to wasps that look like pandas, join us as we explore 10 mysterious creatures you have never heard about.

Let’s start with the frilled shark. This scary creature is very rarely seen by humans as it mainly lives in the deep depths of the ocean. They have 300 teeth and can reach up to 7 feet in length! They also hold a record of the longest gestation period of 42 months.  

And then there’s the star-nosed mole, that looks like a rat mixed with an octopus. They’re impressively light and small, and their tentacles move five times faster than your hand! The sensory tentacles help them detect and examine food before eating it. Besides their star-shaped tentacles, they also have a water-resistant fur, which comes in handy as they live in underwater tunnels.

Did you know that blobfish was named “the world’s ugliest animal” in 2013? This harmless-looking mysterious creature mainly floats along the depths of the ocean, surviving on whatever swims into their mouths. Not much is known about these creatures, but many fear they are on the verge of extinction as they are very rarely seen or caught. 

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