Julia H
Bozo The Clown
This gave me so many ideas for where to hid stupid shit not even drugs like a condom or ciggie or some shit
Christine Claiborne
Their secret might be that they are just trying to cope. Lend them a hand.
cameron schultz
Reminds me of the Report days when he said math was evil and proved it by spelling hELL
broken theatre gaming
I cant tell if he is being sarcastic sometimes
Salena Rafn
Talk about a nose burner, this shit is ridiculous
New studies show, that teens hide alc, and drugs in their blood.
Quickfix, remove the blood from the kid,
Olivia McCarthy
Omg burrito! 😍
Retarded parents. If your child is already doing hardcore drugs, then what is the point of finding out about it? You have already lost the battle right there, and let's face it, not matter how much therapy they get they shall never live the life they were meant to live. They shall always life a half life.

And this distrust between parent and child, this lack of parenting is what causes this fall to occur. If a child's future was a computer program, then drugs are a virus and parenting is a firewall. Instead of these parents parenting properly and keeping drugs from getting to their child, they are more keen on finding the virus once it is there and has already done damage to a child's future. Removing the virus then does nothing to restore the program to its original state and unlike machines, children cannot be reprogrammed (without inhumane ways at least).

My point is that there should be trust between parent and child, a sense of friendship. My mother has advised me on many things and she has given me a lot of freedom. Because of that, if I ever do drugs, I would be breaking her trust and there is nothing a human being hates more than to break the trust of a loved person. But if the parent does not trust the child, if they treat him guilty, then the child does not have that firewall in his mind to keep drugs away.
Russell Paterek
"We found your 70 stashes of drugs, what do you have to say for yourself?"
"...and you missed my isis throw pillow?"
Noa Harriott
maybe the real drugs were the ones hidden inside us all along
Friedrich Nietzsche
All those news segments did were give me tips
My right wing extremist Arizona parents inspected my eyes, smelled my breath and were going through my clothes and bedroom hoping to catch me doing something bad. That 'I got you now' moment was a reward they sought vigorously. But the double barrel 12 gauge sawed off shot gun under my bed was a non issue. Nothing to see there. Conservative values on parade.
Yukimura Sanada
Porn equals Drugs? Seriously?
Nana Chunk
1:40 the mile 420 sign is enough for me to be suspicious haha
That's a highly fluffy cat, right there.
The candle thing, really? Spoons are still a thing you know.
Take It or Leave It Reviews
There goes my hero, watch him as he goes...I heart you Colbs
Brooke R
Why isn't the late show posting as often as they normally do?
Mark Daher
colbert just aint funny
J. Fabricio Elías
Ang D
I hide snacks because I have siblings 😔
damn guys, we've been caught.. any other good hiding spots for my bad grades?
I came back for Burrito
This scare tactic bullshit just makes me irrationally stabby.
Emily Leavitt
I'd hide drugs in you Stephen....just sayin!
Helena Nilsson
Wait, people still use calculators? Come on, that's superfluous. Why buy a calculator when you can buy a phone that's essentially a calculator that you can also play games, google porn and call your dealers on?
jaime delgado
damn it Steven just gave up our stash sites
D .willis
Anyone else notice the "final lie" before-hand?
now I'm ashamed to be an adult, thanks a lot newsjerks!
Brandon Johnston
Burrito is so fuzzy!
PJ Svenska
Is it just me going all freudian or is SC really really sexy?
Diego O' Land
OMG! that's awesome. My kids stash their drugs in my liver.
Chum Kh
These are nothing but just hyped up bullshits .
Cletus Kasady
Where can I get those pillows? Seriously though XD
man , its always weird when " Teens " are the subject
and yeah , i was a teen one day , and thats wt makes it more weird
one step closer to Idiocracy, murica fook yeah
Condom tapas. We've all done it
Lock 'em all up!
Robert Meyer
i love you Stephen...keep on calling trump a cock holster
Who also first read "Teens React" in the title?
did he really bring back a 15 year old joke, oh god im old lol
Brian Link
Tip of the drugberg ROFL
James Moseley
Wow. That news station has absolutely nothing. All I learned is that Arizona anchors are very creative at hiding their drugs in teenage bedrooms. That's creepy on multiple levels.
kids kooking heroin
Дмитрий Бродович
Whadda fook wuz zis epizode ????!!!!
Because we know how much Colbert loves teens. Got some Anthony Wiener action going on the side sicko Stevie?
Klara Stern
Julia Heisenberg
The cat as a bag full of weed hahahah
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