The Late Show's Teen Secrets

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Stephen peers beneath the 'Teen Secrets Narc Desk' to inform parents about the latest trends in adolescent drug-doing.

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This scare tactic bullshit just makes me irrationally stabby.
Emily Leavitt
I'd hide drugs in you Stephen....just sayin!
Helena Nilsson
Wait, people still use calculators? Come on, that's superfluous. Why buy a calculator when you can buy a phone that's essentially a calculator that you can also play games, google porn and call your dealers on?
jaime delgado
damn it Steven just gave up our stash sites
D .willis
Anyone else notice the "final lie" before-hand?
now I'm ashamed to be an adult, thanks a lot newsjerks!
Brandon Johnston
Burrito is so fuzzy!
PJ Svenska
Is it just me going all freudian or is SC really really sexy?
Diego O' Land
OMG! that's awesome. My kids stash their drugs in my liver.
Chum Kh
These are nothing but just hyped up bullshits .
Cletus Kasady
Where can I get those pillows? Seriously though XD
Ahmed Ibrahim
man , its always weird when " Teens " are the subject
and yeah , i was a teen one day , and thats wt makes it more weird
Freelancer 117
one step closer to Idiocracy, murica fook yeah
Condom tapas. We've all done it
Lock 'em all up!
Robert Meyer
i love you Stephen...keep on calling trump a cock holster
Who also first read "Teens React" in the title?
did he really bring back a 15 year old joke, oh god im old lol
Brian Link
Tip of the drugberg ROFL
James Moseley
Wow. That news station has absolutely nothing. All I learned is that Arizona anchors are very creative at hiding their drugs in teenage bedrooms. That's creepy on multiple levels.
kids kooking heroin
Дмитрий Бродович
Whadda fook wuz zis epizode ????!!!!
Because we know how much Colbert loves teens. Got some Anthony Wiener action going on the side sicko Stevie?
Klara Stern
Julia Heisenberg
The cat as a bag full of weed hahahah
General Public
Don't eat Burrito!!! No, he's not a burrito, he's a cat! Seriously Colbert, if you take one more step towards that microwave with that cat in your arms... oh good, the cat jumped out of your arms to safety and is now eating marijuana out of a duffel bag. Good, now everything will be groovy, baby.
Elle P
Burrito's huuuugggge! I want to see more Burrito please !!! <3 <3 <3
kiliyah perry
dude the news is probably helping kids better hide there drugs.
Silent Hunter
I read the title: "Teen reacts to The late shows" my bad...
Grigoria Velichkova -Trance Gori
this was hilarious!
Flynnie Junior
And it gets even worse. I, in an attempt to hide drugs from my parents, put my weed inside my remote vibrator. And let me tell you, ny girlfriend did not appreciate it when I forgot about it.
Danillo Rodrigues
Max Hess
I didn't realize teens could be this stupid. And I'm a teen.
Vin Grier
you know what's weird about these news stories? it warns parents BUT it also gives the teens ideas they didn't already know
Nick Yolo
lol i knew how to write boobs and found out by myself how to make it boobies, steven knows...
Sarah Barry
I think I buy that pillow
lol yes my TI-Nspire CX CAS is my weed stash?
Why did Stephen name his cat burrito?
Even the cats are fucking fat in America 😂
Poly Orchid
is this real?
Colton Glasgow
as a teen I find it funny to watch paranoid adults losing their mind trying to conspire how about 1% of teens function
I remember there was a book that said kids hiding in closets was a sign they did drugs.
Drugs!? Everything is drugs! Banana made of drugs, monkey made of drugs. Look. All market made of drugs
That "Mile 420" sign kind of gave away the fact there was a stash hidden somewhere
Juan Trip
Now you've got to change the costume !
Jonny B
As if teens are the only people who cook heroin in tea light candles and as if it's a recent thing. Haha
Jessica Kelly
Legalize, regulate, and educate to save lives - SSDP, MAPS, NORML, DPA. Google!!
Πληγωμένος Πρίγκιπας
Satan is also in calculators.hit7734 and saya hell.then add a 5 and it says shell,an evil oil company.
INFOWARS has the newz you need. OMG - my calculator is a meth lab!! I thot those numbers seemed awfully HIGH! Thanks so much for this lick of reality!! Let's pray the drugs away!! Please send burrito to my secret PO Box - for Safety's Sake!!!
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