Do Horseshoe Crabs STING?!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds a Horseshoe Crab while tide pooling in Maine!

More closely related to spiders and scorpions than crabs these ocean dwelling creatures have roamed the seas since the time of the dinosaurs. Today they can be found all over the world but only come close enough to shore certain times a year to reproduce. However timing these events can be hard to predict and it was only be mere chance that the Brave Wilderness team was able to happen upon one of these bizarre arthropods.

Now the only questions is…since they are closely related to scorpions, do Horseshoe Crabs sting?! 

Get ready to find out! 

Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! 

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Tyler Jackson
what? put my hand in there?
NativeWalker Adrian
The Pokémon kabuto in real life😃😄😊😊
Calum Sanderson
"horshoe crab"

mate that's kabuto
Reminds me of a stahlhelm
Heathen Goddess
..........If you kill a few, the Mirelurk Queen is gonna come out and put hands and acid spit on you like you wouldn't believe.
Dave Avecillas
Apparently there's a ton of people pretending to be brave wilderness and announcing a giveaway. Probably a phishing scam.
John Kirby Fetalvero Famorcan
your soo brave!
Christopher Maokhamphiou-King
Why does the horseshoe crab look like a stingray
Nor3 gamer
Real life kabuto
Mandeep Marwaha
Hey hey it looks like it is a hippo's nose
Ethan Mateo
Can I join the group soon or someday
Ethan Mateo
Can I join the group
Alexander Rubio
Looks like the creature from Alien
ColinTheVlogging Noob
Nice Videos🙂
ali naufal
Oh it is good
Cory xkinshen
Omg first time animal like that woww
Fin Jess
Instead of gucci I wear iccug
Hubert Osowski
your proo
Horshoe crabs are cute!! Florida is full of them.
Terminator BG
You are crazy
lizzie masur
Do stung by a box jelly
Vinnie Huang
Kabuto yes
Eyelocked PRO
i got a boner while watching the horseshoe crab when it zoomed in
Codylucas Letmein2017
that was sooooo cool and amzing
Owen Jones
You should go on I'm a celeb get me out of here
Jhi Reynolds
I cam across a dead horseshoe crab at a public beach man it stunk
Jhi Reynolds
If ur brave enough will u get stung by a jelly fish
blaze runner2051
2:17 I remember that day on the beach where I slept in those. NIGHTMARES! (Got 2 and a half hours of sleep that night xd)
Revans 123
Bluejay 37
Smh why do I eat food when I watch these
jakey abrams.
lol this video means literally nothing to new englanders...
Isolflex Gomes
Wow i living fossil amazing
ray media
Hold a matis a sea matis
Karla Paola Cruz Perez
Thais is crutasie?
Logan Noble
That’s not a crab, that’s a mirelurk from fallout
Alejandro Wence
0:07 the face I make when I trust the fart, but it ends up being doo doo
Panda G&v
2:03 woooooiiii!
LOL123 Minecraft
Ohhhhh sik he was in the dinorsor time
Gregg Gaming
Fallout players will understand
Coyote: Mark (Mark: what's wrong) are you ready to see an alien. (Mark: what are you talking about?) LaaAaaaAaaAA
Mark: F*** no.
Me: Lol
Revans 123
Dragon gaming YT
You destroyed the sand flea nest you crawl person
Jennifer brouse
Coyote when I was at the beach I found the Horshoe crab shell and I was allowed to keep it because it was just like a shell
Hanan Kader
What did the two oceans do to each other

Nothing they just waved

Its soup-rising how much they don't be beaches to each other.
BlueArrow 4505
I have a fear of horshoe crabs. The reason I have that fear is because I was in the ocean and one crawled on my foot and latched to it so I jummped and screamed.
tele weed
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