Super Hero Pool Party

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PART 1- Super Hero Carpool Ride➜




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Camera Ops: 
Jon Graham / Domenick Cucinotta

The Joker- Christopher D'Eletto
Harley Quinn- Lia Russo
Batman- Mark Ryan Anderson
Superman- Joseph Talluto 
Cat Woman- Shira Snow
Iron Man- Patrick Jones
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I decided to do a, super hero pool party, which is where I show, super heros, who are sort of regular, girls,and, boys, at a pool party, and they’re all wearing cute, bikinis, and, bathing suits, I hope you enjoy, Spiderman, superman, cattleman, wonder woman, the joker, batman, and iron man, kind of like when I did a, disney princess pool party, with, elsa, and snow white, and cinderella, and ariel the little mermaid, so this is what, super heros, do on a, hot, summer, day, I hope you enjoy this sequel to, super hero carpool ride, love, rclbeauty101

Rhea Sharma
is that aaron 5:49 from the merrell twins channel !!??
John Long
I love you guys and rclBeauty101
Giana Caiola
when batman was going in the cave i saw joker going into the house
henry ar
Did anyone else see jokers face paint come of in the pool
Gwendalynn Minshall
u did it joker os dating harley quinn
Connor Ricciardi
I'm jokers sun
Gabriela rbl
sorry but i hate joker's makeup, is so strange
Freddie oppv Cabuntocan
good superheros
xena xoxo
Did anyone see the joker walking in the house? # him
Margie Moore
I don't like spiderman
William Dessoye
your mamma
Eric Jones
Where is the Flash?!!!
Olivia Yu
whose house was that?
Lauren Jones
You guys are cool give me 5 likes on Lauren jones
Miss Moon
Did you know the joker was walking to the house in the background of Batman
Cheryl Domingo
the joker scared me lol ⊙
I wish these were drwmatic like the girls pwss out or something
Fun with Nilaxshi
But Harley loves Joker
Cassandra Hill
Did anyone notice the joker was going in the house before he got the knife?
Mia Garcia
Did anyone notice The Joker at 1:45????
lunagirl 805
i don't know why but the joker laugh is so cute to me.....
We saw the joker leave when batman was saying about the cave and the next time we saw him he was sitting on the chair and the tape was on his mouth ps he was going in to the house and ionman had his mask on but the joker did as well?
Sophie Hinchman
At 6:20 the torture
Mia Howard
bat man shoud now that super man had heat vison when he was in the safe because he heated his marshmallow
Hannah Marie Rodriguez
"I didn't know you had a real face"
"Yeah I forgot that you had a real face two"
"That's really insulting "
Me: lol hahahahaha
You think that Joker was alone in the house...

Carrie Li
Batman and joker Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tj Willridge
i love superheroes
Gisell Delgado
Do more
Fat Tom
Sarahy Rascon
did any one else see when Batman when into the pool and then in the background the joker that was tyied up walked
NSX_ Gamer
i was crying cause you made mescared
Sofia Isabel Castillo Pavon
Rachel I think you should continue with a superheroes prom . And Disney Princess Picnic PLEASE!!!!
Angel Maldonado
that's weird joker has iron mans mask and iron man has his
The Best And Only Grandz -Face Reval-
I subscribed
Mya Nguyen
Catty noir Tv
You can make something with Monster high...
or something else
Xingling Wu
Ummm...Joker was walking in the back when Batman was saying:Good you have a cave,I burn easily
Gerardo tlatelpa
1:52 so funny little bat man like if you laughed on that part lol
Geordie Bailey
If anyone wants some free makeup brushes, they are giving them away at
Petota Insignares
the last word is joker
Petota Insignares
oops sorry spelled it wrong
Petota Insignares
It looks like Harley Quinn is mad at noker
Millie Mix101
Who ells saw that when batman was talking about the the cave joker was in the back ground walking into the house
boosmoo minecraft
5:07 super man was eating a hot dog lol
Animafoxy Star
Nice vid it was great !!!
Unicornlover #cool
you can see the joker when batman says you have a cave i burn easily
Joanna.Griffiths utube
i really wish my friends and i were able to do that, it looks so fun!
Max Jennings
Laniece si te
Enaelle Zozio
toute le monde a vu que le Joker n'avait pas verrouillé le coffre
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