Charades with Gal Gadot and Miley Cyrus

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Jimmy and Gal Gadot battle it out against Miley Cyrus and The Roots' Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.

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Charades with Gal Gadot and Miley Cyrus

Paul 保罗
I love how pissy Jimmy gets then he totally flubs the first one!
The Craft
they are both babes.
Luis Altamirano
i feel sorry for Miley Cyrus the way she celebrates, she is from a satanic group that controls the music industry in the States, feel sorry for her.
Chuckster 2905
Ugh does Miley have to do that annoying tongue thing everytime? So trashy
mashall khazan
M.C has great ass ...
Haze Man
Gal is awesome!
Praveen Pillai
Gal should be declared the winner just for guessing 'IT' 👏👏👏
Media Probe
Tarik seems a cool dude.
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi
Her accent is like Sofia Vergara
Rudy Figueroa
Seeing Gal gadot and Miley Cyrus together seems wierd
Sk Sk
Miley needs to work out her butt.
" nobody celebrates like that " sjgjshshhs
Emma Mazza
I very liked Gal here
Aloysius Anandhito Tyasmoro
We're at the end of the world where everybody's dead, and the last human beings are Me, Gal, and Miley.. And to save human race we need to reproduce.. I will just sit there in the corner and let Gal and Miley do their thing.. I'm happy to be just a spectator.. They're to gorgeous and i'm feeling that i'm not worthy.. lol..
I saw this video what me each is that the woman shows their lange is 6 times and that malley was in a too tight outfit because it has male has that raise in France the women do not show their lange its not it does not go away
parinya saiyos
Coulda Woulda
Jimmy is purely disgusted by Miley lol every time she opens her mouth he gets so impatient lol
Haha they were mocking Miley
She did “born” the exact way I was imagining in my head
Pair of MK Ultra sluts...
Nelmary Ramos
K Farm
Miley is hilarious
Annie B
Is anyone else kinda in love with Gal???????????
Arc Jam Neel
mfw Gal guessed IT in a heartbeat.
Zac Irvin
You can tell Miley Cyrus is extremely uncomfortable. Maybe she shouldn’t have worn that. Lol
althea x
i died at "IT"
Panna Sp
Love u Gal hate ya miley
azu chan
5:16 jimmy:" dont look at her look at me!!!" I laugh so much at here!! Hahahahaha
Oscar Galvez
Gal Gadot is so amazing 😍❤️😩
3:30 Gal slaps Jimmy's ass. Other way around and it would be sexual harassment.
S swasn
Best part was Miley's celebration LOOL
John Doe
Miley needs me in her bum!
That was a tie?? No you lost, James.
imagine if it was jimmy who smacked gals ass and not the other way around. Pandemonium
ibrahim öztürk
Miley Cyrus and her tongue.. So irritating
jay louis
There is no way she guessed "IT" so fast wonder women out here reading minds like Martian the man hunter
both girls sexy asf!
chanvi soya
Two of my favorite girls
vrira efilianra
Justin Winford
I enjoyed very much looking at Gal and Miley
Miss Ster
Love miley's outfit
Sadia M.
I love miley so much! Such a fun spirit!
How exactly is that a tie?
Binosh Biju
its not a draw
Mahesh Nerurkar
What happened to Miley's voice? Damn her voice is soo deep and little husky
Ecem Alb
Wtf is wrong with miley
Calya Melba
I’m mg it’s Diana she look’s so beautifull
Day Love Girl XD
Hannah Montana's Evolution
Ashlee Casey
I love Gal so much! So adorable
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