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A younger Komodo dragon challenges the "Head Honcho" to a fight.
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About Animal Fight Night:
Animal Fight Night features same-species battles between some of the biggest and baddest fighters of the animal kingdom, and some of the most surprising, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl.

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Komodo Knockout | Animal Fight Night

Nat Geo Wild 

You dont wanna fall in pit of Komodo dragons
Kenyata Moore
Need to do a video on humans killing gnats with palm of hand. The force of my girl friend hand is like a brick to a gnat. Would make a great addition to your show how she stalks her prey.
Sandra Casas
John cena vs a high school wrestler
Muhammad Putra Sinambelah
Muhammad Yusuf
Is that all you got? Rookie
wolf wolf
surely there is Komodo Buffer who will introduce the fighter and announces the winner at the end.
That's what I will do after being the man of the house (leader of the house per say). I will get the most girls, the most thousands of dollars worth of money, and i will be so rich that I will be the best of the best out of all the other neighbors because I will be the greatest boss leader of all time!!! MWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!
WWF Komodo, I'd watch it.
That sharp claws scratch didn't do any damage to that neck (are those jugular veins?). wth
Isabella Fondino
Avoidance Technologies
A turtle, anaconda, and alligator.

V Ling
I didnt know Komodo dragons can swallow small prey whole...crazy to think they can fit a small goat in there!@#
Von Bonn
I want one of these
Mohsin Ali
Street fighters
Christos Troll
best anime fight ever
Yok Choo Ang
Thanks Nat geo! its amazing!
John Garden
wow the kid try though! Now it has to walk with it's tail in between his legs! Just like that one time Nate Diaz showed conor mcgregor who was his daddy!
Mugi Krishnan
if this the case komodo don't have enemy they live longer...
Matthijs de Jong
Aww man, I was waiting for the victor to eat the other one...
Malik Jones
You ain't a Boss if you fighting dirty, Young blood had OG on lock
Gaspar Bergmann
1:25 Rock bottom!!
kamaynabakal bakal
imagined this animal dominates safari in africa. they are the apex predator.
Zorgon Sdinoccolato
Magnificent animal
Me when I challenged my dad at 19.
holy fuck
Zead Altaee
Komodo is the most beautiful animal I've ever seen
This show is fuckin' terrible! Why are we watching animals box?
Der Bänger
Thats better than John Cena vs The Rock
mr Junior
no hobbit alowed
damnit bossk
This is some wwe shit
Smooth Bro
The wwe should sign him the beast incarnate vs the Gila monster
Smooth Bro
The www should sign him lol
Awsome Megalania is an warrior
finally animal wrestling who won komodo cena
Gotta teach those kids some respect
Latin Lover
amazing how evolved to have immunity to their own venom
Deαr Mαmα
Still more entertaining than UFC 200.
Hugging contest
2:22 "You haven't earned death at my hands. You will walk amongst us marked with shame."
Jillian Parker
uk mike tyson also bit someone in a fight so hes the komodo honcho
someone hold my beer
Dirty fighter - was only a wrestle and was using teeth... ffs where is the ref
To bad they don't show the humiliation that occurs to the losers of this wrestling matches. The victorious dragon usually scratches their submissive rival's back once or twice with their claws. Even though this causes no injury to their defeated opponent, it's used as the last act to establish dominance.
Tony Yuke
Head hancho is a pussy
Dennis Li
Emanuel Fernando
They're so innofensive in far cry 3
ichiguachan babachan
I have fed and catched komodos, and yeah they are faster than crocodiles, but they are weak asf.
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