Don't Celebrate Too Early | Athletics Edition

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Here I am with a fail compilation about athletic, this is why you should never celebrate too soon! Enjoy.

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never celebrate too early
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lau victor
agus suwito
David Tingwald
So, how many times can we state/ask that the runner from 0:24 should have been disqualified? lol
T McK.
2:46 is that kingbach
Agent of Chaos
Need to add a Lindsey Jacobellis clip to this list. That was the funniest one of all time.
Donald Pace
Oregon lol
Mark Platt
hate the show offs !!!! u should always run to the line no excuses! !!!
Jo Stert
At 0:36, that mascot carrying the racer and toppling down. so funny...
Big J 88
I don't think that the Teddy Bear one should be on the list.
michael seagal
the woman at 1:29 was actually already overtaken when she starts celebrating. She must have blind
1:19 I was thinking: "NO WAY will she make that one!" -.-
Whiskers Production
im very scared for my 1st year of track because im so scared ill be the failure
0:23 pffff that dont count, anyways he win.
Milli W
The "celebrating early unless your usain bolt" comment is being passed around like herpes
Ricardo Werner
Thats Hurts to see
Lizi Lollipop
95% of the coments are about that horrible guy who pushed back the other runner. πŸƒπŸΌπŸ’¨

5%Random stuff like this.
Usain Bolt can celebrate too early when it starts.
0:42 I thought they were doing... never mind
0:40 fatty
Chris Tsuma
Usain Bolt got game @2:23 lol
I love when cocky idiots start celebrating and then get beat hahahahaha.
Tasneem Backhouse
I laughed way too hard at 0:55 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
That last dude from Oregon had to be the best. LOL
This video shows runners that are not Even celebrating. Also plays same clips over again.
The funny thing is Usain Bolt literally always celebrates before finishing
Ryan Sabater
this is not dont celebrate too early wew
what is the background music? it's great!!!
Hi Skrubz
Why is it all track
Talcum X
you left off the biggest too early celebration in modern history:

Hillary "LOCK-ER-UP" Clinton!


That's the secret of success, even though you are almost near to success, don't celebrate it too early, keep trying till end and then celebration begins by itself.
0:24 Is known as too much overconfidence.
Kevin Smith
Pause at 2:46.

See it? The guy still won because the other guy put his foot behind the line. While the other guy put his foot over the line
Mavermillion Gamer-Minecraft
at 0:25 the guy is cheating
Alicia Yohana
2:08 heyy. πŸ˜’
Brad Hamilton
What is Usain Bolt's favorite Juice?? Hmmm...Apple, Cranberry, Orange...whatever juice it is it is working!! Wink Wink!!
If your angry then I won
I cried at usain bolt running into the person! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ran Dowan
Last guy thinking the crowd is cheering him and he does the louder louder hand motion then loses.. bwahahaha..... Sofa king Wee Todd Ed
Stephen Hogan
Always aim your punch for a foot in back of your target.
Guillaume le cam
usain bolt in the first video? xD
most of these theres no celebrating...
02:42 Yeah stupid, THAT just happened. Even the guy beating the guy celebrating too early was celebrating too early (but still won). Now that would have been awesome if a third guy ran past both of them for the win.
Jim Morgan
You failed.
Raimo Suojanen
2:31 - 2:55 Most satisfying clip of them all.
Wax Worse
I bet the ones who say that he didn't interfere(00.23) are great examples of how a parent should act at at their child's sporting events.
Xander Kane
Arrogance should always receive a payment
Spooky Frens
This makes me want to run
vapeitup vapeitup
02:08 That wasn't Usain's fault, or anything to do with 'celebrating early' - she got in his way while he was still decelerating. In fact, Bolt ironically is the only one who doesn't belong in this video. He's actually the master of celebrating early for real. lol
I really don't get it, if it's all just a measurement of your physical abilities it's already proven you're the best if you've reached the finish line before everyone else. The fact you intentionally slowed down at the very end doesn't change the fact you're better. It might change your paycheck, it might change the medal you receive, but it won't change the fact you're the best among those.
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