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Discover how this region in northern Iran produces the world's most expensive spice.
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Do you know what the world's most expensive spice is? Known for its distinct flavor and ability to give food a golden yellow color, saffron is a highly-prized spice that is primarily produced in northern Iran. It comes from the stigmas of crocus flowers that thrive under the region's dry climate. Knowledge of saffron's intricate cultivation that has been passed in Iran from generation to generation. Besides cooking, saffron is also used in traditional medicine to treat cardiovascular issues and for possible cancer prevention. 

Read "The Secret History of the World's Priciest Spice"

This is the World’s Most Expensive Spice | National Geographic

National Geographic

Jungkook is my baby
Comment section is lyk cold war😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eileen Guibone
this is so beautiful
This is why usa wants the middle east they also want that oil and many more things. They use radical islam as an excuse to get it
Njoki Anita
If it's the most expensive in the world...I hope it's farmers are as rich. Irony...they are not
Remembering 1992
The alleged health-benefits of saffron are nonexistent. This is a marketing tactic to keep prices artificially high. Dried saffron is composed of 12% water, 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat and 11% protein (table).
Pizza & Lemonade
what about peruvian puff peppers
I thought it was a pair of eyes in the thumbnail for a sec
Mitch McLaughlin
hend goname
saffron is a definite must have in our kitchen.. I mean seriously. chicken tastes amazing with saffron
$6/gram isnt too bad. weed is more expensive than that.
Quantum Physics
1:50 Jake and Logan paul really need this like a god church
Anastasiya Post
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Mothusi Anderson
What was that music?!
Atok Grunge
this is islam land
bhuvan garg
dont worry soon China will develop a clone of saffron
alif alif
I wanna sleep on that field.
Joe Steen
$11 on Amazon...
Silvus Sol
The Spice must flow...
Reshma Bhatnagar
" in the world", Kashmiris would disagree, perhaps even the Spaniards!
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so every thing coming from Iran and yet we at war with them.
Aaron tan
Listening to this guy try to pronounce the words kill me XD
Neo Deltå
Unlike with gold, this object's value is only ever apparent when you combine it with a dish or taste it. Other than that it's basically worthless.
Connor Pandoulis
is that borat?
YellowBigCat Gaming
marijuana is the same thing its a medical benifit, great profit on grow, and easy to grow
shreya xyzs
what the name of the music towards in the end?
I roll saffron and smoke it.
Li Smiles
Beautifully shot! 😊👏
Mr. Thompson train driver
india is saffron country not iran
No face No name
i fuckin love the saffron, best spice in whole world!
Nolhan Vasseur
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O.J Fitness
"...creating JOY..."

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Ernesto Leyva
everything supposedly cures cancer and gives you a boner at the same time! ask CHINA 🤣
John Bush
we could grow that here.arizona.
Where 2 Chainz at?
Tony Soprano
yet another reason to support the overthrow of these fuckin radical Moozlem's.
Audio News
Lets grow this in USA and boycott Iran.
William Faulkner
Narrator is hilariously scripted.
miguel sa
whats up with the music....
Ronathon 69
the voice actor is just reading from a script hahaha .
i feed my fish with saffrons
rye galuz
this is what isis needs "a joy"
Just like Kobe Beef the people in the comments saying they can buy saffron for cheap haven't actually had the real stuff. You're buying fake shit. Eating fake shit.
Sagar Behera
Smell of Saffron = Smell of Bliss.
Real Madrid
I love saffron but I can't buy it cause I am too poor.
hey... Do you spice?? I'm looking for some fusaka... like if you know where I can find some...
Is the flavor worth the price or is it just a "luxury" item because it's rare and difficult to cultivate?
morelli tech
so if it doesn't need much water to grow, then I'm going this in California and make a bunch of $$$. Unless the libtards of California made this spice illegal.
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