Cathrine Evans
Wow I 💜💜💜 this
Jake Clay
But I can buy a 1/2 lb box of yellow rice with saffron for $1?
Kasuba ba Ito?
tony thomas
Iran had an amazing rich culture till the islamic invasion. Its a prime example how Islam changes countries with rich heritage backwards.
Lil Hunny
i use saffron in my milk baths and when i cook my favorite food :) and i plant them too
Saffron is me name :) I love to search it up and see the results lol
Roz Sa
Iranian saffron is shite! Spanish saffron with its toasted property is the best! Iranian saffron being only sun dried doesn't have the same potency!
Roblox Gamer
We cook rice with saffran in Turkey
Cian Soriano
reminds me of regular show
Panda Guy
Imagine harvesting 170 000 flowers then harvesting every stem of it one by one just to make 1kg for just 5000$. They dont do it for money they do it for the Culture, for the identity of Iran, they deserve more.
The best saffron grows in Kashmir, India.
Mital Gujarathi
Wow, it is so beautiful and I used to love the smell of saffron.
Evita Djaja
it is beautiful
Kelly Mcculloch
and they say heroin is the only the way they can make money on.
Anne Pascua
Whoah amazing flower and have lots of health benefits.❤❤❤❤
Francisco Schulz
These shots were pure eye candy. I love it 👌
Saffron Haynes
My name is Saffron 😂😋.
Zaran Saffron
We love this video! It is extremely beneficial for people who are not too familiar with saffron and where it comes from. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and love for saffron!
I've had saffron. You can buy a small jar for under $20. I hardly has a taste and there is no reason to use its yellow food coloring property because... you could just use food coloring.
Aamina S
What does saffron do for the ordinary people of Iran?
মaina woo bin
Kesar /saffron we Indians love it
Grab Myass
stupid comments get hundreds of likes but if I say something that actually relates to the video, I get zero. we naturally praise stupidity. That's why cash me outside girl is so damn famous! you did it America, you did it to yourselves! and let's not talk about our president mister biggest embarrassment since gorge Bush! 😡
pepsi sisu2
The narrator is shitty
its just beautiful!
Eva Dr.
Really? In Greece they grow saffron too but its not that expensive 😲
0:31 is such a gorgeous shot 😍😍😍
bernadette strubing
Saffron is very cheap here in the caribbean so i dont know why its so expensive in the US and other countries
bernadette strubing
most expensive plant hmmmmm ok i was thinkin coca plant and marijuana
Jungkook is my baby
Comment section is lyk cold war😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eileen Guibone
this is so beautiful
This is why usa wants the middle east they also want that oil and many more things. They use radical islam as an excuse to get it
Jhoki C
If it's the most expensive in the world...I hope it's farmers are as rich. Irony...they are not
Remembering 1992
The alleged health-benefits of saffron are nonexistent. This is a marketing tactic to keep prices artificially high. Dried saffron is composed of 12% water, 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat and 11% protein (table).
Pizza & Lemonade
what about peruvian puff peppers
I thought it was a pair of eyes in the thumbnail for a sec
Mitch McLaughlin
hend goname
saffron is a definite must have in our kitchen.. I mean seriously. chicken tastes amazing with saffron
$6/gram isnt too bad. weed is more expensive than that.
Quantum Physics
1:50 Jake and Logan paul really need this like a god church
Anastasiya Post
without that music its only dirty people hard working manually. do they have working council? ironically
Mothusi Anderson
What was that music?!
Atok Grunge
this is islam land
bhuvan garg
dont worry soon China will develop a clone of saffron
alif alif
I wanna sleep on that field.
Joe Steen
$11 on Amazon...
Silvus Sol
The Spice must flow...
Reshma Bhatnagar
" in the world", Kashmiris would disagree, perhaps even the Spaniards!
kill ua
sshggujggujhhdrr trthgtyhh
so every thing coming from Iran and yet we at war with them.
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