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Discover how this region in northern Iran produces the world's most expensive spice.
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Do you know what the world's most expensive spice is? Known for its distinct flavor and ability to give food a golden yellow color, saffron is a highly-prized spice that is primarily produced in northern Iran. It comes from the stigmas of crocus flowers that thrive under the region's dry climate. Knowledge of saffron's intricate cultivation that has been passed in Iran from generation to generation. Besides cooking, saffron is also used in traditional medicine to treat cardiovascular issues and for possible cancer prevention. 

Read "The Secret History of the World's Priciest Spice"

This is the World’s Most Expensive Spice | National Geographic

National Geographic

Why do third world countries think everything is a sexual stimulate. Ground up Ivory. Albino bones. Fresh shit. I dont understand
J Wells
oh so another magical cure all, neat, color me not surprised.
Mahesh Reddy
It cures HIV and Ebola
imma get some flowers. they're anti-cancerous
Mbongani B.
I pray the country and mainly it's people benefit well from it.
livid snicket
Surely this stuff can be grown elsewhere? The fields in this video are obviously cultivated.
Cabbage Lettuce
Wow Iran has been blessed with that plant.
mega beep
just buy some salt, pepper and sugar. those are everything you ever need
that is a very pretty flower.
Desmond Low
This should be named money plant
Terra Rainchild
why would you include that exporter talking about saffron being anti-cancer and good for libido and all that. its pseudoscience bullshit. a reputable channel like national geographic shouldn't include lies like that. kids and gullible people wont know to research this shit before believeing its true.
Iran weak as shit nation
Smiley Me
wow..saffron flowers are so beautiful..😊😊😊😊
caster baiter
so Iranians are like the mexicans of the desert!
Instead of picking berries they pick flowers...
csaba szucs
"Cleopatra used saffron in her baths so that lovemaking would be more pleasurable."
nik pik
the best quallity of saffron comes from kozani(greece), due to the climate and soil of the region. the colour of the flower is different and more vibrant than any other region or country its been cultivated . the dilution in water or oil gives a stunning colour and taste in the cuisine and the health benefits are astounding and renowned from ancient times!
I'm Persian and I'm eating a saffron based dessert rn
manas shangdiev
xXkingcrew6023 Xx
proud to be an Iranian!!!
Lewis Moore
Cab drivers are some of the most interesting people I swear
Max Hoffer
We have this plant in Slovakia!! It is very beautiful but here it´s protected by the law and poisonous.
Diogenes Laertius
the spice girls called, they want their careers back
Cactus Avian
LOL there is so many autistic amurika/white faggot in the comment section saying the worker should get high payment. I mean, maggot white faggot people should pay a street cleaner/janitor $10,000 a month, right?! no?!
I have never tried this spice... Is it similar to any other spice?
Wool Verigne
The spice must flow.
Sierra 117
the US: "we may have to investigate your Safron trade, you know, to make sure no WMD's are present"
Iran: "but..but its just safron"
the US: "too late! deploy the troops!"
It's the most expensive! I live in a third world country but we still use it in cooking???
Frank Ieromnimon
Very good quality saffron is also grown in the Kozani province of northern Greece. I would say it's on a par with iranian saffron.
Cheezus Crust
It's still cheaper than weed lol
Matthew Tiutin
That is a beautiful plant.
James Barbour
peruvian puff pepper?
Vibrant Videos by RSC
You r wrong ha ha ha
biggest producer of saffron is 'VIMAL PAN MASALA' ,"Bolo Zubaan Kesari"
lol ha ha ha
Nada Al Sarraf
When you're Arab you know you always have saffron in your house and that it's used in A LOT of foods
Cannabis more expensive than this.
Mitch McLaughlin
Iran can suck my black dick
Crispy Corn
In love with the film photography in this! Absolutely incredible!
i bet there are armed security there which we couldnt see
Gabriele Palma
See? Its purple spore was right
Robert Downey Jr.
lol Iranian propaganda
David Garcia
Music at the beginning of the video?
Saffron Tj
My name is saffron!!!!!!!!!
Never heard of it...but around here pepper is worth more....
Could they force them to bloom in a greenhouse?
Cat Paradox
Anti-cancerous? does it come in digitally? The Internet needs this
Kawaii Dog
buys a bucket of it
spills it all over the ground
It always always ALWAYS amazes me the amount of bad thumbs (dislikes) on any given video. Always!!
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