Donald Trump’s family crashes ‘BBC Dad’ viral interview - TomoNews

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TAIPEI — If you thought Trumpdove was something, wait until you see this latest weirdness from our animators.

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Vlog Epicness
Ivanka is so hot.
Fuck you Trump is the the prez just deal with it and Don't make this bullshit content
Jenna Rose
this us a stupid remake
This should've more views lol
Oliver M.
beyound great
Vas Vryus
I found this waaay funnier than I should have
Alex N
I gave it the thumps up only because of melania's face
Ralph Waldo Rangel
Gordan Ramsey
The cancerous orange that tried to accuse Obama of "wire tapping" Trump Towers. Trump is a joke.
Alex Smith
I thought it was real until Donald Trump said "my apologies". We know that's not in his vocabulary
bad boy USA
fake news
Haolin Chen
Cherry Boom
Alicia 16
Omg this!
Skahm Mahks
Donald Trump is a cocksuker
Nancy Garcia
Lmao hahah
Corey Ramirez
ha har haw medicare is fun
pretty Sue
High quality parody hahaha.
Djmohit rajwani
this is most worst idiotic video from tomonews ever
why i see this makes me laugh so harddd.
Jared Fogle
Barron Trump has autsim
Andrew Anane
Lmao can't stop laughing
Glenn Zarmanov
pretty much
Starless Trooper
awesome! great job!
Look at the face of Melania LMAO! damn she is hideous!
l bet her cunt looks like a nasty hatchet wound!
He's not a 'BBC dad'! I am though!
Poopbear Estrada
lol saw this on facebook as well
Melania's face was hilarious!
Tariq Al Ghufayli
Silvally シルヴァディ
Tomonews: Animation Quality Improved
John Lovelace
I loved this so much
Facts Box
this was funny.
Ivuna Proctor
this was so damn funny
Big black cock dad????

Pac Oo
Those animators know what people like.
Cavedawg 14
Puppy 99303
Christine Grunert
Hahahaha, omg
Kenny Chu
this is gold!
Johanna L Romero
I am a Christian but I am not homophobic
helena zajac
Omg 😂
jawsisop jawsisop
James Carter
13 trump snowflakes disliked XD
I was gonna insta-dislike but this was funny.
Mr 1080P
Puppy Cupcakes
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