Broadway Riff-Off w/ Neil Patrick Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris interrupts James during the show challenging him to a riff-off to settle a dispute and figure out who is truly more Broadway. Featuring The Filharmonic on backing vocals.

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AJ The Alpha Wolf
Why is it every time a giant smile the size of Saturn appears on my face whenever I watch Corden?
Violet Jade S.
whole time I was waiting for Hamilton. then it came.
Amos Walker
Wowsers. Hadn't realised James Corden was actually good.
Niveithika Johnson
James Corden can you a duo Riff off with Tyler Oakley against Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying?
Ava Goss
I never knew I needed Neil rapping.
Lily Taylor
Suit up
I think the last song was the only reason it was in my recommendation s
I think James Corden was an incredible host on the Tony Awards.
Lavinia Kay
Catherine Christanti
NPH singing Hamilton is ll I've ever wanted in life
Lindsey Cooper
Okay Neil killed it, but no one does a better cover of Being Alive than Kurt Hummel
hello, Barney, lol
Savanna Kestin
Love ittttttt
Williamazing 12
I like how all of the songs they sing are classic songs from older musicals... and then my shot, from a newer musical.
I was hoping they would do Hamilton and they did and now my heart is complete
Omg yes this is why I live lol :D
Darth Vader was my bitch
It's the music meister!
Tessa Tolalu
When he said "you can't throw away your… shot" I ACTUALLY SNORTED
GEICO stands for Government Employees' Insurance Company. They used to insure only government workers but since have expanded their coverage to cavemen, camels, and geckos.
Genn Cross
James corden is such a fat wanker
Dave Brown
Really great. :)
Paulina Schulz
I'm here like the philamonics are why I come back to this. They hot :D
Okay, but what does geico stand for?
Emily Eldridge
Does anybody know what all the song are called in this please
Linda Luks
Forever Doogie Howser!!!!! omg this is awesome!!! both are so talented!
Hannah Phillips
I Creative Writer
dont you dare ever try to tell me that Barney Stinson wasnt modelled around Neil Patrick Harris' personality
Traveling Sunny
I love that Neil is biting back a laugh at 5.10 haha
Toxic Wolf
They're trying so hard not to last XD
The best part of being in that audience is all the men, suddenly when they got home, all received blowjobs for some reason
waiting for Hamilton, is pleased with the ending
Elisa Miller
NPH Suited Up!
brynn elizabeth
i sense some sexual tension hahahaha
Georgia Davis-Bonk
We can get this video to 1,000,000 views. (I've probably been half of them) Every Youtube video should be this!
Amie Chen
Literally after he said "heart-breaking ballad", I was like, do a Les Mis song!!! And he DID OMF
it's beyond adorable and cute how the much the philarmonic are actually living every moment of the act as if it was real xDDDDD they trully love it!!!
I was waiting for Neil to pull a Hedwig, AND HE DID I WAS SO HAPPY
They are treasures and no one can tell me otherwise.
Christy Snell
This video is what made me subscribe to this channel.
Can James bring me to the show and we do this together
Ella DeMore
AHHHHH COMPANY!!!! OMIGOD I WANT BEING ALIVE PLAYED AT MY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tho they could've kept the original key)
Kimberly Buckland
I love how both of them couldn't keep straight faces at 6:19 XD
Why didn't he say "challenge accepted" 😭
gayderade on wattpad
I love how Pitch Perfect practically invented the 'Riff-Off' and it's turned into so many things.
Zarina Pindell
i was nit expecting hamilton. that got me fan girling.
Michelle Radonich
Neil wins omg so cut
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