Broadway Riff-Off w/ Neil Patrick Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris interrupts James during the show challenging him to a riff-off to settle a dispute and figure out who is truly more Broadway. Featuring The Filharmonic on backing vocals.

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Destiny Quattlebaum
Sawyer Mason
Kids, I'm gonna tell you about the time your uncle Barney got into a Broadway Riff-Off with a talk show host
Sarah Abounaoum
But but but...
what is the acronym of Geico.... hahahah
Gabriella Paige
Right away I heard Guys And Dolls and got excited
Brisa Yoder
I literally screamed when they started Hamilton!
6:34 I lost it
neil patrick harris is one of the greatest human beings on this planet
Neko Lekytektr
"You want to see sexy?"
"I'd love to see you try."
Me: Damn, Patrick!
"The bleep did you just say?"
Natalie Elfner
Did any of you other Hamilton fans sing along to every word of "My Shot"?
Tianna Hiew
Leia Humphries
Damn. Now i have to watch how i met your mother... 😂😂
Ana Clara Cavalcante
guess Bryan Ryan went from Jean Valjean in Ohio to a fame huh
Samantha K
I'm sorry.. But all I see is Barney..
Senty ツ
I want to know what GEICO stands for...
amber swain-kay
Neil Patrick Harris wins them all
Jennifer Hardin
kinda wished nph had done doctor horrible
Offensive Content
whoo Hedwig
Alyssa Yubac
they've all suited up and my life's complete
Audrey Levisay
Never clicked on a video so fast 😂
denise van wijk
The acapella group is me reacting to the two of them haha
smael kàdim
he want to fuck you h'is gay lol
Jess Legati
I'm freaking out this is awesome
Christy Mullins
I love this!
Angel Gonzales
I think I want to see NPH or James Corden as Kurt and Ram in Heathers
Saul Feldman
the crowds cheering is super annoying
Molly Brown
James u are really funny
Gelly Mallillin
gonna watch himym again after i watch this. i miss barney 💕
Feria Fox
i litterally just died through this, i sung with all the songs
Abby West
I knew Les Mis and Hamilton were gonna show up, I just knew it 😂
Fujoshi Chan
5:13 ur welcome
Isabella Marrero
when I saw this video for like the ending song I've been listening to my shot from Hamilton so much and I'm just like started singing it before they announced their song they were about to sing and I got it correct because it was my shot
evelyn bieber malik
Mariana Borsoi
Please a wicked riff-off
Fairy Meets Edgelord
Neil's facial expressions though
4:53 : First of all.... HOW DARE YOU!? You did not just pull the Les Mis card! I can't believe you would do this to me.

4:57 : No! Don't cheer for him! You're supposed to be on my side.
5:09 : I see how it is
5:12 : fight me
5:18 : Quit clapping for him
5:23 : ya done?
God this was hilarious as fuck right next to the Demi Lavato one.
UNCLE BARNEY ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟
kylie c
i just couldnt stop thinking of that time that neil patrick harris was on glee and sang dream on
Jacci Stein
NPH's husband is one lucky man. 😍
Chloe Ellis
Hamilton trash in 3...2...1...
Connie Diaz
This was legen ... Wait for it ... DARY!!!!!
Yeeessssss do HAMILTON!!!!!!!! OMG BEST MORNING EVER!!!!!!
James was AWESOME!!!!!
please do this with glee cast dammit
Neil can sing I LOVE HIM MORE!!!!!!
tell me first about Guyco!!!!!!
Eve Park
Love the group at the back laughing at everything
when neil licks corden's face
Jessica de Sousa
patrick harris is sooo amaziing <3
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