Apple iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

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Unboxing and Review of the 7 vs 7 Plus with a comparison in all colors and an in-depth look at the hardware and features.

iOS 10 Video:






Panchita Limpananukroh
Woww.. What a great review !
I'm about to buy a i7plus matt black on this coming Friday, it's time to say goodbye to my i5 now.
The problem is I'm a bit hesitated whether I should wait another 5-6 months and see what's coming. I have checked out some review from users, and they are not quite good as expected. And is it true that its body (esp. matt black & jet blacy) is scatched easily ?

Please could you let me know what you think ? Shall I wait ?
I want iphone 7 (Black)
White Rose
اتمنى اوصل 20 مشترك قبل رمضان
Kelpy G
me and my sisters (and brother in law) have all the iPhone 7 pluses. I have silver 128 gigs, my younger sister has the rose gold 32 gigs, one of my older sisters has the gold 128 gigs, and another of my older sister has the matte black 32 gigs and then my brother in law has the red one 128 gigs....I wanted the red one😕 and then my there older sister has the jet black 128 gigs but she doesn't even like iPhone
Sam Cleary
I Still have an iPhone 5s Space Grey 64Gb.
okay so basically i was suppose to buy a 7 plus off a app called letgo. but the effing person scammed me and i lost 740 dollars. i would appreciate it if u don't need one if i could have one.
Yilin Zuo
My dad chose the medium click for the new home button of his new iPhone 7 Plus during the set up when he uses the iPhone 7 plus for the first time
κωνσταντινος χιτζιος
We want bigger and better battery performance 3000+mah
Black Disaster
who is watching on android
hey I am gay
Mohammed Ameer
After review what you do with these mobile phones ?
Ayman Alam
My uncle who lives in Australia has an iPhone 7 plus in gold
love heily
what cam r u using/?
Papa Beto
I regret choosing the matte black 7 Plus over the Jet Black 😓
Kenneth Liu
iOS 10's font was almost like a throwback to iOS 6's font.
Marlon Raymond
Mostafa Nikouyee
9 months later no one came with a successful theory why they left the headphone jack
Thích Channel
love live have a nice day auf deutsch ltunes
Ruby Clarke
Yassss getting one for Xmas Ik along way away and yes old vid but still
Ayman Alam
And I hope in the future, Apple puts better battery life to the iPad minis and put an A10 Fusion Chip like the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.
Ayman Alam
I wish Apple would invent an iPad with a size of 7.9 inches, the same size as iPad mini, with the internal specs of iPhone 7 suppose a matte black and jet black color! That would look very slick and sharp. Another thing I hope Apple does on an iPad mini is the same camera as the iPhone 7 plus so that it can zoom close and far. That iPad mini with the internal specs would be sold my billions around the world! Then Apple could be 1st ranked than Samsung!
Ellis Gibson
iPhone 7plus jet-black is my next purchase 💪💯
Linus eoin mathews
Super review I like your every video of you worlds best tech reviewer
u ln
hasnae yakine
heeeeeeelp! i m getting a phone next month but i don t know what to choose? iphone 7 or s8? pleaaaaaas heeeeelp
Devin Johnson
Bro let me get one tho
Tess McDonald
My phone (6s) contract is almost up so I'm looking to upgrade to either the 7 or 7 plus, Are you able to tell me how the Jett Black has stood up to time, like if colour in the case has worn off, has it scratched much?
Justine Luceo
And the iPhone 7 (rose gold)
Justine Luceo
Justine Luceo
Can I get the one iPhone 7 plus (gold)
Marian Lavoignet
I always wonder what you do with all these phones afterwards?🤔
Ariana Grande
my god its sooo wierd pressing the iphone 7 home button
7 free* . Click here: and follow instructions
Ayla // Taylor
I realize I can get away in class with the iPhone 7 wireless headphones >:)
Great review. Thanks!
Liam Apple
Great video. Your combination of in depth reviews and great camera work creates a very enjoyable viewer experience. Keep up the great work!
Urs Gyr
Ipad pencil
Muhammad Rahim
Help me I never own any iphone this is going to be my first IPHONE 7 PLUS EVER but which colour should I chose and why between I love all colors
Henry Cruz
No space grey?
Antoine Riccotti
best apple reviewer on Youtube,
Jataya Leathers
you should do giveaways!
Lizzy Bledsoe
I'm so excited to trade my galaxy s5 in tomorrow and get the 7+.
raphæl dionela
The silver 7/ 7 plus looks so sexy but I'm gonna get the iPhone 6s/6s plus/SE☹️
Donta White
Neil Soudan
two sound layers!!
Chan Justin
I literally got 5999 in geekbench multi core with my iPhone 7 Plus.
Claire Kpopping
One day.. One day..
Pongzi Langki
I want iPhone 7 + Gold colour.... But hw mch is it,? 128
Sako Gueyikian
God bless you, you bought 5 iOs 7's just for us! I hope you get all the support and cost of the expenses you payed{spent}.HAVE A NICE DAY, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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