Apple iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

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Unboxing and Review of the 7 vs 7 Plus with a comparison in all colors and an in-depth look at the hardware and features.

iOS 10 Video:






Karl Evans
I prefer the red iPhone 7 plus. its my favourite. I'm saving up to buy one soon.
Loristratos Speakers
Really good video! I understood everything about iPhone 7, you did lovely unboxing and you explained very well!
Lacy Shanks
What? Are you kidding me man? I gotta buy the Apple AirPods separate? Fuck that now I’m disappointed 😡
i'm i the only one that has like four small dots in every corner of the screen? just noticed it today don't know if it's normal or not
Cartney84 Ian
honestly made in China copycat iPhone is better it's super cheap and save money lol💩😂😂😂
orlafinlay_ 10
Nooooo ! Space grey was my favourite colour 😭
Isaac Van
Imagine the iPhone 9.

No camera :D
Ny-Keia Miller
Bruno Almeida
Did someone hear something dragging across the floor at 0:41 ?
Mohamed Ahmed
thanks from Egypt
Shiela cute09
I like rose iPhone ❤❤❤
cute kitten luna gaming
its not all colors since the product red (lol)
team Jada & Justine
wow he bought all of them this video is really good my parents might get me one. but there so exspensi ve😲😲😛
Momma Awadis's purse ghost
Who's watching with a iPhone 7?
tamil paganga
plz I need an iPhone. Ian from India. I did not had used any I iPhone . plz in need an iPhone .can u plz. my number 9677711997 plz whatapp me😄😄
dat boi
Who else has the black iPhone 7+ 128gb
Vitor Gomes
da um pra mim cara por favor
Mihail Mitev
30 years from now,this phone will be 200$ because of TECHNOLOGY!!
Aygun Antonov
golf ör wite
Aygun Antonov
can you give ne iphone7 plus
Jarek Miszyński
Joel Almendarez
cool thanks
Himnish Shah
jet black or matte black ???
لنلانلم ىترببلل
طيب أين هو الأحمر القطري
كوكب علوم
6:23 "So Don't Take A Swimming !" Is "So Don't try this at Home !" 😋
Demi Psarros
Can someone tell me if that website "acelevel deal" is a scam to buy iPhones? Or is it actually is real?
Mearīasukyū メアリーアスキュー
Watching this on my iPhone 6s Plus... getting the 7 in a few months... however I still love my 6S and will keep it as a backup.
Assia Khelfaoui
Bu'll shit I bought an iphone7 3 days ago and now it's broken it's not working I just called my aunt to go and change it it's really insane I just have 3 f*** days with it
Sharif Abul
Ronnie=rony flex and Brooks tessa Brooks hahahaha dont mind bro
Holly Stamps
anyone have an iphone 5c? mine is yellow 😀
Shaquille O'Neal l
Thumbs up for Android. Reply for Apple
Shaquille O'Neal l
Whos watching on a galaxy s6
Qadmah Alkhaili
I want the iphone7 2camr goolden
Andrei _190
Wow your videos are very professional
Fiordalina Rodriguez
good tencnology god bless you
loveleehope noval
Can you give me a one iphone7...plsss :)
It's not refined! It's courage! Get it right 😂 j.k.
Daniel Allds
I can afford an iPhone but they aren't that good Samsung owners have had great low light photos and stereo speakers for quite a while,we've also had optical image stabilization!!! #nextbigthing
On the thumbnail the silver iPhone looks like a jet white phone
iPhone Guy
Why are these A9 devices scoring 3800-4100 on the multicore on ALMOST ALL THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS?
I have every A9 Device there is and every one of them scores between 4400-4500!!!
32gb Rose iPhone SE
64gb Rose iPhone 6s Plus
32gb Gold 2017 iPad 9.7"
16gb Gold iPhone 6s
Are the four devices im referring too.
Chxtxl Ifeanacho
Can I get and iphone silver
Rainbow Rocks
Who is watching this on their iPhone 7 plus because I am
Izabelle Wint
do a giveaway
Should I get a 7 or 7plus? 🤔
Sukhbir Bhatia
Please give me a iphone I am not able to buy that one so please give me a favor
Alantwins Tang
Iwish to have an iphone7
Alantwins Tang
My phone is iPhone 6s
Alantwins Tang
Caydence Gatchell
can I have one PLEASE I only have a very old 5😭😭😭😭😭😭
plz stop saying gamit
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