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Brittney wasn't allowed to do any exercise for 6 weeks after Cora's birth. Now she is in the mood to start rocking it out. I worked most of the day around the property trying to straighten it up. Thanks for watching and always showing your support. :) 
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Thank you so much for being here and being part of this family! We love you so much. Lets keep it going and lets step up the fun a little bit :) Thanks for everything :)
Kalie Hoes
My sister was drinking a bug juice and I bobbed the bottom playing with her and it knocked her tooth out. And she almost swallowed it
Mason Baswell
Get the rc boat and pull it out
Molly Baskerville
I lost my last tooth by wiping my mouth and pushing accidentally and it fell out
Liz Salgado
I was eating subway and I thought my tooth was a hard bean so I took it out of my tooth from my mouth and I freaked out
1000 subscribers With no video challenge
Can yall guys pls sub to my channel i would love if yall do
When I was 8 there was a girl that would not stop annoying me and kept hitting me and pushing me around this went on for 2 weeks so one day when she had me pined against a wall I head-butted her and knocked out her two top front teeth. Got detention for 5 months at school and earned the nickname hammer head. Never messed with me again
Jason Keats
i have a couple good stories
1) i was eating a cliff bar (it's very chewy) and i bit in and tried to open my mouth and POP! it was stuck in. it also had a cavity but it was loose so the dentist decided to leave it ( kinda gross don't eat and read this it was like 1/8 of the whole tooth missing and that's all i'll say)
2) i had a loose tooth and it fell out over night i had a dream it fell out while walking down a street and fell into a grate. the next morning i found out and found it in the sheets of my bed
3) i had like four teeth pulled and i remember it super vividly i didn't know i was going to the dentist and was freaking out i passed out and woke up without the teeth, it was the first time in my life (that is remember) that i hysterically cried.
Trick shots kid
You should do a hide in seek full video in your house.

Like if you agree
Dylan Etzel
Slam the door to take the tooth
Mary-Rose McCabe
Me and my cousin were messing about and I kicked her two front teeth out πŸ˜‚
ItsAnessa 8888
Put a GoPro in the barn to find what's going in thete
TNT Playz
The door slam
Raegan Hefley
Tie you to the door
peter mung
Smile More
Logan Paul Fan page
I got my tooth tied to a door and my family slammed the door
Lillian Merillo
My cousin was eating a pickle and it fell out in it.
Game Changer
I was a Taco Bell and I bit my burrito and my tooth got stuck in it and I almost ate it
Aliya Khan
Hi i love your video and family
Maria O brien
My brother hit me with a sitbelt
Lucky Süß
Is this a promotion for water? :D
Jacob Noel
Hey Roman I looked up that donkeys can I apples but it says to make sure they are cut up so Empire does not choke ( SMILE MORE )
Daniel Denegre
Madison Washington
Those cats are so adorale and Cora <3
Once when I was around 8 years old I was at my neighbors house on New Year's Eve and I swallowed my top front tooth in a cheeseburgerπŸ˜¬πŸ”
Brooklyn Brewer
I lost my 2 front teeth in someone's hair
Jessie Howard
My brother was eating an apple and didn't realize his tooth fell out. He swallowed his first tooth
logan pauler 1
I remember when I was 5 years old I had the curtains string in my mouth then It got stuck to my tooth I tripped and it ripped out then another when I was just playing around with my brothers at disney then all the sudden I bite into an apple and my tooth fell cool thing mickey was ther and pluto
Joe Rosenfield
Water is a natural stimulant.
My brother hit me with a baseball bat playing baseball and my tooth came flying out into the grass
miny luces
I love you so much 😘😎
SHE NEVER LOST her body so wat ya mean she getting it back
Moorgangolden Gamimg7107
Eat cheese and chips
Nathan Wyatt
Out of the tings people eat to loose there teeth I lost my tooth eating spaghetti.
Please Like so Roman can see
Brianna Wise
When I had a loose tooth I was holding onto my dad's leg and his knee went up it hit me in my chin and my tooth fell out.
Anna Skerrett
I had just eaten lunch when I walked to my room and my tooth wasn't in my mouth.
andios games
Eating choclate it taste good and it doesent hurt
Meeka Lundy
Eating a soft piece of bread
bob Bobbington
My tooth got pulled out by my grandads speedboat driving of and my tooth was lost in the sea... We nether saw that tooth again
Alexus Beni
I was eating an ice cream cone and I didn't even feel it come out until I was trying to swallow the ice cream and I felt something hard in my mouth and realized it was my tooth
Stephanie Poff
You can take fishing string tied around it around his tooth tie something heavy to the other side and drop it over the heavy side jump over the side of your stairs
Victoria TM
Bite into a apple but be careful not to eat the tooth
Gwion Merks TOSIK T S
me and my older sister were Fighting (for fun) and i tried to Night her leg and she knocket my toto out with here knee and everyone thouhght i bit my toung and i went back to the living room and my toto ws an the ground .Ouch
Ben Long
Eating a donut donut 🍩 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍫
Gabby Lecon
One time I was on an airplane and I was eating pretzels and all of a sudden I bite on something really hard. Turns out that it was a tooth that fell out and I didn't even know it was loose
Jack D
My tooth story was I ran in to a door and t cam out
Battlefield Master
Loose tooth story: my tooth was loose and i didn't even know it and it wasn't even that loose so i had a now and later not knowing that i had a loose tooth and i just bit down on it and it tore the tooth right out and all i felt was like this suction feeling and depression from it and it took forever for me to find it because it was in the middle of the now and later
Adiel Cardona
It was my birthday i was eating a pickle and then i see something white and i was like what the heck how did my tooth get there???
Trent Schlick
I once got a loose tooth out by having a strong connect to my tooth and the other end to a drill bit in a drill so all I had to do was turn the drill on and bam
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