Incredible! Giraffe giving birth in the wild!

Giraffe (Animal)GiraffeAnimal (Film Genre)AmazingWildlife (Film Subject)Birth (Quotation Subject)

Captured by Capture the Wild in the Sabi Sands Reserve, Tydon's Bush Camp 
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Zbawienie tylko w Jezusie Chrystusie
Praise God for beatyfull gift of life.
Ana Rodriguez
that is like having a hard time taking a dump
That must hurt and I so wanted to pull the baby out that must of taken a long time
Vinod Kumar Yadav
Eeva-Liisa Schmuck
Ihana uusi kirafivauva on syntynyt , kaunis kirafin lapsi .
King Ross
Giraffidy who knows what I'm on about
Zayed Al Dhaheri
no... and ewww
So.. the baby comes out of her ass?
When I saw the thumbnail I thought the giraffe had a pair of legs
Claudine Sorbello
Thanks to take the beautiful. Video. Animals beautiful. Xo
Cunt Punch
That bitch is loose af
SP Diance
why did I click on this...
michael snrat
thanks buzzfeed.... you makes me watching this
William Nguyen
idk how i always end up on this side of youtube
Ethan Townsend P
I don't know much about anatomy (I'm more of a taxanomic person). My question is, why is the giraffe covered in goop
Cooper Isaias
They have some of the largest indoor stalls in the nation
(sq ft per animal). We take pride in our indoor housing and the level
of enrichment and care to keep them happy and healthy. Unsafe weather
and yard conditions may limit their yard access.

The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6' tall at birth.
The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

will naturally raise the calf, with weaning could take between 6-10
months, maybe longer. We will not rush this process – it is just a
documented range of captive weaning.
noah hassler
Holly's World
It was beautiful but she was crapping on the baby the whole time...
Giraffe is like: really outta all the times I have an audience....well might as well turn around so you can see
MrEpic Sauce
3:06 the mom be like "oh my baby may have just gotten a concussion, idgaf"
Gabriel Torres
I like it how the first thing a newborn giraffe gets to touch is giraffe shit
Maka Basale
jr M
Dion Reacts
is it taking a shit while giving birth😂😂😂
diana Lee
I am traumatized.
Manic Mandrill
Abdiaziz Abukar
April hasn't given birth yet and it's April 13th. So I'm thinking it was April fools lol
Mike lacoste
Eww what's that liquid coming out of her XD
Queily Yenner
Life is beautiful, 🙏🏽😇 God protect all animals giving birth in the wildlife as they are very vulnerable to predators. We love our April Giraffe and she is in a good care. We hope easy birth for her and calf . ❤️
indago Neon
I never knew animials pooed out their baby's
Henry Akpu
Nigger Please get sum
I noticed the giraffe was black with daddy around. 😂
Why u shitting on ur child man
Rainbow Dash
Why am I watching this I came from call of songs!
I'm on the weird side of youtube again.
TheAuraGenerator TV
I'm scarred for life.
roheellah nabe
I love how she stops to taste her pussy then shits on her baby the entire time.
Kate Cunningham
The guy says it's breech, but it's not. Giraffe calves are born front feet first.
Jacky Isgoals
I came here from rice gum o.o
Beastboy Theboss
This is gross
It's very good
So cute
Maria Luisa
Yes As much as I appreciate the video , The giraffe needed more privacy.
Shabisky Is awesome
Is she cuming
ponyville97 dazzle
So it comes out your ass hole....interesting
Phan has Ruined me
Hang Tran
She was literally pooping while she was giving birth... 🤰 lol
Morgan plays games
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